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Recommend some 40k books
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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

Might be a bit off topic, but what did you guys think of (if you have read it) of Titanicus? I just started reading it and its pretty good.
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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

Titanicus is great imo, as long as you are really into the titan side of things and don't mind the Titan "whose is bigger" combat style.

The Last Chancers books are utter shtlk, with smatterings of contrary fluff and poor writing style to boot. The characters are generally okay, but you won't really see any of them repeatably so much of the developments get thrown or killed away.

Taking the midden heap to even deeper levels though is the disjointed books Goto produces. Everything the Last Chancers books may have gotten right are thrown away with Goto. Re-writing canon and language with abandon, this rot is another blight to avoid reading unless you merely want to Aulma off the Eldar players by laughing at canon facts that Goto has forced upon them.
Now that the two biggest bulk offenders are out of the way (there are others scattered but I won't go into single books for that), I get to recommend some of the real gems of the Black Library.

Ciaphas Cain will set you straight on many of the internal workings of IG and the enemies they face. Set in a slightly internal tone, you constantly question if Cain is really the coward he says he is while amazing at his apparently foul luck. My pick for most unbiased fluff, since it shows normal people in the 40k verse and the issues they are faced with that they laugh at and keep going on with. Various stories has him in the company of Nids, Necrons, Orks, Chaos, Tau, and other minor alien races. Great stuff.

I would also suggest the Eisenhorn books. I'm quite partial to that sort of secrecy and spy-like work that is undertaken in them. The enemies are well written, sinister, and believable. Well... all of the enemies save the [spoiler]titan.[/spoiler] The "good" characters are all but unforgettable with rich fluff meat to chew on depicted in the workings of some of the most secretive agents in the Imperium.

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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

Originally Posted by Zenai
Anything by:
- Dan Abnett
- Sandy Mitchell
- Gav Thrope
- William Kings

Do not ever read anything written by:
- C.S. Goto
- Ben Counter

If by books, I recommend:
- Gaunt's Ghosts (by Dan Abnett)
- Ciaphas Cain (by Sandy Mitchell)
- Ragnar Blackmane (by William Kings)
- Last Chancers (by Gav Thrope)

You do not touch:
- Grey Knights (by Ben Counter)
- Soul Drinkers (by Ben Counter)
- Dawn of War (by C.S. Goto)
- Deathwatch (by C.S. Goto)
I pretty much second whats been written here, but I'll also add in the Eisenhorn Trilogy by Dan Abnett, defintely my favourite 40k book. It follows the life of an Inquisitor.
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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

Don't forget the Ravenor series as well. Counterpart to Eisenhorn, the Ravenor series is more of the same featuring old and new faces, and is very good.

I've heard Abnett is doing another series, featuring more of Alizebeth Bequin.
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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

If you like Gaunt's Ghosts you will -love- Eisenhorn. I've read only D.A.'s work as far as 40K goes, and Eisenhorn is his best work. It's... just epic. Ravenor is alright, but Ravenor as a character really just isn't as interesting as Eisenhorn. Obviously this is my opinion, but everyone I've talked to has agreed, Ravenor lacks the same touch as Eisenhorn. It's still a fantastic book.

In regards to Guitardian's comment on the Ghosts characters... if you've ever served in the military, you'd be able to associate with those characters on a whole different level. I could literally put a name to each of those characters (Except Larkin, I mean, I've known people just like him, they just weren't snipers. Getting that position in real life is insanely hard) that was someone I served with at one point or another. The fact is, that "One sided character" template reflects the majority of people you'll meet in the armed forces. But I definitely know what you're saying, they don't all have to be like that, he doesn't like to experiment much with character archetypes. You have to admit though, he isn't afraid to play with fire when it comes to killing his characters off though.
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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

Originally Posted by Rafe
I've heard Abnett is doing another series, featuring more of Alizebeth Bequin.
I really like the sound of this. Do you have anymore information? Or where I could find some....
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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

Check out some of his interview videos on youtube and you should be able to find some more information.
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Default Re: Recommend some 40k books

They are re-releasing the original novels now. Read Space Marine by Ian Watson. Also the original Inquisitor series.

Anything by Dan Abnett is good... he has a good style and really draws you in. His contribution to the Horus Heresy series is fantastic. Horus Rising is a great book alone. Most of the books are decent actually, just some are a little lacking.

C. S. Goto hasn't got a clue and I don't know why he was ever allowed to write for games workshop. He must have done some 'special' favours in order to get that crap published!

Yeah, but definitely read these:

Warhammer 40,000
The Inquisition War trilogy:
Inquisitor (vt 2002 Draco). Brighton: GW Books, 1990 (paper). ISBN 1-872372-29-5
Harlequin. London: Boxtree, 1994. ISBN 0-7522-0965-5
Chaos Child. London: Boxtree, 1995. ISBN 0-7522-0621-4
Space Marine. London: Boxtree, 1993 (paper). ISBN 1-85283-840-X


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