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Campaign Bonuses and Special Abilities
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Default Campaign Bonuses and Special Abilities

Within a campaign its always nice for great deeds and accomplishments to be rewarded, whether it be for completing an objective, controlling extra land or just killing something really really big.

So this is for all those rewards that can be gained, or granted or bee given to various forces and armies. If the ability is specific to a certain campaign system then please specify.
I just think it would be nice to get a collection of them so people can easily choose some that will work in there campaigns


Spore Storm.
The Tyranid Force have precceded there attack with a premlinary bombardment of Spores, such spores greatly increase plant growth.
At the end of Terrain placement, but before army depoloyment, the controlling player with the ability can place 4 extra pieces of area terrain on the board with the normal 6" distance rule not applying, however, It may not touch any other piece of terrain and only gives a 4+ cover save.
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