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Cadian Blood
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Default Cadian Blood

Anyone read Cadian Blood? I found it intresting.

Fire and Honor Review.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Cadian Blood

I have read it, bought it as a bit of an impulse buy but was impressed with standard of writing and some of the characters.
I particularly liked the fact that it is set during the 13th Black Crusade but 3 years after the initial invasion of Cadia, letting us know that the eye of terror campaign hasn't just been dropped and forgotten about.
Found the Imperial Lord General to be a bit generic and didn't quite understand the involvement of the enemy commander but otherwise I would recommend it to Guard fans, just don't go into it expecting lots of zombie action.

"He became what he had always been destined to; what the galaxy demanded he become; what the Emperor himself sanctioned, moulded, needed: He became a loyal monster"
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Default Re: Cadian Blood

I'm still reading the book and found it entertaining.
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