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small fight, orks vs marines
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Cool small fight, orks vs marines

this is a really small fight with the orks of assault on black reach (yeah, im quite a noob) against a group of space marines (which by the way was very badly organized)

army lists

ork warboss with power klaw, included in a unit of 5 nobz with no upgrades

11 ork boyz, one with heavy shoota

11 ork boyz, one with eavy shoota (i know this is not legal) 3 of them have weapons from chaos lord on terminator armor, one has a lighting klaw, one has a power axe, and the last one's got a chainfist. this 3 are treated as having cyborg armor, +5 save

3 ork deffkoptas in reserve, with the normal expecting to flank

space marines

space marine captain with power sword and bolter

10 space marines, two with flamers

10 space marines, two with rocket launcher

heavy suport
une space marine dreadnough with close combat dreadnought weapon, assault bolter, and a twin linked melta gun.

OWN:warboss and nobz
OB1rk boys 1
OB2: ork boys 2
SMC:space marine comander
SM1:space marine unit 1
SM2: space marine unit 2
D: deadnought

black dots, orks
grey dots, nobz
red dot, warboss
arrows. koptas

blue dots, space marines
big light blue dot, dread
small light blue dot, SM commanderz

so, the terrain is quite small, no larger than a meter, mainly divided into 3 sectiions by two large hills(which obviously also deny line of sight)
in both flanks there are small brick walls on the ork's side, which give +4 cover save, you know, bolter fire pierces their armor, so it was balanced enough to have some good cover

turn 1
so, space marines start, they deploy to the north-east and move swiftly, t SM1 and SM2 split into two 5 men units using the combat squads special rule, all his units run in the shooting phase and stablish a perimeter, forming solid human walls on every way i could take to hit them.

-stablish perimeter brothers! the greenskins are coming!- shouted commander daedrus. He was sent to protect a vital power generator facility in the dessert world of Alexidria, and a wave of orks was about to come in, if the facility was lost, the imperial forces would lose their power suply and would have to ggive terrain to the orks.
he made a run with his space marines and watched satisfied how they aimed for the ways they knew the orks would come, brutish shouts were carried by the wind, the orks were close

after that, orks deploy, and decide to divide themselves, one group for every road.
so OB1 takes the left side, Ob2, the one with the metal boyz, takes the right, this last unit end up in full line of sight (i was so very careless there) of the SM2. and the OWN head for the center, evading the line of sight of the marines by a big hill protuberance.


letz go boyz!! show dis hummies wat a right and proper WAARGH! is like- warboss Stompasmasha was leading the small scout force of an ork wargh!, and he could feel the humies close, bloody fighting was inminent, the thought made him grin as he took his nobz with him, he took cover in a big rock. He was filled with desire for combat, but he knew a round of bolter fire that big would make short work of him and his orky mates

turn 2:
space marines hold position, merely waiting for OB1 and OWN to make themselves visible

space marines waited patiently, with discipline. as only they know how to do, but the orks did not made their apearance

orkz roll for reinforcements, and fail to call the koptas.
OWN holds position, they are in no assault distance even if they move and then assault, and using their wargh spacial rule just for them would be unwise, meanwhile, OB 2 moves closer to the 5 men barricade, but fall short for the charge and end up completely exposed.(grey arrow ilustrates failed charge in the diagram) OB1 in the left keeps advancing

Boyz! they trapped us ere!- said stompasmasha
meanwhile, Klaw, leader of the ork group that headed for the eastern passage, saw himself in a bad situation, he had measured the distance badly, and stopped flat before declaring a charge, his warband was confused and surprised to see him halt, as he had a fame of being unstoppable and savage, but inmediatly they took another concern, as they saw the bolters aimed at them

Turn 3
space marines
seing a perfect oportunity here, my oponent's SM2 used his rapid fire bolters and rained down a hail of death upon my orks, though he decided not to use his heavy weapon.
his dice rolls were excelent, and i suffered enough wounds to let only the 3 cyborg orks alive, obviously they took a morale test, and unsurprisingly, failed it. they started retreating at full speed. his other units still sat by patiently, the efficiency of his line was proven, so he was confident.

Space marines to the left of commander daedrus started shooting, he could hear the deep growls of agony of the feral xenos, he smiled.
the emperor is with us today borthers! Stand fast and expect more assaults soon enough. We march for macragge!- he shouted, and the traditional, yet strong reply, filled his ears
- AND WE SHALL KNOW NO FEAR!- the marines shouted as one.

roll for reinforcements, and they arrive at my edge, i put them behind some big rocks to avoid fire.
with that heavy ork casuality shocking me, i watched as my retreating metal boyz marched for the border of the table, i could not bring them back, for they were less than halve their original strenght.
watching this heavy loss i moved OB1, hoping to have them take the place of OB2, to have a two fronts assault.

ya heared those screams boyz?- asked stompasmasha. maybe he had lost already a lot of his boyz. that worried him .but on the other hand he thought *more hummies for me!*
the deffkopta riders finally made it to the skies near the battle,their rubling motors and the sound of their helixes calmed the warboss a bit.

turn 4
space marines
he still stays still, this guy's got a stone hard patience! he tries to hit OB1 with the dread's multi melta, but misses

the orks were taking too long!* just as the captain thought this, three koptas apear out of the blue
-bother coedrus- he turned to the dreadnought- prepare to shoot that aircrafts out of the sky, the rest of you brothers, try to do the same, may the emperor guide your shots

my OB1 rolls an impresive running and moves neatly to the eastern cover, my koptas move forward, trying to score a hit at the dread, they miss.

the kopta drivers tried to make their unstable machines fire the right way, but they missed outright, their 3 missiles flew through the air around that hummie machine
prepare to charge lads!- advised the warboss to his nobz, who shown bored expressions, as they had seen no action at all.

turn 5
space marines:
under a salvo of 7 bolters an assault bolter, and a multi melta. my koptas had no chance, the 4 of them fell.
the space marines backed down into their corner 5cm

now was the proper time to use my wargh! i declared a wargh, which for those who dont know, gives all my orks the fleet of foot ability for one turn, scoring excelent numbers on both my OWN run, and my OB1 run i closed for some melee action

the assault
my nobs
one of them died without killing anyone
the other 4 took two SM each
my warboss
he inflicted instant death to the force commander
later on the assault he took the dreadnought, miraculously evading his S10 hand to hand strikes.
my orks5 of them survived
they took 9 of the 10 SM

obviously the two assaults were won by me, and the proximity of the board's edge helped me win the match awesomely, for, when they retreated, all of them crashed with the border and fled

another victory for the orks!

so, how was it? it is my first battle report ever
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Kroot Warrior
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so, tell me, is it good?
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anihilate, orks, small, space marines

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