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Imperial Guard vs. Orkz (1000pts) in "Viva La Resitance!"- BatRep UP!
View Poll Results: Who's going to pull this one out?
IG! Praetorian pride and Vostroyan ingenuity! 10 40.00%
Orks. Runty Hummies go squish. 11 44.00%
A tie! Very squishy, but not definitive. 4 16.00%
Voters: 25. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Re: Imperial Guard vs. Orkz (1000pts) in "Viva La Resitance!"- BatRep UP!

For all of you that want to read batreps by a particular author, just click the "started by" tab on the main battle reports page. Then go find the author and you can see them in chronological order. There are some real gems buried in these pages.
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Default Re: Imperial Guard vs. Orkz (1000pts) in "Viva La Resitance!"- BatRep UP!

Wow, you walk away from a thread for a little while and it just explodes

Thank you all for your comments, both new readers and long-time viewers.
It really makes all the work feel really rewarding.
The majority of the old BatReps are Ork, and thus can be found in the Ork library, but if you want the complete BatRep list, I think Scoutfox's method might be the best.
I believe my reps start around page 5 or so (if you order A-Z).

Glad to see that Vasily and Temperance are getting a few fans.

Vasily has always been one of those guys who is lucky enough to survive, but barely manageable in terms of skill. He's the everyman in impossible situations

Temperance is new, and I'm still working on her. Oh, and she is going to get something. Maybe a power sword, but I think I have spare Nob head around Hope that the unlikely situation won't go to her head...

Katya is in a way, the straight girl, as she works to keep the GrimDark in full force, but even her dark mask does slip in a while. She's not as vocal as the others, and has reasons for doing so. I'll have to upgrade her a bit before doing anything scary with her. Vasily is personally frightened of her, as she has a palatable aura of intimidation and well... it's her job to look for people screwing up and then kill them. Vasily rarely goes a day without something happening to him... Plus he does have a history of umm.. an "unreported incident."

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