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Gaunts Ghosts order
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Default Gaunts Ghosts order

Hey all, after just finishing reading "The Saint" i was really into the GG books, and wanted to know what comes next after that (wanna read them in order)

Also is there any more omnibuses of them out yet?
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Default Re: Gaunts Ghosts order

Well I don't have the omnibusses but IIRC the last book in The Saint is Sabbat Martyr which means that the book you need next is Traitor General, then His Last Command, The Armour of Contempt and finally Only In Death (my personal favourite)

The Lost will likely be released as an omnibus at some point but I couldn't give you a date for it, I doubt it will be too soon though but then I'm not all that clued up on BL's publishing calendar.
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Default Re: Gaunts Ghosts order

Just read it, read it in about 10-12 days, it was AMAZING!!!!!! Loved every bit of it and it is just epic, good buy man, my favorite book in the series is probally Sabbat Martyr, epic scenes. ;D
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Default Re: Gaunts Ghosts order

The Gaunts Ghosts series in order is:

The Founding
-First and Only
The Saint
-The Guns of Tanith
-Straight Silver
-Sabbat Martyr
The Lost
-Traitor General
-His Last Command
-The Armour of Contempt
-Only In Death
-Blood Pact

Necropolis and Honourguard are my favourites that I've read so far. Still need to pick up The Lost books but I'm waiting for the omnibus first.

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Default Re: Gaunts Ghosts order

Awsome, cheers guys, i will probably wait for an omnibus (So much savings!!) But i may get bored and just buy one on the off.
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