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what is the best commisar cain book
View Poll Results: which is your favorite commisar cain book?
for the emperor 2 33.33%
the caves of ice 1 16.67%
the traitor's hand 0 0%
death or glory 3 50.00%
duty calls 0 0%
none (hate all) 0 0%
Voters: 6. You may not vote on this poll

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Kroot Shaper
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Default what is the best commisar cain book

this will run for exactly 30 days.
everyone knows the imperium will win... it just is going through a bad time... for the last ten millenia... and its just gotton worse... ummm... is it too late to secede?...
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Default Re: what is the best commisar cain book

I just bought the BIG one.. Just called Hero of the imperium, *think* it has most of those in, not sure, but it's good and for the size of it the price was brilliant.

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Default Re: what is the best commisar cain book

I just bought that one too. It has the first three books in it. I've already read Caves of Ice and For the Emperor. I'm on Traitor's Hand right now. I'll wait to vote until I finish.
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Originally Posted by BloodiedFangs
Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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Default Re: what is the best commisar cain book

"Oh Nads! It's Bloody Korbul!" ;D

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