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Concerning the black library....
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Default Concerning the black library....

Well I walked into my local GW today with the pretense of possibly getting some more stuff and chat to my mates, when lo and behold i noticed that the store had refaced its BL stock...now why would I be telling you this, you ask?

Well the BL section was awfuly sparce, with only the new releases showing, so i posed this question to one of my mates on the staff and the stores only full timer - "What happened to all the other BL books?"

The responce was quite appawling to say the least.

FT: "Oh BL have a new way of dealing with the sections in the stores now, they only place the brand new releases on display."

Me: "So, what happens to all the old books, you got them out back as well?"

FT: "Well no they changed that as well, now if the book no longer appears on the order form, then we have to take it off shelf"

Me: "and send it back?"

FT: "No only the cover, we tear the book up (ie: tear out its spine) then send back the covers, then we get money back on them"

Me: "WTF?!, you mean you only send back the covers? Not the whole book? What happens to the rest of it then?"

FT: "Yep, we bin the rest, apparenly its cheaper for games workshop to throw the out OOP (Out Of Print) stuff away, than send it back - costs them less if we send back just the covers."

Now I kid you not because this happened today, and the store no longer had any older books out in the stockroom (I know I checked), apparently this is one of GW's cost cutting plans at work.

Now ain't it great knowing that they are doing both there part for the local schools and the enviroment by just destroying all the stock that they thought wasn't selling.

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