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Angel of Death 07 Dec 2009 10:52

Your opion on this campaign(Be nice)
Well i have designed this campaign around my friend group, what are your thoughts, are the points alright? is anything unclear in it? is the fluff ****ed?

Keep in mind that the teams we have are: Eldar, Blood Angels, Chaos, Imp, and two Nid teams...And yes i have put the nids and chaos together, bit of a stretch but yeah just gives them someone to fight along side.

Warhammer Campaign

Part I: The first Strike.

Game type: Capture the point

Terrain: Imperial city

Points: Main armies-2000pts, Minor Armies 750pts

How it’s played out: Imperial Guard and Tyranids start on the board as normally. Other teams will deep strike into the battlefield (Eldar will come from the Webway or deep strike with Swooping harks/War spiders). Who ever holds the most points at the end of turn 6 wins.

Fluff: ‘Nids have attacked the capital imperial city with out warning; the guard are court off guard and had no time to prepare any defences. They must now fight over the major points of the city (Power plants, Gov. Building, Spaceport and so on). Luckily the Imp. Guard could raise the album and have called in the mighty Blood Angels that where flying close by at the time. Also in the favour of the imperium of men the craftworld Ulthwe have come forth from a Webway to fight off the Hive fleet because Eldar has seen that if this world is to fall next will be a maiden world of the Eldar. Not only the Imperium have help tho, Chaos has some how found a way to “Herd” the ‘Nids and are on the battlefield helping to take the major locations, Lucius has come for the soul purpose to kill Eldar and feed the mighty god Slaanesh. The city is a major advantage point and with this city the owner may prepare for a counter attack!

Victor’s prize: Can choose deployment placement in the next match.

Fluff if “Good” won: The forces of man have pushed back the xeno scum into the near by forest and now plan to launch an attack to whip them of the planet.

Fluff if “Evil” won: Chaos now controls the main city and has killed every man, woman and child found. A scouting party has found a large army hidden in the forest and now plans to slay them all before they gain more reinforcements from there allies.
Part II: The Counter-attack

Game type: Meat Grinder!

Terrain: Light forest

Points: 1500pts each, oh yes all up 9000pts!

How it’s played out: It is your standard game Meat Grinder, Just the victor of the last game choses deployment zone.
Victor’s prize: While the enemy was on the ran to victor had time to pick off what they wanted, the winner may choice to disallow one unit type (Heavy support, Elites and so on). Except Troops and HQ

Fluff if “Good” won: Good have successfully pushed off the evil forces but now must retreat to an old settlement where they will await for reinforcements from battle-fleet Gothica.

Fluff if “Evil” won: Evil had almost killed all of what had survived the first assault but a small group has escaped and now is trying to gain reinforcements at an old fort.

Part III: We need back-up!!

Game type: Defence

Terrain: Light rocky area with a fort in the centre of the board.

Points: Good: 2000pts. Evil: 3000pts.

How it’s played out: Good must defend the centre fort for 6 turns, The goal will be a point in the fort, if it is held by evil on the last turn then good as failed.

Victor’s prize: If good wins they get an extra transport in the next game and if evil wins they get an extra 100 points each.

Fluff if “Good” won: Help has arrived in time to fight off the attackers and now plan to use some of the troops left to save some civilian survivors.

Fluff if “Evil” won: They have stormed the base and destroyed one of the last remaining defences the Imperium has left, but not all is lost, a small group as escaped and now is hopeing to put a hole in the Nid’s hive.
Part IV: The ambush

Game type: Ambush

Terrain: Heavy bush

Points: Good: 600pts. Evil: 1000pts (HQ does not have to be taken)

How it’s played out: It is played like a stranded ambush game except they must only guard the civilians (Guardsmen conscripts) and at the end of the game at least 6 conscripts must make it off the board. The transports are full of 12 men each.

Victor’s prize: If good wins they set up last, if evil wins they set up last.

Fluff if “Good” won: The plan when off perfect, the civilians where nothing but a distraction so that a small group of elite forces could sneak in to the Nids hive and find out how Chaos is controlling the Nids.

Fluff is “Evil” won: Evil destroyed the transports and tortured one of the remaining guardsmen. The solider could not handle much of what Chaos had to give and spiled the plan to attack the hive and know evil can prepare for a defence with what they have.
Part V: Desperate measures

Game type: Kill teams/Assassination

Terrain: Heavy, Inside a Hive.

Points: Each Good Team gets 120 points each….Nid’s gets 220 points each and Chaos gets a sorcerer with 50 points of upgrades.

How it’s played out: Evil can set up anywhere inside there base, there must be 4 entrances. All units are treated as independent characters but must to brought as a squad. The sorcerer is the reason the Nids are under control, he must be killed. All good is fearless being this is there only hope. Force organization is out the widow for Good.

Victor’s prize:

Fluff if “Good” won: The sorcerer has been destroyed and the Nids are running free killing all. The world is in utter chaos and it seems it did worse do unleash this evil. But Ulthwe care not, there mission was to make sure Chaos couldn’t target the maiden world and send more souls to the warp. As soon as the sorcerer is killed the remaining Eldar killed what was left of the heroes kill teams and disappeared into the warp as quick as they arrived.

