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Daemons Vs. Eldar @ 1500 points 27/06/10
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Default Daemons Vs. Eldar @ 1500 points 27/06/10

There have been a series of engagements between my buddy's Daemons and my Eldar forming a frightful fight for survival that we have determined as a best of 3 over the month. This report is the conclusion to the matchup having gone 1 and 1. The lists can change or not every time as we try and replicate our armies adapting (sometimes in vain) to the enemy.

The Daemon Host (may have slight miscalculations):
Keeper of Secrets
DemonPrince: Wings,unholy strength, breath of chaos
5X daemonettes
The Masque
13X Horrors of Tzeentch and changeling
10x Bloodletters and The Skulltaker
3x Flamers
10 Plaguebearers with Chaos Icon
Soul Grinder with Harvester cannon and Maw cannon.

'Serendipitous' Eldar Strikeforce:
2x Farseer with Spirit stones, RoWit, one with guide and doom, the other fortune and doom.
10 Guardians with Shuricannon
5x Jetbikes with Shuricannon
5x Dire Avengers with Exarch, bladestorm and 2xShuricat.
Waveserpent, starengines,spirit stones, and TL-BrightLance
Vyper with Scatter Laser
5 Wraithguard with Warlock, conceal.
FirePrism and Night Spinner, both with holofields.
Falcon with EML spirit stones and holofields.

Farseer Heliheal had little time, how could she not have seen the Daemonic presence on this planet in her visions? The only objective that remained was to escape through the webway. The initial objective, a false shrine holding many spirit stones was a trap, daemons sprouting from every direction and without warning. The retreat was barely successful. Falling back into an Exodite ruin proved wise, the large daemons unable to break through the void, the lesser unable to navigate the difficult terrain (last game the Demon Prince AND greater demon mis-haped, fatally). But now with the great Webway in sight the Daemons are sure to make their final stand. She still had nightmares of her first encounter with the Keeper of Secrets, its dark eyes rejoiced with every Eldar destroyed, before being banished by her witchblade (The Daemon was very hurt before entering combat yes, the farseer didn't 1v1 the thing). Farseer Ulthamir was brave indeed to enter through the webway to aid her weakened forces through, as suddenly she felt the terror from the warps growing in the area. "Make ready for battle, push toward the webway, and send the horrors to the abyss".

The deployment was Dawn of War, the one objective in each deployment zone. The board was a small valley, objectives on either side with scant craters on left side with half a ruined building, on right side a series of forests in a line with smaller ruins. A large clearing in the center is where I decided to deploy my Falcon with Dire Avengers and farseer. The guardians took up position in the left half-ruin. The initiative was not stolen, I went first.

Turn 1: Eldar Rushing on from the right side charged the jetbikes and Vyper, halfway to that objective already, and mentally I had the Avengers on backup boosting forward up the center to the right. The Night spinner and fire prism were on defense boosting on left side just up to the craters. The Wave serpent took the palce of the Falcon in center field to ensure it could deliver its cargo (the wraithguard) where needed. The farseer cast fortune on the Falcon successfully, while the Eldar held their breath for the demonic assault to commence.

The Daemons Made a risky gambit, sending the greater daemon, prince, and soulgrinder in a triangle around the waveserpent in the center, with plague bearers aiming right for my objective, and daemonettes on his. The horrors setup in his 'half' past my guardians near the craters. Fortune really was with the Eldar as the soul grinder, and horrors and daemonettes suffered mishaps, destroying the horrors and changeling, delaying the rest. The demon prince landed on mark though, and by by use of breath of chaos stunned the crew,but the spirit stones carried on in place, keep the craft mobile.

Turn 2 Eldar Heliheal's mind felt a great pain return with the arrival of the Keeper of Secrets, instructing the wraithguard with her to exit the waveserpent. Wishing not meet the monster hand to hand again guided the wraithguard and doomed the Evil. At the conclusion of the barrage it still stood and so called upon the Vyper and Jetbikes to finish it for good. The Falcon in attempts to evade the Demon Prince took off at full speed, while the wave serpent shot the Prince in the back. Meanwhile the Fire Prism and Night Spinner take fire on the plague bearers in vain, their demonic aura and unnatural toughness seeing them through with the icon intact... and then the Rift began to open...

