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1000 point Imperial Guard vs DE Wych Cult
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Default 1000 point Imperial Guard vs DE Wych Cult

My list
Archite, punisher, t-helm, drugs, shield, plasma, trophy rack, animus vitae
5 wyches (6 total), 2 blasters, WW, plasma, + Succubus, Angoniser, pistol, plasma on Raider, NS, Fex, lance
5 wyches (6 total), 2 blasters, WW, plasma, + Succubus, Angoniser, pistol, plasma on Raider, NS, Fex, lance
5 wyches (6 total), 2 blasters, WW, plasma, + Succubus, Angoniser, pistol, plasma on Raider, NS, Fex, lance
Ravager, 3 lances and NS
Ravager, 3 lances and NS

His list

Officer guy that drops an ordinance blast template in a small command squad with company commander
2 Platoon command squads of 6 (I think) vox casters too.
2 platoons of 20 with nothing special in them other than vox casters
Vendetta with 2 heavy bolters and 3 twin-linked las-cannons
Lemon Russ with all plasma cannons with a hull mounted las cannon.

It ended up being Annihilation Spearhead and he won first move - he chose to go first and put me into a corner with very little cover. He deployed everything on the table and figured I was going to as well so I placed everything in reserve. So he had 2 turns of free movement which all he did was move both the lemon russ into a central location as well as the Vendetta and I got to miss 2 turns of his shooting phase – yes, please.

My wych drugs for the 3 squads was, "Always strikes first" (ASF), "ReRoll misses" and "+1 weapon skill" (my Archite rode with the ASF squad purely by accident).

and he got to move again

So the game really didn't start until the end of the 2nd turn and for reserve rolls I received the Archite, 1 wych squad and both ravagers. I placed one ravager in each corner of the board (within range with LOS to the Vendetta and Lemon Russ) while the Archite and her squad moved up the middle. The 2nd wych squad I turbo boosted up the right flank at flat out speed so it was behind a building at the halfway 24" mark. I ended up disembarking the Archite alone from her raider and took charge drugs to reach one of the platoon squads (the one with Yarrik in it) that was positioned near the 24" mark.

The left ravager targetting the Lemon hit nothing but smoke twice while the other ravager targetting the Vendetta knocked off 2 twin-linked assault cannons.

The lone Archite was now engaged with the 20 guardsman with Yarrick in it and she caused 2 wounds to the mighty Yarr. The guardsman and Yarrik tried to wound the Archite but she made 5 or 6 saves and the shadowfield saves held firm, the guards then lost 2 men to combat resolution for being fearless.

Turn 3

Nothing really moved for the IG so he called out some orders like “bring it down” so the master of ordinance could get a re-roll.

The Lemon fires at the closest ravager and with a penetrate and glance he knocks off a lance and immobilizes it. The master of ordinance targets the wych raider that the Archite came off of but thanks to the re-roll the second shot doesn’t scatter enough and hit the raider only stunning it. Not happy with the result the Vendetta fires also at the raider that the Archite came off of and manages to wreck the raider and the wych passengers inside got pinned.

In assault the Archite finally brings the mighty Yarr down and again the remaining guardsman just can’t get through the shadowfield. The squad is no longer fearless with Yarr laying down but they pass their morale check and hold firm.

Now the Dark Eldar Turn 3.

The remaining wych squad stays in reserve so to bolster the Archite I maneuver the 2nd wych squad that had flat-out last turn to deploy within charging distance of the Archite battle. The other ravager moves in a little to hit the vendetta as does an empty raider that just disembarked it’s passengers.

The immobilized ravager fires at the lemon but hits the building instead while the other ravager targets the Vendetta and manages to “shake” it. The lone raider fires at the Vendetta and promptly wrecks with a random dark lance pot shot.

The wyches fleet into charge distance to the Archite battle while the other wych squad is pinned. The Archite kills 4 guardsman while the wyches with re-roll drugs kills 7. With Yarrik just laying there the guardsman lose their -11 combat resolution and the end up getting “swept”. The Archite consolidates into a crater for a cover save while the wyches consolidate into a building where a plooton command squad was hiding.

IG turn 4

Yarrick rises from the dead and moves into coherency to Command Squad. The Lemon backs up a little to get a shot off at the Archite while his other platoon gets in rapid fire range at the Archite as well. He orders everyone with “first rank fire and second rank fire” as he manages to roll snake eyes twice! The Rough Riders run past the Archite and wyches and fleets towards the empty raider.

