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WAAAGH CAMMERZ! Orks vs IG/SM. 750pts 20/06/2010
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Default WAAAGH CAMMERZ! Orks vs IG/SM. 750pts 20/06/2010

Big Mek Binbag of the infamous WAAAGH! CAMMERZ, was bored. He had been sitting around improving this and bolting a gun on that, all the stuff that your average mek would be overjoyed at doing. But Binbag wasn't an ordinary Mek. He was Big, he was hard, and he wanted to krump something.
He wasn't the only one thinking this. His loyal bodyguard Krewmuncha had been getting more troublesome and Binbag didn't want to lose too many grot oilers just so Krewmuncha could have fun.
He glanced at his Shokk Attack Gun, lying in the corner under a pile of half-build shootas, covered in spider webs and dust.
Binbag sighed. He was about to go back to sleep when he heard something unusual. He looked around for the location of the noise and discovered an old vox radio that they'd taken off some oomies back in the days when they did loads of fightin'.
The vox caster was making quite a lot of white noise so Binbag decided to hit it with a hammer, that usually worked.
The vox suddenly sprung to life, <this is Colonel -----, We need assistance, our ship crashed and we believe there are xenos in the area, -----, send reinforcements, -----, co-ordinates 0772--45,67---,apha bravo mike ---, oscar 2>
Finally, thought Binbag. Fun.
"Muncha!", "We'ze off fer a fight!"

Warlord Cammerz was off conquering worlds somewhere so Binbag had a lot of control. He gathered together a couple of mobs of boyz and some of his creations that he hadn't been able to try out for a while.
Binbag realised that the oomies probably weren't far away, which was good as the warboss had taken all the trukks and wagons so Binbag was forced to foot-slog it with the boyz.

After a good hour or so, Binbag noticed an old outpost which the oomies used to have before the WAAAGH took control of the planet. There was still part of the gargant which the beakies had blown up. That had annoyed Binbag incredibly so he decided he would take it back.
There was also a worky-gubbinz voxy thingy over next to one of the oomie bastions. It appeared to be glowing a bit and was crackling. Binbag decided he would take some gubbinz from there, maybe he could bring more oomies to the planet with that lot.
Then there was the floor-doors. Last time, the oomies had used them to get in and out of the bastions so they could run away and hide without da Orks krumpin them. Well that wouldn't happen this time, no-way.

Just as he was working out what to get first, Binbag heard a noise. A noise that brought joy to his heart.
"Company, the enemy is upon us! Advance!!".
Army lists:
Big mek with SAG eavy armour and cybork body
8 burna boyz, mek
30 shoota boyz, nob, pk, bp, 2 big shootas
20 slugga boyz, nob, ea, bc, bp
deff dread with 2 KMBs and grot riggers
rokkit buggy (made of lego)

CCS, standard, medic, plasmagun and vox
veteran squad, forward sentries, power fist, vox, heavy bolter, sniper
veteran squad, lascannon, vox
sentinel, autocannon, hunter-killer missile
5 SM terminators
SM Vindicator with seige shield.
3 ratlings.

This game is played with me controlling both sides, I always tend to back one army over the other and this is no exception but I was hoping to test the few IG that I've bought, (I'm starting them with a friend and it'll be an army bought and played by both of us).
I was also using it to fight against the guard as when the IG army is big enough, I'll probably be doing that quite a lot.
The game is Seize Ground with three objectives and each army sets up on one of the short table edges. (The table is an odd shape because it is being played on my floor using the small amount of free space I have).

Turn 1- IG win roll and choose to go 1st
Orks fail to seize the initiative.

All walk forwards 6" and then run as they find themselves unable to shoot anything.
Veteran squad (s) runs towards the escape hatch objective.

Ork turn 1-
Warbuggy moves flat out towards the ruins
All other orks move forwards 6" and then run, taking the slugga boyz to the gargant's foot objective.

End of turn 1-
IG-0 Orks-1

IG turn 2-
Hearing the colonel's distress call, the Space Marines of the Royal Hawks descend to aid the Guardsmen.
The vindicator rolls in behind the guardsmen and the Terminators deep strike onto a bastion and are misplaced, the Orks deploy them in front of the burna boyz who switch their burnas to da cuttin flame.

