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Tau V Imperial Guard 5k Apoc video report
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau V Imperial Guard 5k Apoc video report

Hi guys,

I put together this report of our last Apoc game. If you have trouble playing the video try opening it in a new tab or window.


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Kroot Warrior
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Interesting concept making a video, I liked it! Pretty funny commentary also.
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Kroot Shaper
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Very awesome video, loved the Tau Titan (are there official rules for that? Just wondering).

Youtube has a lot of these videos, they are THE way to post a battle...from now on...hint hint everyone should be making more of these. Especially at GW, when you guys have tournaments, why not just get a digicam and post the battles by date and place. C'mon, i love watching these..

For Thornoo 1:
Were you ever worried about not winning the game at any point, i mean you stormed him! What were your more strategic moments IYO or his most tactical blunders?, this would be a great opportunity for you to go into a more detailed post to go along with your B@tle Report about your thoughts on the game...

It also seemed that you had way more stuff on the board than your opponent, was that because the IG had a baneblade...usually when you hear apocalypse IG there is a crud load of guys on the board.

ps, Just in Case of Haters-I know its not something called a Tau Titan, he explains it in the video, i just think it would be awesome if there were actual rules for a Tau Titan.
Stormraven rules...until you have to buy one!

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Kroot Shaper
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I don't see a lot of Vespid being used. How useful are they?
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Kroot Warrior
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Originally Posted by Sneaky_Jester View Post
I don't see a lot of Vespid being used. How useful are they?
Vespid are utterly and completely useless.

Many picked them up early when they heard they came with AP3 weapons (something Tau always had too little of) but then saw their stat line, which is Schizophrenic at best.

Space Marine hunter that costs more than a Space Marine? Not only that but they will lose in any 10 vs 10 fire fight followed by assault from any of the parties.

They have useless points sunk in Initiative, Weapon skill and Toughness. They can fight a genestealer in close combat prowess but will always be let down by their armor save.

To top off this insult to our intelligence, they can't hit the broad side of a barn and their weapon has a 12" range.

Worst unit in the entire Tau Empire codex, next to Stealth Suits.
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I would argue the point as i have used them successfully on many occasions and against many foes but I'm just not sure it is worth the effort. Quite simply they are a difficult unit to use effectively, not usually for the novice player but when combined with other forces (especially when enemies tend to discount and ignore them, as most do) they can be devastating against well body armored enemy troops. I have used them to wipe out SM and CSM squads, drive eldar off objectives and distract both IG and ork forces. But thats me off to the rest of you.
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Kroot Shaper
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Sorry haven't replied. Apoc is usually won in the planning phase. My plan was to alpha strike him and sucker his deployment. So The alpha strike came with Careful planning and the use of the two formations Armoured Interdiction Force and Rapid Insertion Force. These allow pinpoint delivery of all your tank busting units. I suckered him with the setup by having my devilfish and troops strategic redeploy through the use of the formation Rapid Redeployment Force that took half of his Leman Russes away from his core force.

If you want to see another battle report follow this link:

Here we wanted to go second but were forced to go first. We set up a line of objectives that we knew we could assault him off. Our plan was to totally disable their firepower using Blind Barrage and harass them with Careful Planning and Flanking that we got through SM Battle Company and Prometheus Landraider. Then we pushed up and achieved our objectives. I set a flanking force on our right to hold a distant objective and our Deathwing were tasked with gaining two other objectives. They also lost the battle before we started by not committing their most potent CC elements early. Their plan was to use Vital Objective to win the objective count but we had gained too many too early for them to push us off.
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Kroot Warrior
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Very nice video bud, I enjoyed seeing the play by play for once instead of reading it.
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