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[BatRep] Small Chaos vs. Blood Angels game (750)
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Default [BatRep] Small Chaos vs. Blood Angels game (750)

We have started a campaign in the store I play at, and the first battles are between 750 point warbands. I was matched up against a Blood Angels player.

The map:
Since the game was only 750 points we played on a 4' x 4' board. The only terrain which ended up mattering was a forest on my half of the board.

The mission:
Take and Hold, Gamma

The lists:

Blood Angels:
6 Death Co w/jetpacks
Assault marines x5 (Vet sarge has powerfist) w/Rhino
Assault marines x5 (Vet sarge has powerfist) w/Rhino
Baal Predator (twin linked assault cannons and twin heavy bolters)

Lord Gribb' Lee (Chaos Lord w/Mark of Khorne, Steed of Khorne, Daemon Weapon)
9 Thousand Sons w/Sorcerer with Bolt of Change, Rhino w/Dozer blade
10 Khorne Berserkers w/Skull champ with power weapon and melta bombs, 2 plasma pistols, Rhino w/Dozer blade


Chaos: Both units deploy in their rhinos, south of a forest in the south edge of the map, forest is about 4" thick. Gribbly is between the rhinos

Blood Angels: Both assault units in their rhinos as far S as possible, N of them are the Baal predator and Lemartes with Death Co.

Roll for first turn: Blood Angels win first turn:

Turn 1:

Blood angels move:

Both rhinos drive 12" south, pop smoke, Lemartes & Death Co (henceforth just called the Death Co) follow south, Baal predator drives south

Blood angels shooting: None

Blood angels assault: None

Chaos move: none

Chaos shoot: none

Chaos assault: none

Turn 2:

Blood Angels move:
Rhinos drive south another 12", end up just north of forest, side by side. Turn so that side armor faces forest, let out assault squads to the N.

Death Company jumps up north of them, Baal predator moves 12" south and angles off east.
Blood Angels shooting: None

Blood Angels Assault: None

Chaos move:
Ksons rhino moves up north and west around forest, turns sideways and dumps 9 ksons out of the ride, they have a clear field of fire on the death co or the assault units. Berserkers disembark and move up through the forest to the immediate south of the eastern Rhino. Gribbly moves north a staggering 2" through the woods and glares at the western rhino. After letting them out the Berserker rhino tries to move up through the forest...and immobilizes itself.

Chaos shooting:
Ksons open up on Death Co....16 shots, 8 hits, 5 wounds, 4 FNP = 1 dead Death Co guy, sorcerer uses bolt of change to kill a second one.
Khorne berserkers shoot plasma pistols at eastern rhino...stunning it.
Berserker rhino fixes itself

Chaos assault:

Turn 3:

Blood Angels move:
Baal predator moves north slightly north to get LOS on Ksons.
Both assault squads and Death Co surround Ksons.

Blood Angels shooting:
Pistols open up on Ksons, no damage, Baal predator opens up on Ksons, 1 dies.

Blood Angels assault:
All squads assault Ksons, kill 6 Ksons, sorcerer kills 1 Assault squad member in return, Ksons make outnumbering saves and both assault squads pile in, artful piling moves free the Death Co from the melee.

Chaos move:

Gribbly and Berserkers flub their movement checks, couldn't have gotten into the fight anyway, sorta move up north.

Chaos shooting:

Berserkers shoot east enemy rhino with plasma pistols, do nada.
Berserker rhino shoots west enemy rhino in the back with combi-bolter, immobilizing it.

Chaos Assault:

Berserkers put a meltabomb on east enemy rhino, destroying it, in the process they slide out of cover directly under the guns of the baal predator (Doh!).
1 Kson and 1 Sorcerer fight 9 assault marines (2 p-fists)...3 assault marines drop. Thankfully the Blood Angels don't botch their leadership

Turn 4:

Blood Angels move:
Death Co moves south from fight, can't quite charge (didn't take change of jumping into terrain)
Baal Predator remains stationary

Blood Angels shoot:
Baal predator shreds Berserkers, killing 5 of them.

Blood Angels assault:
Assault squads kill off last 2 Ksons.

