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Kill Team
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Default Kill Team

What is this book about and could someone rate it from a one to ten? Is it better than Firewarrior or not?

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Default Re: Kill Team

Schaeffer and Kage (and the new Last Chancers) are sent to an outlying Tau colony to assassinate a rogue Shas'o commander. There's a bit of subterfuge and double crossing. It also allows insight, though somewhat slanted since its in the eyes of an imperial, into Tau culture. Eating habits, etc. There's even a Kroot ceremony where Kage gets to eat human brains! Pretty good book, continues the plotline that comes to a finale in Annihilation Squad. I'd give it an eight out of ten. Some parts are pretty predictable. Having not read Firewarrior, I can't really compare the two, sorry. Hope that helps.
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Default Re: Kill Team

I'd rate it about the same, maybe a little below Fire Warrior if pushed. The main difference between the two, is one shows the Imperium from the Tau point of view, and the other a look into Tau culture from an Imperial POV.

That said, a few of the biological points contained within Kill Team are incorrect. This is because Gav left the Tau project to be Warhammer Warmaster in its early stages.

Hence, he had to go chat to the Tau Project leaders to check off his stuff, and mistakes did slip through as the Tau were revised and such as time went on (an example, would be the Air Caste Captain with membranous wings under his arms. Forge World models lack this, and even the art within Codex: Tau. Heck, the FW models stand a good height taller than most Tau, but Kage doesn't even notice this).
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Default Re: Kill Team

Kill Team felt like it was headed someplace, until it gave up and turned into The Dirty Dozen. And while I'm aware that the ol' DD is exactly what the Last Chancers are supposed to be, it still made the book so derivative as to be a chore. I had to really slog through to get to the end. I won't give it a rating on a ten-point scale, as I don't feel like I have enough experience with Black Library publications to be fair. I'll just say I don't recommend it, and if this is representative of 40k fiction as a whole, it'll be a good long while before I pick up another one.
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Default Re: Kill Team

Kill-Team was good, but not great. Nice insights to tau culture though.
plus thier ships arent to-well armed. Kage thought that the second ship had guns, but 'to few if it was a warship.' NOT a direct quote, jsut what he thought.
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Default Re: Kill Team

wow so many people didn't like killteam? I loved it, I thought it was great. I'm a big fan of any Last Chancer fic though, so whether or not the book was actually good or not shouldn't really be judged by me
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Default Re: Kill Team

Well, I´ll add my opinions.

It was in a sense better then firewarrior. Maybe half the book is about slow, peaceful events, other half is the general shoot kill maim burn stuff.

The first half is good, it has interesting stuff about the Tau, and imperials. The discription on Tau world is also nice to read, it transfers well the general "clean and stylish" image Tau seem to have.

The second part is IMO poor. What makes the 13th legion great is that the "heros" die left and right, they are not invincible superhuman (short of Kage and Colonel), just humans doing their best. In kill team this is pretty much ignored, the last chancers seem like marines, just avoiding hits instead of getting them bounce of their armor. They start to feel too good, like marine wannabes, and that makes the events lame. They aren´t gonna die so much, so the violence turns into mindless fragfest.

But the beginning and middle of the book are extremely good. I do question the plot a bit though, the Tau were supposed to be more united then what is lead to believe in the book.
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Default Re: Kill Team

They dont sell this book anymore? Awsome, I gotta rare book then! woot!
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