Yarrick and the command squad fires at the Archite failing to hurt her through the Shadowfield. The platoon manages to rapid fire the Archite and although she lived she ends up losing her shadowfield. One of the platoon command squads also fire at her but only manages to inflict one wound on her. The Lemon fires at the Archite as well and finally kills her with a plasma cannon. The other platoon command squad fires at the wych squad nearby but only kills one of the wyches. The master of ordinance targets the empty raider and thanks to some orders the re-roll scatter hits the empty raider and manages to immobilize it. The Rough Riders then charge the immobilized raider and they get lucky and explode the raider in which in turn kills a rough rider.

DE turn 4

The last squad of wyches enter the game from reserves and lines up to fire on the lemon russ. Wyches that were pinned last turn are now on the move to intercept the Rough Riders while the other wych squad moves to an inch of a platoon command squad and the remaining mobile ravager moves closer to the lemon russ.

Wyches fleet to get within charge range of the rough riders while the other wych squad in the building kills only one from shooting from the platoon command squad. Both ravagers “whiff” on the lemon but newly arrived wych squad manages to “shake” the lemon with its dark lance.

Wyches in the building charge and kill all but one officer who breaks and manages to escape the wyches – the wyches consolidate away from the other platoon. The other wyches charging the Rough Riders and kill all but one as well but the remaining rider is insanely courageous.

IG Turn 5

The lone officer runs a little further but “gets back into the fight” so he holds steady in crater. The lemon backs up a little to avoid fire but can’t shoot because of being “shaken”. No other movement.

Master of the ordinance targets the newly arrived wyches and explodes it killing 2 wyches – the wyches pass both morale and entanglement. No other shooting (I think as I know I didn’t remove any models in his shooting phase).

The lone rough rider dies to the succubus and they consolidate towards the remaining platoon

DE Turn 5

Two wych squads move towards the remaining platoon while the other wych squad moves for cover and actually hides completely from sight. The remaining mobile ravager moves to get a shot at the Lemon.

The immobilized ravager fires at the lemon and finally wrecks it. The other ravager fires on the platoon killing 1 (no other target really). Both wych squads fleet of foot towards Yarrick and the remaining lone officer.

One wych squad (with re-roll) charges Yarrick and the succubus kills him while the rest of the wyches kill 5 more guardsman. They lose morale and are “swept”. The other wych squad manages to kill the other lone officer as well.

We roll and the game continues into turn 6 – at this point the game is lost for the IG as there is no way to overcome 3 kill-point lead unless he tables me but we continue anyway.

IG Turn 6

Yarrick fails to recover and is eliminated from the game. The remaining platoon lines up to rapid fire some wyches.

Rapid firing the wyches kills them off.

DE turn 6

No movement

No shooting

No assault

Game ends with a dice roll and the Dark Eldar win 8-5.

Thoughts about the game – I got a lot of lucky breaks which led to my win, I am not completely satisfied that I can do it again. The lucky bits that helped me were:

1. Getting Spearhead deployment which I think is the best scenario for the Dark Eldar. This mission tends to lure the enemy in a false sense of security and they end up near the mid board.
2. Getting 4 out of 5 squads on the 2nd turn when I had put all my units into reserve.
3. Getting lucky with the dice especially when he rolled for penetration hits – sure, his master of the ordinance did the most damage but both the vendetta and the lemon didn’t produce as they normally would.
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Default Re: 1000 point Imperial Guard vs DE Wych Cult

I need to get the Dark Eldar Codex so I know what those units are, and can do. Good job on the win. I had just one question.

Why did you charge in the wyches to help out the Archite, who was doing very well against the guardsman, instead of charging the command squad? I think by helping him you doomed him. You were able to wipe out the squad, but then were left out of combat ready to be shot up the next shooting phase.
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Default Re: 1000 point Imperial Guard vs DE Wych Cult

A nice job - its not often you see dark eldar winning by kill points :P

You have obviously used this list often and well, and spearhead is my favourite deployment too for the very same reason. Dark Eldar cant outflank and this means that if we can get the enemies into the middle then we can surround them and get more forces to them. Pushing them towards our slightly short Dark Lance range (in comparison to other imperium AT weapons) is helped by this formation too.

Getting 4/5 units on turn 2 is very lucky. At worst you could get one unit at a time on turns 2, 3 and 4 - allowing each one to be easily dealt with so this list could easily go the other way. I know him having first turn wouldve put reserves in a very good choice, but if you had first turn and a little more cover to play with i'm sure you wouldve started nice and close for some first turn charging

As for his list, you didnt mention the rough riders, which made me think he was a little short. That said, having no special weapons in guard squads really limits their versatility. A bring it down order on one guardsmen with a meltagun is a very reliable AT weapon at 1000 points.

Well done though, it is great to see you have taken lots of live and screaming bodies back to the dark city.

Lord Zambia
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