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Dan Abnett Q&A's
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Default Dan Abnett Q&A's

I was pillaging the depths of YouTube the other day when I ran across some videos of Dan Abnett doing Q&A on several topics, mostly revolving around the Black Library. Some very interesting things are mentioned in the videos and I'd thought I share them. My thoughts/reactions/summaries are below each link.

Dan Abnett on Chaos, on Trilogies, and on Ghosts
-The Black Library once would not allow 40k authors to write books from Xeno perspectives, according to Abnett. Now if only C.S. Goto and Simon Spurrier knew that we could have dodged two of the mightiest piles of crap the Black Library ever put out...*
-Third trilogy in Eisenhorn universe with the main character being Elizabeth Bequin with the basic idea of the trilogy being Eisenhorn versus Ravenor. I like it. :P
-Also has plans to put out a collection of unpublished Eisenhorn/Ravenor/Supporting-Character short stories. He describes it as "a big sampling of all the things I didn't have room for in the books." He plans on using it to keep interest in Ravenor/Eisenhorn alive until the next trilogy hits shelves.

Dan Abnett on Favourites and Translations
-Apparently Titan was not one of his favorite comics of all time.
-Has sold 1,250,000 (English Language) Black Library books. There's no wonder that BL considers him one of their star authors. I account for about 27 of those, not including short story compilations he's edited/been featured in. :P

Dan Abnett on 40K, 30K, Warhammer and Bragge
-Lil' Gaunt prequels will likely number between three or four books. [see Dan Abnett on the Ghosts later]
-Most Awesome Question Award: Who would win in a one on one fight: Mkvenner or Harlon Nayl? Abnett's answer is pretty good, too. "How dare you ask me that?"
-Some interesting thoughts on his writing Space Marines. Contemplating either continuing with the Iron Snakes or "grasping onto the IP more firmly and doing someone like Dark Angels - doing one of the key/core Space Marine chapters."
-Eldar "most likely" alien race for him to ever write an entire book about.
-He would like to do "Titanicus is Wahammer" Fantasy as ideal Fantasy book.
-Most commonly asked question: "Why did you kill Bragg?" Not to surprising? His answer, while a little more surprising, rings very true.

Dan Abnett on Eisenhorn, Ravenor and Bequin
Warning! Spoilers for Only in Death from 3:50 to 4:25!
-Reaffirms idea of Eisenhorn versus Ravenor being the basis for the Bequin Trilogy. He would like to start it "next year" which translates as "this year" if you look at the date it was posted.
-If you haven't read Only in Death yet and want to preserve one of the most moving/saddest moments of that book, stop of the video at 3:50 and fast forward to 4:25. Spoilers are ahead!
-Mentions once again that he's doing a short story collection of Eisenhorn and Ravenor stories to fill in many of the blanks between the two and expand their universes a little more.

Dan Abnett: from Ghostbusters to Triumff
-Hehe: "Lappie."
-First professional written story was a G.I. Joe comic. :P
-Dan Abnett has not always written hardcore action novels featuring blood-thirty killing machines and copious amounts of Doom. He also has, under his belt, Thomas the Tank Engine and Care Bears.

Dan Abnett on Angry Robot and Triumff
-Abnett enjoys more writing with his own ideas and thoughts as opposed to working off of existing IP.
-He's written 36 novels for existing IP, BL, Doctor Who, and Torchwood included.
-One of the issues that Abnett has encountered when writing 40k fiction is that he can't reference real-world events or real-world literary works. I wonder if that's why he's gone to such a length to reference the works of Ravenor and others in his books...

Dan Abnett on Similarities and Differences
-Talks about differences between writing novels and comics. Insightful.
-Also talks about the differences between American, Continental European, and British comics. Again, interesting.
-Fascinating comments on the origins of his characters.

Dan Abnett on Prospero Burns
-Abnett is considering doing another duology along the same lines as Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns later on in the Heresy series, potentially for the Seige of Terra.
-Talks about his way of writing Space Wolves. Laughter ensues. :P
-Apparently Loken will make further appearances later in the series.

