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Ultramarines Omnibus
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Old 30 Jun 2006, 13:44   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Ultramarines Omnibus

I picked this up last week after i read the book "Dead Sky Black Sun"( which was awesome > ) anyways i just finished nightbringer ( i felt the beggiining dragged :-\ ), but i hope Warriors of Ultramar to be much better! Anyone read warriors of ultramar?
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Default Re: Ultramarines Omnibus

Hey mate,

Same here, I got it a week ago, and I just finished it. Nightbringer did leave me a bit disappointed. But Warriors of Ultramar was a classic. Good Fight scene's, deep pilot, everything one Ultramarine needs Dead Sky, Black Sun was okay. Not enough battles for me, and the pilot seemed to drag on forever until you got to the good parts.

Hope that helps,


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Default Re: Ultramarines Omnibus

I'm reading the 'smurf' omnibus. Awsome book, lol, I'm halfway through warriors of Ultramar right now, when the nids are first laying seige to the city and slip on the ice.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Ultramarines Omnibus

Yes, i finished readnig it.

Nightbringer was ok, i thought it dragged in the beggining but got better later on.
Warrior of Ultramar was cool, lots of battles and action!
But Dead Sky Black Sun is still my favorite, i like it because it the enemies are characters too, their not mindless xenos or foul eldar.
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Default Re: Ultramarines Omnibus

just finished reading nightbringer a few weeks ago and am over 1/2 way through WOU. is the omnibus exatly the same as the seperate books just put together
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Default Re: Ultramarines Omnibus

I haven't read this book, but one of my friends got it for another for his birthday. I've always wanted to learn more about ultramarines and this book has, what looks like, a lot of nice fluff on the chapter. I don't really want to buy it for myself, so I'm hopin' I can borrow it from my friend.
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Default Re: Ultramarines Omnibus

just finished the omnibus a month ago. I agree Dead sky, Black sun kind of dragged but I liked the first two novels. I thought the short story in the beginning rocked the hardest out of all the pieces in the book.
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