The Imperial Guardsmen move forwards, the forward sentries moving onto the escape hatch objective.
Only the Lascannon veterans staying still as they spot the warbuggy approaching through the ruins.

The colonel, also noticing the warbuggy, orders the lascannon team to "BRING IT DOWN!" before running forwards towards the vox objective.
The lascannon team just understand the order and fire at the fast moving Ork vehicle but fail to penetrate its armour.
The sentinel and ratlings also run forwards.

The Terminators, who have just landed in front of a very large number of Orks, decide to fire at the burna boyz and they kill three of them.

Ork turn 2-
The warbuggy, in an attempt to avoid the nasty lascannon, drives forward and round between the bastions at full speed.
The boyz mobs move to surround the terminators, the sluggas staying close to the objective. The Deff dread also moves up behind the burna boyz, his buzzsaw starting to whizz round excitedly.

Big Mek Binbag glanced round and noticed a unit of oomies with a big shoota beyond the ruins. His shokk attack gun started to spin and he targetted the unsuspecting guardsmen.

With a roll of a 7 and no scatter, the snotlings found themselves driven insane as they flew through the warp towards the veteran squad. 7 of the squad collapsed as snotlings began tearing at them from within and without.
The heavy bolter magazine exploded as snotlings appeared within the very weapon itself. The sniper fell to his knees with a pair of green hands clawing their way out of his mouth and the vox caster shot himself in the head to end the pain from the creature inside his stomach.

When it was finished, two guardsmen stood standing by the objective. Suddenly, bodies both human and greenskin went flying as the sergeant's power fist crashed through the pile.
The sergeant stood, looked around and, noticing the two stunned guardsmen, he ordered the retreat. Abandoning the objective which they had only just captured.

Meanwhile, the mek accompanying the burnas decided he wanted some of the glory for killing the beakies and fired his Kustom mega blasta.
Unsurprisingly, he missed, but seeing this, Krewmuncha the Deff Dread decided he wanted a go as well so he pushed the big button marked ZZAP and damaged the ruins behind the terminators with nice flashy colours.

The nobz order their boyz forward, towards the squishy oomies beyond the ruins, so the two mobs run forwards, leaving the burna boyz, Krewmuncha and Binbag facing the Big Beakies.

Finally, the burna boyz charged at the terminators, kuttin flames held high, with Krewmuncha right behind them, ready to krush da beakies.
The sergeant struck first, his power sword whizzing through the air before the orks even realised what was happening. The mek was split in two and his body engulfed in flame as the burna boyz struck back.
The mass of flame would have seared through most of the squad but the terminator's invulnerable saves meant only 1 fell instead of 4, that one being the sergeant.

But then Krewmuncha came in, his klaw and saw buzzing over the heads of the burna boyz to pick up and cut up as many of the beakies as he could reach. Again the invulnerable saves came into action, meaning only 1 fell out of the three that Krewmuncha attacked.
The lone terminator being lifted up by da klaw and ripped in half before being thrown back at the beakies.

Then the terminators got to strike. Three powerfists smashing into the burna boyz led to the three terminators standing up against the mighty Krewmuncha.

End of turn 2-
IG-0 Orks-1

IG turn 3-
The retreating veteran squad fled passed the Vindicator.
The sentinel walked around the corner, only to come face-to-face with the speeding warbuggy. The ratlings also moved towards the ruins, hoping to get a good shot from the roof of the large ruin ahead of them.
The command squad and lascannon veteran squad both moved towards the vox objective, taking it for the Imperium.
The Vindicator also rolled forwards.

The sentinel opened fire of the warbuggy with its autocannon, blowing it sky-high as the engine was punctured.

Still out of range of the Orks, the Imperial Guard stay still and wait for their foes to enter lasgun range.

At this point I'd forgotten about the Deffdread-terminator fight so we'll just pretend that nothing happened here.

Ork turn 3-
The mass of shootaboyz start to push and shove their way through the ruins towards the waiting guardsmen.
The sluggas, having now lost their veteran target, decided to pull back a little in order to hold onto the gargant's foot and let Binbag get a better view of the approaching Vindicator tank.
Binbag moved forwards, hoping to get a better view of the tank when it rolled round the ruins.

The shootas ran further forwards, heading straight for the guardsmen and the command squad, hiding beside the vox network objective.