as Daemons began to pour out near the Icon (everything BUT the flamers). The bloodletters took flight towards the Night Spinner and Fire prism, Plague Bearers managed to get right up to the Fire Prism and nearly crawl on top of it. The pilot saw that one climbing on the engine intake, another tearing the Prism Cannon and hoped the holofield would save one of them as the engines gave way, tossing the one on the gun off. The pilot felt some relief before it was taken away by the sight of the Soulgrinder towering above, firing off towards the waveserpent, but the armor held strong. The Masque ran quickly to cover, hoping to avoid any unnecessary fire. Meanwhile on the right side of the field, the daemonettes made entered the field near his objective and did not scatter this time. The Guardians on Jetbikes felt nervous at the thought of them getting close. All the while the Demon Prince took flight with a menacing roar as it knew the Falcon was not far enough to evade its blade, swooping in with unholy fire it singed the main cockpit, making it impossible for the pilot to drive, again switching to the spirit stones for mobility. That was only the beginning, the mighty demoinc blade swung back and forth across the hull leaving imposing but superficial damage until the final blow ripped the pulse laser from its dock. Ulthamir and the Dire avengers were tossed inside as he frantically told the pilot to take off, "Where farseer, I cannot see", "Anywhere, just go as fast as possible"!!!

Turn 3 Eldar And with that the pilot took off with full speed ahead, the Demon Prince easily dodging its path, while Ulthamir continued his ritual of fortune to keep the craft aloft. Heliheal seeing the terror chasing the Falcon thought it best to return to the wavesperpent with the Wraithguard, especially after witnessing that terrifying Soul Grinder nearly crack it apart. As they boarded the Serpent fired back searing its powerful claws shut. The guardians seeing the distress of the fire prism moved slightly forward and opened fire on the plague bearers, but for all the fire they shot, the demons received without qualms. The Fire Prism now grounded, and seeing the hull covered in daemons just hoped for the best and fired away at the blood letters along with the Night Spinner, tearing them apart, leaving 3 and the Skulltaker who had become bloodied in the barrage. The Jetbikes and Vyper not wanting to be damned forever tore the daemonettes to ribbons and moved forward to claim the webway, reporting back to the farseers of their success.

The Daemons fought onward, The Masque quickly dashing into combat with the guardians, while the Souldgrinder lumbered forward stranded Fire Prism, and began pummeling the machine into unrecognizable debris culminating in the detonation of the power source, taking out a plague bearer in the blast. The Masque tore into the guardians with evil alacrity, the Guardians tried to withdraw for support but were caught quickly and hacked down. The Demon Prince gave chase to the Falcon's tail destroying additional telemetry, forcing the pilots to perform manual overrides and would be unable to shoot while doing so. The bloodletters realizing they had no targets began to move up the valley towards to objective to cut off any other Eldar that would make for the webway.

Turn 4 Eldar In a sudden surge of bravery, both Ulthamir with the avengers and Heliheal with the wraithguard disembark their transports to finally face down the foe. The Jetbikes and Vyper saw the near suicidal intention to take down the Demon Prince and moved to assist. The Night Spinner continued backward to ensure it was out of range of enemy fire but was too distracted by the carnage to check for atmospheric compensation, and the monofilalment web took off into the wind. Heliheal strained (rolled 5,5,6 ....twice) to concentrate to guide her wraithguard on the monstrosity to be targeted, and dooming the bloodletters hiding past the the Fire Prism's crater. At once she threw her spear with the warlock and the wriathguard fired in unison as the fabrics of reality clashed on the abomination's surface ending in a catastrophic explosion and a hideous ethereal laugh. Meanwhile Ulthamir had no such fear, guided his avengers, and fortuned his squad, for what it was worth. The bladestorm instructed by Silifin the Exarch was great, and with guidance the Prince was peppered and torn, but its Iron hide refused to yield. The waveserpent seeing the soulgrinder ruined swung around to try and hurt the prince but missed the shot. Finally the jetbikes and Vyper then were called on fire, and the now weakened prince began to bleed its ichor blood, but it still stood, and that menacing smile again returned to its face...

