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1000 point chaos list Iron warriors
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Default 1000 point chaos list Iron warriors

Daemon prince wings doombolt 140
10x chaos space marines icon of chaos glory 2x meltaguns aspiring champion powerfist rhino 255
10x chaos space marines icon of chaos glory 2x plasma guns aspiring champion rhino 255
heavy support
predator autocannon heavy bolter sposoons 100
predator autocannon heavy bolter sponsoons 100
2x oblits 150
I am doing this out of my recent trouble with horde armies recently.
Thisseems rather fluffy for iron warriors yet crazy at the same time with a lot of dakka stuff.
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Default Re: 1000 point chaos list Iron warriors



But good.
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Oh, dear...
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Default Re: 1000 point chaos list Iron warriors

Tough and fluffy. I like it alot. Can't say there's a single thing I'd change, actually. Nice work!
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