Dan Abnett on the Ghosts
-Some truly fascinating questions involving The Ghosts.
-Murt is going to be staying around now. I'm glad. :P
-Brin Milo and The Saint will likely be reintroduced to the Gaunt's Ghosts series, as opposed to starting a new Milo and The Saint series.
-Talks of a potential "Lil' Gaunt" prequel trilogy staring a young Ibram Gaunt fighting alongside the Hyrkan regiments as mentioned most often in First and Only. Abnett would like to title the first book "The Hyrkan Boy."
-Lil' Gaunt series may feature Gaunt and the Hyrkans going against more than just Chaos.
-When asked a question on why he believes that a 40k movie has yet to be attempted, he says "I think it's a brilliant idea. I think in the right way it could be done extremely well." before adding, as the camera fades out, "I write books." We won't mention that the Ultramarine movie has been being worked on for quite a while and Abnett's script is two years old by the time he says this... :P
-The Victory, the next four book arc in the Gaunt's Ghosts series (starting with Blood Pact), is more than likely not the last.
-Features a shameless plug for his Sabbat Worlds Crusade book. Pretty funny.
-"I consider killing Gaunt off on a regular basis."
-Face changers and other evils mentioned in Armour of Contempt/His Last Command are likely to make an appearance in the upcoming books.

Dan Abnett on Comics
-Some babble the went over my head about cross-over characters in his Marvel work...
-No new plans to do work with Boom! Studios on new 40K comics.

Dan Abnett: Additional questions, answered, and Outtakes
-"Well I think I'm comfortable with my own sexuality."
-Hehehe "You've got mail!"
-"I don't have holidays - I don't have fun."

*I have not actually read Eldar Prophecy, but it was written by the Back-Flipping Terminator himself, C.S. Goto, so I feel safe making the assumption it's wretched.


While not of the same series of Q&A's as above, apparently Black Library has a YouTube channel called BlackLibraryTV where they've got yet another Q&A session with Dan Abnett along with an interview.

Black Library TV 11: Readers' Q&A with Dan Abnett
-Abnett now plans on starting on the third Ravenor/Eisenhorn Trilogy "next year" as in 2011.
-Dan believes that if the Black Library authors manage to come up with a good enough story/excuse, he'd like to give names and backgrounds to the two missing Primarchs. I don't really like this idea... Unless they were some really good ideas, like mind-blowingly good.
-The likelyhood of another Alpha Legion book in the Horus Heresy series is quite high.

Black Library TV 08: Dan Abnett Interview
-Some interesting talk of Blood Pact. Granted that many of you have read it, I'm still waiting for it to come out in paperback and found his talk about it fascinating.
-He speaks of the Horus Heresy in some very interesting ways and suggests that the Seige of Terra is possibly written by "four or five" authors.

Hope you enjoyed my findings,

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: Dan Abnett Q&A's

Originally Posted by Grandpa Ducky

-Apparently Loken will make further appearances later in the series.
I knew it!
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
Many Bothans died to bring this thread back on topic
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Default Re: Dan Abnett Q&A's

I have never been a big fan of Abnett, I think he's wildly overrated, but:

Originally Posted by Grandpa Ducky
*I have not actually read Eldar Prophecy, but it was written by the Back-Flipping Terminator himself, C.S. Goto, so I feel safe making the assumption it's wretched.
Is pure gold.
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
Crikey! This crazy clown causes commotion like the coming of Christ. Contained in a circle corrupted by crackheads and carnal cravings, he creates no concession to callous cheaters concentrating on nought but cock. Certainly, still a curious and cordial cavalier in the countenance of crazed cads, curs and creeps who condemn courtesy as something corny. No cloud could collapse his crushing crescendo of comical crowing and crimson coiffure. This conjecture on culture comes circumlocutive, consequently...

You may call me Circus.
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Default Re: Dan Abnett Q&A's

Fantastic interviews, thanks for the links!

Mkvenner wins! Yeah!
If you're reading this then you've won the game. Congratulations, you're free!
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Default Re: Dan Abnett Q&A's

Originally Posted by Circus
I have never been a big fan of Abnett, I think he's wildly overrated, but:

Originally Posted by Grandpa Ducky
*I have not actually read Eldar Prophecy, but it was written by the Back-Flipping Terminator himself, C.S. Goto, so I feel safe making the assumption it's wretched.
Is pure gold.

Great finds ducky, even though Abnett isn't my absolute favorite BL author.... actually my third favorite, I do enjoy the way he tackles 40k domestic, as they call it.
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