Chaos movement:
Ksons rhino pops smoke, Tank Shocks both assault squads, both fail morale and fall back north.
Khorne berserkers move east, around to side armor of Baal predator
Gribbly botches his move through cover and kind of chills (still stuck in those woods)

Chaos shooting:
Zerker rhino plinks ineffectually at rear armor of immobilized western rhino

Chaos assault:
Berserkers slap a melta-bomb on Baal predators side armor, stuns and immobilizes it

Turn 5: (moving to generalized summaries)

Blood Angels:
Death Co kills Ksons rhino to save assault units.

Another melta bomb from the Khorne marines finishes off the Baal predator

Turn 6:

Blood Angels:
Death Co jump south to get at Berserker rhino in the trees, they immobilize it. Assault squads trudge back south towards khorne guys.

Gribbly charges Death Co, can't touch Lemartes so its 4 Death Co on him, simo due to cover. 2 rends, 1 saved by invulnerable save, 3 saves forced, makes 2, total 2 wounds. He rolls 10 for his attacks, swings 16 times and obliterates the 4 Death Co members, pile in puts him up against Lemartes.

Turn 7: (Due to campaign special rules all games continue till one side is obliterated or one player concedes)

Blood Angels:
Assault squads close on Berserkers, 2 man going in close to draw them out of cover and 5 man hanging back.

Lemartes gets 2 hits, but neither wounds...Gribbly gets 14 attacks this round (5 + 9), and kills the hell out of Lemarte.

Berserkers hunker down behind the wrecked predator, Gribbly is too far away to get here in time, chills in his woods.

Turn 8:

Blood angels:

Assault squads swing around the flank of the tank wrecked, fire pistols (no effect), 2 man squad charges in and kills 1 berserker in return for being wiped out.


Berserkers massacre north out of the cover and move up to charge the 5 man squad after letting fly with plasma pistols (to no effect). 3 Assault Marines and 2 Berserkers die, left with Berserker and Skull Champ vs. Assault Marine and Vet sarge

Turn 9:

Gribbly still can't get there. Power weapon swings before Power Fist, and that's all she wrote for the Assault marines:

Total survivors: Gribbly (1 wound left), Skull Champ and 1 Berserker, they've got to fix their Rhino before they can drive back to base.

A fun game, it turned on a stroke of bad luck for me (rapid firing ksons kill 1 Death Co), then again on a mistake of my opponents, leaving the Baal predator stationary next to the berserkers, then again on a stroke of good luck for me (Gribbly getting 16 attacks instead of killing himself, then 14 attacks instead of killing himself)

Blood for the Blood God!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Small Chaos vs. Blood Angels game (750)


Servitor: Bracing for impact, we need a 750 point force.

Lord: Huh? What is it? What's incoming, there isn't an RTT or a megabattle for a couple of - Great Chaos!

Both: New Codex!!


Daemon Prince: Huh?

Servitor: My Lord...You-

Daemon Prince: Yeah?

Servitor: You're a scoring unit!

Daemon Prince: Sure, aren't all HQ's? Why wouldn't I be scoring?

Servitor: Man, you must be like half our points. Herohammer time?

Daemon Prince: Chill, I'm not that pricy, anyways, about the battle, send out Lord Gribbly and some...oh, some tzeentchers and some zerkers.

Servitor: We can't, eternal emnity.

Daemon Prince. Eternal what? They are troop squads, he's an HQ, its legal.

Servitor: Emnity my lord, they've been enemies for thousands of-

Gribbly (via Vox): Props on the Ksons boss, those AP3 bolters will be great, man I love my Tzeentch dawgs.

Daemon Prince: You know it, take some rhinos, trick em out with a bit o'wargear.

Servitor: AP3 bolters? Rhinos? My lord Bolters are AP 5, and the Rhino rush hasn't worked since third edition...He won't agree to-.

Gribbly: Sweet, Rhinos!, and my Juggernaut! Blood for Khorne and Tzeentch!

to be continued...
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Default Re: [BatRep] Small Chaos vs. Blood Angels game (750)

lmao! Reminds me of TSOALR. Btw awesome match. That lord is freaky!

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Default Re: [BatRep] Small Chaos vs. Blood Angels game (750)

Sounds like a good match
Whoop Whoop

Rest in Peace you will be sorely missed.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Small Chaos vs. Blood Angels game (750)

Wow, I am doing a K lord.
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