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The twelve wolves
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Default The twelve wolves

Twelve Wolves is a short story by Ben Counter about 2 space wolves hunting an army alone in the wilderness of Fenris. With a faint dislike of Ben Counter for his odd way of putting forth his story, I looked on this with trepidation. I also can't stand reading on my computer (ask Circus or Ravager) but I do like stories about Space Wolves. Then I realized that I haven't been liking GW's stories lately, and I only like a single story from Heroes of the Space Marines, and it was about a chaos marine, so how could I expect to like one from Legends of the Space Marines?

So, with a horrible outlook on this story, I began reading. And I was enthralled. The way it was set forth, the story, it was all far better than I could have expected, and I recommend it for anyone. Now go forth and read!
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Default Re: The twelve wolves

Sounds cool, I'll check it out.
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Default Re: The twelve wolves

That, I ahve to say, is brilliant.
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