Fluff if “Evil” won: The kill teams where fought off and Nids are still under control by the forces of Chaos, Now that Good knows how to sever the link between Nids and Chaos evil plans to fight back hard. But first they must make some plans. Knowing defeat is eminent Eldar are planning to leave so they can let the rest of there maiden world try and save themselves.
Part VI: The chains are broken

Game type: Broken Alliances

Terrain: Near to no terrain except little bases

Points: 750 points each

How it’s played out: Two games will be running at the same time, one game for good and the other for evil, the rest normal rules apply.

(If good won last match) Good-As word of Eldar about to leave hits the Imperial guards ears anarchy begins and infighting happens, The Blood Angels try and force the guard into submission but there numbers are to great and all it did was unite the guardsmen against the Angels. The three races meet at secret location to try and settle things with diplomatics but the Eldar still plan to leave and that doesn’t get the forces anywhere, they begin to fight trying to get one another to submit.
Evil- after Chaos lost control infighting began, Chaos now have to fight off what they can and destroy the Nids left if they wish to continue on the war path against Ulthwe.

(If evil won last match) Good-Same as the reason above.
Evil-While Chaos was setting up for the final assault a Eldar pathfinder squad assassinated the sorcerer and hell broke loss, now the Chaos must kill the Nids in the area if they wish to live. Luckily even the Nids are fighting, for they are of different Hives.

Victor’s prize: None

Fluff at the end: After the fighting was done it has been realised that the hive fleet was too great and all must escape.
Part VII: All hope is lost

Game type: Evacuation

Terrain: Forest then city

Points: Nids have 6000 points and the rest have 1000 each

How it’s played out: There is a ship left and what is left wants to have it, Who ever can place the most amounts of points in that ship wins. If there are no survivors Nids win. All forces can fight each other (except Nids), No Amour can be placed in the ship.

Victor’s prize: Victory
The end game fluff

Craftworld Ulthwe: The Ulthwe have escaped the Mon-keigh world and have alerted the seer council that Lucius is dead and his army destroyed. The Tyranids have terrier formed the plant but as the Eldar already know there maiden world is small compared to the others near by so the Hive Fleet ignores there plant to destroy more rewarding worlds.

Imperial Guard: Defying all odds they have escaped the plant, but there betrayal has reached the ears of the Blood Angels and as they left orbit they where shot down with out any warning, Blood Angels have taken there vengeance.

Blood Angels: The remaining marines have escaped the planet and now at a safe distance they call to bombard the planet, destroying it and everything on it.

Emperors Children: After the evil servants of Slaanesh left the planet they hid in a near by world watching the Eldar planet, After watching it they realised that the Eldar put most there forces into the battle over the destroyed planet. Chaos has alerted there god and as soon as this was done the Demons of the warp come from no where and destroyed the planet, feeding there god.

Tyranids: What’s there really to say; the Hive devoured the plant, then kept going and going, Killing all.

Wargamer 07 Dec 2009 15:16

Re: Your opion on this campaign(Be nice)
I don't like campaigns where one side has won before it starts. If the Tyranids get their arses kicked, the world is saved. End of.

"Eaten by Tyranids" is an ending that should be reserved only if the Tyranids do well.

I would do it this way:

1) Play through a series of missions focusing on the Imperium-Tyranid war, with "random addons." Assign bonuses / penalties based on how the side did in the last game (ie: if the Imperium won "Defend the Basilisks!" they get artillery support in the next game.)
2) Pick a point toward the end of the game as a branch point - this is a pivotal battle. If the Imperium wins, the Hive Fleet is vanquished. If the Tyranids win, the Planet is lost.
3a) IMPERIAL VICTORY BRANCH: The final missions focus on whether the Imperium can trounce all before them, or are left with a bloody, pyrric victory.
3b) TYRANID VICTORY BRANCH: The final missions focus on attempts to evacuate the planet, recover relics or just selling the lives of the survivors as dearly as possible. The Tyranids may be left a planet rich in biomass, or a dessicated husk, virus-bombed in spite by the retreating Imperium.

Angel of Death 07 Dec 2009 15:24

Re: Your opion on this campaign(Be nice)
The winner is who escapes alive not the nids, unless the nids kill them in the last game, just becasue in the end story line the nids win dosnt mean the plays can have any credit in that is there?

arandomshadow 07 Dec 2009 17:24

Re: Your opion on this campaign(Be nice)
My opinion is that it's in the wrong forum: Campaigns.

enderwiggin 08 Dec 2009 05:31

Re: Your opion on this campaign(Be nice)
Not bad imo.

I would like to see the outcome of the fights if you are the one keeping track of the campaign. ;)

Angel of Death 09 Dec 2009 04:52

Re: Your opion on this campaign(Be nice)
most the players are busy as late, but i was thinking of doing a few battle reports on it, as long as ppl dont mind orcs pretending to be nids XD

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