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Fallen Angels? [Spoilers - Looking for explanations]
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Default Fallen Angels? [Spoilers - Looking for explanations]


I kind of rushed this book but dont feel like reading it all again. So just some questions on a few things;

It claims that the Lion recruited the current Cypher and that the Lion knew he was the last Knights Lupus. The Knights Lupus who want to control Chaos etc and use its power.

Ok, fair enough. So why is this Cypher working with Luther now?, why did the Lion even recruit him? I just dont get that at all. Have I missed something?

Its all about Luther putting Caliban first etc, knowing he needs some serious power to protect it from the Imperium so trying to control Chaos. Fair enough again, he isnt properly corrupted by the end of the book, just on a slippery slope.

But who is the main character talking about at the end?. Who was behind it.

I also dont really get the whole switch at the end, claiming the Terrans were trying to send the Daemon/Taint back? Yeah, with Chaos runes, mass sacrifice? That just doesnt make sense at all. Seeing as though most on Caliban had no clue what Chaos was and hated what they did know about it.

Can anyone fill me in on all this?
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Default Re: Fallen Angels? [Spoilers - Looking for explanations]

@Cypher: Idea is that Lion can trust Cypher, because Cypher owes everything to Lion, and Lion has presumably included Cypher in his Grand Plan.

There's really 2 theory's as to why Cypher is working with Luther. 1. He's still under the Lion's orders, and Lion wants Luther to be doing what he's doing, its some sort of deep plan. 2. He's yet another example of the Lion's inability to understand humans, and just like the other Angels he's betrayed the Lion's vision in order to stand with the Calibanites, or he's been corrupted, or any other reason.

Basically the question is whether he's still the Lion's servant in this book, same as in the present 40k fluff. Jury's still out.

I don't think the main character knows who he's talking about at the end. Isn't it more of an ominous..."there's got to be someone behind all this".... sort of a thing? He's learned Oroboros' true name, he's presumably got hints at what's up with Chaos more broadly speaking (Horus, etc.).
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