As the Demon Prince lunged forward roasting the forward avengers where they stood, save the exarch and one other who was shielded by the blast from Ulthamir himself, before the demon finally reached hand to hand. The strength of the Prince was unmatched, easily smashing Silifin aside, and cutting his kin in twain, but the final swing was met again Ulthamir's witchblade before he swung around and dealt the final blow to the beast. Standing alone Ulthamir nearly collapses before remembering that the fight may not be over and called for the Falcon. Meanwhile the blood letters had almost crested the valley to the top distress beacon while the final plague bearer and The Masque moved in on the wraithguard and Heliheal. The Masque moved on Heliheal directly slashing viciously at the farseer, but the rune armour along with the Mystic fortune protected her. The Seer then flanked the monster while the wraithguard struck and while the demonic protection was strong, the body was weak and crumpled easily beneath their heavy hands, as well as the plaguebearer

Turn 5 Eldar Heliheal felt the darkness pass from her mind. She sense Ulthamir had bested the Demon Prince, and for the first time she saw the Falcon firing with the Night Spinner and Waveserpent to finish off the final few daemons as she picked up a spirit stone with great relief. The Jetbikes reported that passage to the webway was ready.

The Daemons had one last trick, as materializing behind the farseer were 3 flamers of Tzeentch. In an instant all of existence seemed to catch a flame, scorching the earth and air. when the barrage ended the wraithguard and spiritseer were but charred remains, and the farseer's once proud garments were burned down to the rune armour that saved her life (My opponent actually placed them in a bad spot, realized this after placing them but said w/e, rolled the scatter and went RIGHT where he wanted. Ohhh so many hits, and no armour saves makes wraithguard sad pandas). Heliheal was absolutely enraged and would not allow such an insult and refused to simply retreat through the webway (rolled to continue game, 6).

Turn 6 Eldar Heliheal wildly threw her spear at the aberations missing terribly as the Jetbikes Vyper and Night spinner opened fire on the doomed Flamers, nothing remained but a could of smoke.

A few scant Eldar patrols made it back to the webway, many of them decimated by demonic attacks. Silfin and other Exarchs were unconscious and in grave condition, in reality every one of them were lucky to be alive. The 2 farseers were the last to enter, Instead of leaving the planet with ancient lost spirit stones to unlock their craftworld's history they leave with a fraction of their warriors and broken morale. Though they now had wisdom that additional caution should be exercised before any major incursion, a lesson neither Heliheal or Ulthamir will soon forget.

Victory for the Eldar, total annihilation with Objective held. Now imagine if those flamers had come in that after they shot the KoS. The soul grinder would still be alive, and nothing to take it or any other troops down would have been a draw for sure. Or at least come in before turn FIVE. My opponent did concede that having only the daemonettes and the Prince to stop my objective taking was a little weak. Also not having those horrors meant there was next to NO shooting to worry about, and it became a shooting match.

I think this game is a good illustration of how the timing of arrivals can really swing a game. As well I chose to bring my wraithguard, not he best choice against an army that has eternal warrior on everything and invul saves on everything. But I guess they worked, and were tough enough to survive, until the flames... Oh and as well my Falcon COULD have outrun the Prince off the star but I simply didn't move it flat out even though it couldn't fire anyways.
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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Default Re: Daemons Vs. Eldar @ 1500 points 27/06/10

Nice report. It was interesting, but the writing was hard to follow sometimes. Although I was cheering for the daemons, grats on the victory.

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Default Re: Daemons Vs. Eldar @ 1500 points 27/06/10

Yea, I did do one quick edit through. but got rushed near the end (yeaaa work).

I should have posted all 3 games, as the first you would liked :'(
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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Default Re: Daemons Vs. Eldar @ 1500 points 27/06/10

Great game, and nice report. I've always wanted to do a mini campaign with some of my buddies. Glad it worked out for you in the end. My Daemon playing friend knows all to well, that if you don't feed the dice gods with enough sacrifices, they will screw you in your reserve rolls.

Only thing I didn't like was Heliheal's name. Just don't sound Eldar to me, and makes me imagine a medic in a chopper.
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Default Re: Daemons Vs. Eldar @ 1500 points 27/06/10

I think he blew all his rolls for the first part of the campaign, slowly my luck began to grow.

Indeed, I might scrap a letter so the word weal isn't in there. Makes it to recognizable, although apparently as it stands it is an Eldar rooted name somehow, I have no idea where my firned SOURCED that claim so I'll jsut make aesthetic changes (She will die, heh).
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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