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Tau 2500pt in 3 matches
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Default Tau 2500pt in 3 matches

Hey gang sorry I was out so long fought in the last local tournament and then left that night for an all expense paid army family thingy but here goes, in a shortened version, how tha last local tournament went for me. It was not my best showing but it was not a bad tournament either. Once again this is where I decided to try replacing one of my broadside teams with 3 teams of sniper drones.

Match 1 vs Space wolves: round 1 sucked on both sides, he had initiative and killed nothing, I opened fire and immobilized a rhine, took the weapon off a razorback and killed 1 SM with rocket launcher... Big note of turn 2 I dump my 6 firewarriors out of the devilfish with carbines and emp grenades before zipping the DF off behind cover and charge them forward to assault his land raider, he thinks I'm crazy until they blow up his land raider with an emp grenade dumping out lukas and a squad of terminators. (this is when I learned he had chosen to field 2 "death star" squads, the termies that with 2 special characters were 900+pts, and canis with thunderwolf cavalry for another 800pts. Making a long descriptive shorter canis slammed my right flank as the termies marched up the middle. Most of my forces concentrated on the termies as canis and cav staying in cc with something, mostly my broadsides. Lukas died and his last laugh was mine as he also took 2 termies with him (they had been passing between terrain to avoid being delayed and had clumped up. By end of match my kroot actually were mvps, flanking they came on with my option of location and with canis and his thunderwolves having eaten through most of my right flank and having my 2 remaining broadsides locked in CC, both injured, still in base to base combat I brought the kroot in as best to encircling the space wolves as possible and assaulted them with all 32 models. Having the same Init I lost 6 kroot hounds to canis but still got their attacks and managed to wipe out the thunderwolves, then the 20 kroot decended upon canis and he too left the fight. End of fight we pulled a draw as we each controlled equal numbers of objectives. Having noted and liked how I build a model to commemorate each victory he actually asked me to build another one despite it being a draw and gave me an extra space wolf banner to use for it if i would. I'm attaching a kroot combat blade to the base of it and putting it in the left hand of a kroot warrior...(sniper drones killed ONE standard SM) Oh yeah, 2 of the 3 broadsides survived lol.

Match 2 vs Eldar: I am going to do some big summary here for the sake of space time and not feeling inclined to give this opponent much note except I guess for his brains in staying alive. His army was good but he just seemed to enter tha match like he was already dead and played accordingly poorly. I had initiative and had infiltrated my kroot into a large grove of trees. pathies using seekers killed 2 wave serpeants right off the bat (1 boom, 1 wrecked) while broadsides dropped his prism tank and deathrains and Shas'O inflicted several wounds on his Avatar and it went into hiding behind a building. He focused fires on trying to get the kroot out of his way and failed horridly, not even a leadership check. Banshees trying to get to kroot died in a hail of gun fire and 1 was actually killed by a sniper drone!!! Sniper drones also killed a striking scorpion but that was the end of their contribution. End of game, Eldar were holding out hunkered down holding 1 of 5 objectives, I had 3 for the win.

Match 3 vs Grey Knights: This 1 sucked but turned out better than i expected purely due to luck and his lack of attention to detail. Only his land raider started on the board while everything else sat in reserve. He used some sort of ability to turn his 2 dreadknights into troop choices and a group of termies with a special character had turn 1 automatic deepstrike with no scatter. I will say here and now, the sniper drones did nothing all match. I had initiative and the dice hated me as I failed to do anything to his land raider. Turn 2 both dreadknights deepstrike and the termies that came in right on my table edge continue assaulting through my back lines. Deepstrike accident destroys a squad of SMs. FW squad disappears in front of the dreadknights opening an objective they had taken, gotta love that new special heavy flamer they have, 12" and then place the template no cover save AP yeah your dead. Fireknives and broadside drop 1 dreadknight. He keeps pushing while dropping termies to press the attack and loading the last SM from a squad that succeeded in deepstriking into the landraider and using the lone SM in landraider to hold objective where FWs were wiped out. Hammerhead immobilizes land raider right before being destroyed. Shas'O is only man left from command group but still fighting trying to bait turn 1 termies into turning around on their march across my back line. On turn 3 my Kroot flanked coming in on his rear and take objective he had not bothered securing keeping most of squad in tree so get cover save (they actually manage to not loose a model for the rest of the match). In turn 4, since we would not have time for turn 5, the last 3 men from a FW squad (who i had not mentioned since turn 2 when their squad was nearly destroyed but they made their leadership roll) who had been sitting in a forest terrain piece not shooting or moving, move out and then run to reach an objective with cover. 2 survive the resulting fires to try and remove them thank to cover save and by end of game my kroot and 2 fire warriors both control an objective, he controls 2 (1 with dread knight the other with 1 SM in landraider) and we are both contesting the 5th and final objective for a draw. Though my force got more chewed up than his he was surprissed as was I to have a draw between us. Though if we had time for turn 5 I probably would have gone down as his second group of termies would have been able to reach the 2 FWs.

So in summary, draw against Space Wolves, win against Eldar and draw against Grey Knights and the sniper drones go back in the closet and the 2nd broadside team retakes their position. Oh yes and once again, my Shas'o survived all 3 matches once again having yet to be slain. I actually need to see how many battles he has lived cause I just not sure anymore, I think that puts him close to 20 straight since I first fielded the model.

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Someone needs to buy you a camera or something we need pics.
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I have one, a good video camera, I forgot it. I actually have pics from my last 2 tournaments on it but keep forgetting to download them.
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