Then Krewmuncha took another swing at the Terminators, ripping the face clean off one of them whilst another was saved by his invulnerable save yet again.
the terminators swung back with their power fists but none of them were able to breach Krewmuncha's powerful armour.

End of turn 3-
IG-1 Orks-1

IG turn 4-
The retreating veteran squad finally fled the table.
The Vindicator sped up to cruising speed in order to get a glimpse at the Sluggas boyz guarding the Gargant foot.
The ratlings also moved forwards, getting even closer to their destination, the tall ruin.

The colonel saw the Ork wave approaching rapidly and ordered the remaining veteran squad to "Fire On My Target!" and points out the shoota boyz charging through the ruins.
The order is easily received due to the colonel standing right next to the veterans and they then open fire on the Ork horde.

Some of the veterans are within range to fire twice but the rest only fire once. Regardless, after a flurry of lasfire, including from the lascannon, which missed and hit the ruins instead.
The lasguns still only managed to kill two of the Orks as their tough hide allowed them to ignore most of the shiny red flashy lights.

The autocannon then chimed in and took out another.

The colonel sighed and ordered his own squad to fire. The colonel and the standard bearer killed an Ork apiece and then the veteran with the plasmagun took out a third.

The ratlings continued in their long trek to the roof of the ruins by running up onto the first floor of the big ruin, one floor away from a clear shot.

Krewmuncha then went and ripped the arms off another terminator, leaving one left who, in his anger, scored a penetrating hit against the might Dread.
The result left Krewmuncha stunned as the force of the blow pushed him backwards and damaged his beloved iron gob!

Ork turn 4-
The shoota boyz finally pushed through the opening of the ruined area and headed ever closer to the awaiting Guardsmen.
The sluggas remained where they were and looked to Binbag to take out the nasty big Vindicator which had just rolled into view.

Binbag, who, whilst aiming had been watching the rest of the battle and saw that the shootaboyz were a bit spread out so hye took a deep breath and...


at the same time, he pulled the trigger.

The shokk attack gun's field collapsed, opening a tiny portal in the warp above the Vindicator.
Unfortunately for Binbag, it didn't quite work and the Vindicator remained unharmed as a single snotling fell out of the warp and landed on top of the tank, breaking its neck on impact.

This rather annoyed Binbag, and the sluggas, who had just seen the weapon rip apart a whole squad, suddenly became very scared as they saw that the tank had not been damaged at all.

On the other side of the battlefield, the shoota boyz were still caught in the WAAAGH frenzy and charged into the veteran squad and the company command squad.
Whilst many of the boyz were unable to make it into combat, the guardsmen found themselves fighting for their lives.

The Orks struck at the same time as the guardsmen. They killed 11 out of the 15 humans whilst suffering one casualty in return from the colonel who was one of the only men standing, with the standard bearer, medic and plasmagunner.
Not rolling a double-1, the command squad fled but were caught by the the orks and destroyed.

Krewmuncha, recovering from his shock, picked up the remaining terminator and, using his signiature move, smashed it down upon his iron gob.

End of turn 4-
IG-0 Orks-2

IG turn 5-
The ratlings finally made it to the roof, just in time to see the devastation caused by the Orks impact on their lines.
The sentinel pilot, in an act of pure bravery, marched round the corner to face the shoota horde.
he then fired his autocannon at the green tide and wiped a single Ork from the face of the planet.

the Vindicator finally made the shot it had been waiting for.
It fired at the slugga boyz who were holding on to their objective.

The demolisher shell scattered onto the gargant's foot itself and the explosion only caught three Orks, all of which perished.

Ork turn 5-
The shoota boyz turned to face the sentinel which had just appeared from the smoke.
They believed that enough dakka could destroy it, only time would tell.

The slugga boyz hugged the foot, trying to protect themselves from the indestructable iron wagon.

Binbag was checking whirry bitz and random gubbinz on his Shokk attack gun so was not paying attention to anything that was going on around him.

Only Krewmuncha moved this turn, seeing the big wagon for the first time, he headed off towards it, green hand hovering over the ZZAP button.

The shoota boyz all fired at the sentinel. The big shootas hit first and the bullets flew into the cockpit, killing the pilot before any of the shootas even pulled the trigger.
the rest of the shots fired at the sentinel but it was too late, the vehicle was wrecked.

