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1500 Tzeentch List--Please weigh in
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Default Re: 1500 Tzeentch List--Please weigh in

Originally Posted by hirojlance
x3 Obliterators and a winged daemon prince seems like decent anti tank, but if I really wanted I could replace the raptors with some combi-melta terminators.

If im going to be purchasing some more troops and a rhino, should I get a generic CSM squad to go in the rhino and save some points, or do you guys think another ~300pts 1k sons squad wouldn't get 'old' and will hold their own? I have been playing my 1k sons for a long time, and the more the merrier but I've never used CSMs with or without an icon, so ideas on that would be great.
I don't feel 3x Obliterators and a Daemon Prince is enough anti-tank at these point levels. If you wanted to replace a Tsons squad with a CSM squad you could maybe save a few points and add more anti-tank:

~ 10 x Chaos Space Marines
Aspiring Champion
Power Weapon
Icon of Tzeench
Extra Armour
Total: 290

It has a MoT to keep the Tzeentch happening, meltaguns for anti-tank and a Champion w/ PW for assaulting. It's slightly cheaper than your Tsons squads, but it also has Extra Armour on the Rhino which you could drop for more points if you wanted to keep the Rhinos uniform. Even with this unit I'd probably want combi-melta termies for more anti-tank, but maybe thats getting a bit obsessive.
If you took from Ironwinds' example list and used a DP as you're HQ, you'd no longer really need the Raptors, so if you dropped them and the Lesser Daemons you'd have enough points for a unit of Terminators.
Good luck.

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Default Re: 1500 Tzeentch List--Please weigh in

Or 2 squads of terminators.

Raptors+lesser demons= 210pts.

3 terminators, 3 combi meltas= 105pts. X2= 210pts.

Of course you could also give the raptors meltas would serves a very similar role. Or get more oblits. But most bang for your buck is termicide.

The only reason I didn't bring up the CSMs w/ IoT before is that they end up being very expensive(almost as much as the Tsons) but they aren't fearless and lack a re-roll so there is a chance they could run. But they do get melta to the enemy, that they will do.

I like having some lesser demons because they help with the other thing Tsons don't like... hordes in close combat. Course 5 isn't enough to really help to maybe you are better off losing them.
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Default Re: 1500 Tzeentch List--Please weigh in

i am liking the way this list is coming alongim due to have a game later on today i shall tweek it more towards bombing deamons on the objectives and tell you how it goes.

i would drop 1 of the oblits and the prince and raptors and take 2 or 3 more units of lessers just to anoy players by summoning from within a rino or even on foot, but i will let you know how it goes!
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