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Rise of the Tau
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Default Rise of the Tau

This is a take on the Tau vs Imperium thread. I gave it its own post so it doesn't get lost among all the replies on the other thread---and the subject is different.

Over a year ago a story was posted (started) on Black Library's forums. The story continues today. It is currently over 600 pages long and well worth the read.

The author's writing is godlike, and I can't do it justice. Click the link below and read the first chapter or so, you won't be sorry.

http://forum.blpublishing.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=216 arguably the best 40k fan fic.

Just a few stats. Because of the overwhelming popularity of the story, a second thread was started just to discuss the story. One thread contains only the story (the link I posted), and another thread just discusses the content/theories in the story. The discussion thread has over 500 replies and over 15,000 views.
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Default Re: Rise of the Tau

Ah, thank god its got its own thread. I got through some of it (loved every blooming word) but couldn't be bothered with all the chatter. It made it too much effort
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Default Re: Rise of the Tau

I concur, Rise of the Tau is awesome. It's nearing its conclusion, too.
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