Krewmuncha pushed down on the ZZAP button and one of the blasts managed to hit the siege shield of the tank. But nothing else.

End of turn 5-
IG-0 Orks-2

The dice gods, feeling sorry for the Imperial Guard, ended the game before Binbag or Krewmuncha could fire again.

The Orks were left with;
Binbag, Krewmuncha, 17 slugga boyz and 22 shoota boyz.
The Imperial forces had three ratlings which never did get to fire, and an indestructable Vindicator.

EDIT: Pictures added. Thank you Microsoft Paint.
EDIT: Army lists added, sorry about that.
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Default Re: WAAAGH CAMMERZ! Orks vs IG/SM. 750pts 20/06/2010

Nice report. I liked the pics.

What we're you trying to achieve with the Ratlings? Seemed pretty obvious they weren't going to reach high ground in time to achieve anything.
How was it playing against yourself? I know I probably couldn't remain impartial enough, especially knowing the tactics of the other side ??? .

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Default Re: WAAAGH CAMMERZ! Orks vs IG/SM. 750pts 20/06/2010

Computer just logged me off and wiped my reply, so here's the short version:

* Like the fluff, especially details on SAG shots.
* Template terminators with burnas instead of slicing them up. You'll get a lot more wounds and have less retaliation in close combat.
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Default Re: WAAAGH CAMMERZ! Orks vs IG/SM. 750pts 20/06/2010

Glad you like the pics, I enjoyed making them. There are obviously a few issues with scale (I know the sentinel changed size at least twice during the game). But I'm sure its good enough to give a general idea of what was going on.

The ratlings were there because I had limited resources in terms of Imperial models (I've got an IG battleforce with all but 1 heavy weapons team and 4 infantry guys made so far. The terminators came from AoBR and the Vindicator is Chaos).
Basically, I had 30pts left so I used a WHFB night goblin, dwarf warrior and skaven clanrat as ratlings just to fill out the rest of the space.

Playing against myself has pros and cons. The plus side being that it can last as long as I want with breaks whenever I want and I also find it easier to write up the report and do the pictures. If I was with someone else it would have been faster but I probably wouldn't have written the battle report. (Although I hope to write more in the future, regardless of whether I'm playing against anyone).
The negative aspects being that I always tend to lean towards one side, normally the army I've had for longer so Tau come first, then Orks. Also the fact that it is quite sad sitting there playing on my own but we are playing with toy soldiers so its what we can expect.

Shame about the logging off, I would have liked to read the whole thing. Oh well.
Glad you like the fluff, In was basing it a bit on Bigtoof's battle reports because they're the only ones I read and I know they get a lot of traffic. The SAG is one of my favourite things in WH40K and its just so easy to write fluff for, particularly when there's a mishap.

As for the burna boyz, the main issue was the invulnerable saves. If they didn't have them then most would have been wiped out in the first turn of combat but as it was it lasted most of the game.
I actually placed the terminators in front of the burnas after the mishap so the burnas could kuttin flame them all before the burnas died to lasfire or not make it across the board.

Anyway, glad you all like this battle. Positive feedback will likely lead to future installments (given time, A-levels are time consuming but the holidays start in a few weeks so I can really get into it then).
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Default Re: WAAAGH CAMMERZ! Orks vs IG/SM. 750pts 20/06/2010

Nice report, the fluff descriptions were very good.

If I read that right, you had 4 burna templates (5 aive and 1 was a mekboy) so you probably could have killed terminator with shooting, and possibly another in asault, so I'd have just burned them. Might have changed theoutcome slightly.

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Default Re: WAAAGH CAMMERZ! Orks vs IG/SM. 750pts 20/06/2010

Originally Posted by Snikkyd
Nice report, the fluff descriptions were very good.

If I read that right, you had 4 burna templates (5 aive and 1 was a mekboy) so you probably could have killed terminator with shooting, and possibly another in asault, so I'd have just burned them. Might have changed theoutcome slightly.
Glad you like the fluff.

Anyway, you can either use the burnas as burny flame or kuttin flame but not both and I believed kuttin flame would be more useful against the terminators. They would have killed quite a few if not for the invulnerable saves.
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