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2000pts Chaos Marines
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Default 2000pts Chaos Marines

Sorcerer, mastery level 3, spell familiar. X2

10 CSMs, 2 Flamers, MOS, CCWs, Icon of Excess, Power Fist. X2
Chaos Rhino w. Dirge Caster. X2

16 Cultists, MOS, flamer

9 Noise Marines, 8 Sonic Blasters, Doom Siren, CCWs. X2

5 Raptors, 2 Meltaguns, MOS, Lightning Claw. X2

5 Havocs, 4 Autocannon, MON. X3


I was torn between the Havocs and 3 vindicators, but having played against Dark Eldar I've found a thicket of Dark Lances in the face really hurts. Instead, 24 Autocannon shots per turn can deal with most threats. The sorcerers go with the Noise Marines and get Biomancy. Hopefully with 3 levels they'll each roll a 3, so they can give their unit FNP (no need for an icon), Will Not Die and, most importantly, Relentless. Move, Fire at full strength, then assault with I5 in one turn?! No brainer.
Strategy wise, the NMs flush enemies out of cover, the CSMs take and hold objectives, cultists act as a good screen. Raptors swoop down to take out specific threats such as armour wherever they're needed. Havocs blast whatever is left.
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I see only one flaw, no helldrakes! But I am just going by the model design, I have no idea what it can actually do
L.V. Tau Sept-1750pts

When tactics don't work for you, add more firepower and than re-evaluate the situation
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