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Dark Creed
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Default Dark Creed

Anyone read it?

I found it to be good, the Word Bearers cool and stuff.

But what I found about most that's it has offically taken the place of Brothers of the Snake as the most ''super space marines!''

(Does the following count as spoilers? It's very minor really)

In the book 7,000 Word Bearers take on I just rechecked the book and it flat out states that the Word Bearers are engageing hundreds of millions and tank companies in a war of attrition and holding their own. One guardsman referenced ''constant battle''. Marduk estimates ten billion Guardsmen, and claims the Word Bearers are winning.

Now to be fair it's said that the Word Bearers might eventually be overwhelmed. (although the Guardsman says this doubtfully) However the mere fact that they were engaged in a full on urban war with hundreds of millions of Guardsmen and implied to be winning put's that to rest. In fact one of the CSM Hosts is listed as fighting in a massive seige against an enemy hive in the upper part of the planet. The whole tone of the Imperial part of the book is that they are losing in a war of attrition including a seige and full urban warfare.

So the Word Bearers were fighting against ten billion Guardsmen and three hundred Marines and winning.


Fire and Honor Review.
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