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Khornate Chaos space marines VS Ultramarines
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Talking Khornate Chaos space marines VS Ultramarines

Hi, here is a battle I played today at my local games workshop whic went very well for me...
HQ: Chaos lord: terminator armour, Icon of khorne and daemon wep.

Troop1: 10 chaos space marines: 1 champion with power, icon of khorne, flamer, meltagun.

Troop2: 12 khorne bezerkers: plasma pistol

Troop3: 10 Summoned Daemons

Heavy support: Chaos Land Raider

The enemy

HQ: Space marine speacil character (I forgot his name)

Elite: 5 Terminators

Troop1: 5 space marines: Seargeant

Troop2: 5 space marines: Seargeant

Troop3: 5 space marines

Troop4: Razorback

Troop5: Razorback: heavy bolter

Heavy support: Dreadnaught: Multi-melta

The Game

1200 points, It was a annilation game with the normal setup, Ultramarines went first

Space Marine turn 1
he moved all his squads a little closer to my guys but buildings blocked the way so there was no shooting, apart from a razorback with the HB which missed my bezerkers completely. his Hq moved within line of sight.

Chaos turn 1
My marines moved round the side to try and flank the other razorback and the space marine squad 3, a landing pad blocked their LOS. however my lanraider fired its lascannon and put the space marine HQ on 2 wounds and destroyed the razorback with the HB! My Bezerkers moved and ran but not alot happened.

Space Marine turn 2
Not alot happened in this turn (or I can't remember) He ran all his squads.

Chaos turn 2
The chaos marine squad destroys the other razorback with a meltagun, my land raider moves a bit. But my Khorne Bezerker squad assault the space marine HQ and win! (although I lost two bezerkers) My Chaos lord moves and just sits their for the rest of the turn

Space Marine turn 3
The SM terminator squad get angry and assault my chaos lord, the lord attacks first getting a total of 8 attacks from his 2D6 attacks! he kills the whole terminator squad in go! one of the other SM squads moves round to try and shoot my chaos lord.

Chaos turn 3
I summon my daemons around the chaos lord which stare menacingly at the SM squad, the bezerkers destroy the Dreadnaught, my marine squads moves closer to the SM squad near them. The land raider stops and I just sort of forget about it.

Space marine turn 4
About 5 daemons get shot down by don't have to take a leadership test because they are fearless. I lose a few bezerkers to some shooting. by now the Ultramarines player is getting worried: both is razorbacks, his HQ, dreadnaught and terminator squad are gone.

Chaos turn 4
Their is no shooting every unit i have is in an assault, and winning. The chaos lord and bezerkers win without trouble. but the daemons have a hard time. The CSM squad also wins without any losses.

Final two turns
the final space marine is still fighting the daemons and it looks like he might win...until he is butchered by the chaos lord's daemon weapon.

I lost about: 8 daemons, 4 bezerkers and two chaos space marines, my chaos lord suffered a wound but didn't die. I'm quite happy with today because it was just too easy. he had a good army but I think he should have deployed better but the final battles were dicieded by assaults.
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