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Crisis_Vyper's Punkabusta in "From Nids with Love" - 1750 pts Orks vs Nids
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Default Crisis_Vyper's Punkabusta in "From Nids with Love" - 1750 pts Orks vs Nids

Alright, I am trying out a potential list for a league I might join in the store where the league would be played to get the feel of my new list and also to see what I can expect from the players over at the store. So this time I got quite a number of things that might not exactly fit with the normal playstyle that I am used to, but nonetheless something with a lot more balance to its nature. Sorry for the lack of pics, as I forgotten to take some pics and instead I must narrate my story.

Somewhere in an abandoned town on a world......

Punkabusta finds himself upon a world that is quite barren save for a few spires which looked quite organic in nature. He never really seen such structures before, and he assumed that they are trees albeit weird ones. However, Tinka thought otherwise. Punkabusta could only turn to his Big Mek for advice, since the Mek have seen much more of the universe than he did. The thought that the Big Mek is a greater veteran than himself is quite disturbing at best, and downright scary at worst. The Big Mek then grabs something on the ground and showed it to the Warboss. It is a skull of some creature, with a large carapace on its head, and some nasty looking jaws.

"Dis looks Bugsy, boss. Seen fings like dis before. Dem bugs fight good, and me finks dat we need some 'eavy stuff."
"Wot you mean by 'eavy stuff?"
"Me finks dat we need me boyz to cover da boyz."
"Yer Boyz?" Punkabusta never really seen the Big Mek's own boyz in action before, for he often see them handling the maintenance of all the Waargh!!!'s vehicles and the occasional looting of vehicles. The Big Mek's own warband merged with Punkabusta's own in a rather peaceful manner, as the Big Mek was hiring his services to the highest bidder and Punkabusta bought the Ork. But fighting? Never seen it before at all.
"Yep, me boyz got all the finks we need."
"BOSS!!!! WE GOT KRUMPANY!" Lutz shouted loudly and points up to the skies. The sky is filled with objects diving down upon their position.
"Well den, Me boyz will be ready soon enuff. Just give da word to da rest of da boyz and get ready." The Mek says that with a grin, and for once Punkabusta is quite perplexed over the Big Mek's bloodlust.


Alright my list goes like this;
Warboss with power klaw, eavy armour, cybork body, and attack squig
Big Mek with KFF
6 Nobs with Waargh banner, power claw, huge choppa, combi-skorcha and bosspole
7 Burnas
10 Loots
10 Tankbustas with Nob (power klaw and bosspole) and two tankhammas
12 Boyz with Nob (power klaw and bosspole) and trukk with red paint job, reinforced ram, and big shoota
12 Boyz with Nob (power klaw and bosspole) and trukk with red paint job, reinforced ram, and big shoota
12 Boyz with Nob (power klaw and bosspole) and trukk with red paint job, reinforced ram, and big shoota
12 Boyz with Nob (power klaw and bosspole) and trukk with red paint job, reinforced ram, and big shoota
3 Warbuggies with twin-linked Rokkit launcher
Looted wagon with red paint Job, big shoota and Reinforced Ram
Looted Wagon with red paint job, big shoota and Reinforced Ram

My opponent's list as I recalled it
Swarmlord with two Hive guards
Doom of Malantai in pod
3 Zoanthropes in pods
20 Gaunts with some assault 3 gun in pod
30 gaunts with some assault 3 gun
10 genestealers

The deployment style is Dawn of War and scenario is Kill points (two of the worst combination for missions for 5th edition). I deployed my nobs, warboss and their trukk behind some cover, while the nid went with the reserve stuff. I was forced to start first, but I do not mind because I want to go first.

Without further ado I went about my first turn.

Turn 1 and 2
As the weird things started to rain over to their current positions, the Warboss ordered the trukk driver to drive to the left of the battlefield so that he could see the battlefield better. But before his trukk driver could go ahead, the arrival of the Big Mek's boyz gave the Warboss a little surprise. The lootas that he often see looting the battlefield for spoils now brandishes large killy guns while the burna boyz drove past the warboss with a dizzying array of pyrotechnics, with the Big Mek being the only thing preventing the burnas from torching the Warboss' trukk. Slowly but surely, the Brave 'Ards drove past them as well, with hooting cheers. On the right side of the battlefield, a trukk and what looked like buggies came past them with rokkits strapped on them.

Suddenly as the Lootas are preparing to brace themselves on the highest vantage point, the first unidentified crashing object crashed between the Lootas, the the trukk on the far right and the warbuggies. The warboss then sees another pod landing in front of trukk on the far right, and a wave of gaunts rushing from their right flank and anothe rpod landing right near the center. The first pod then vomits forth a weird creature that the warboss have not seen before. It is a creature with a large head, in fact it is too large for its own good but it is hovering despite this fallacy. Then some shouting confirmed what the other two pods contained; the one in the center having similar creatures as the one he saw , and the one on the far right disgorges little creatures. Suddenly to the left of the warboss, he could see several humanoid creatures rushing forth from the left flank.

"Dem Genesneakers Warboss!" Tinka cried out and points towards the humanoid creatures.

Well since I got two turns of moving, I decided to make myself a little American pioneer wheel around the center, with the lootas taking the center building and the big mek being in the center of the formation that I just made. With its KFF field, it should protect my vehicles enough. The nid's reserved is amazing, with everything coming on the second turn. The Malantai landed in the heart of the pioneer wheel, ahd used it sucking powers, killing two lootas. The Zoanthropes decided to lance my trukk, but did nothing much to it other than shaking it. Last but not least, the Gaunts from the pod shot at my trukk, only managing a weapon destroyed, and the flanking gaunts making the buggies feel a little wobbly.

Turn 3
Punkabusta can see that the weird bighead is somehow using some psychic power to kill the lootas without touching them, and decided that he would fight that thing face to face. Somehow, Punkabusta is thinking of the bighead as an Eldar, and decided to vent out his anger at the creature. As he came out from the trukk, he could see that the lootas are trying to get away form the creature's effective range. Immediately, Urk started to get zapped by one of the eldrich energy of the creature and immediately some of his bionics went haywire. But that did not stop the warboss and the rest of the Drinking Cronies to charged into the creature and bashed it silly.


Finka could feel it in himself, that his bloodlust is building. He always accompany the warband's spearhead as a protector, but not often as an aggressor. This time round, he is allowed to take command of his boyz and wreak havoc. The burnas that he is with are his oldest comrades in arms, and they are mostly idle save for times when they are allowed to use their burnas. This time round, they can all let loose and burn everything in sight. As countless of gaunts made what the burna boyz call the 'burny dance', Tinka could see that two squad of trukk boyz have made contact with the flanking gaunts and begin hacking at them like there is no tomorrow.

This is a good day to kill stuff.


Uggak lead his bunch of boyz against the big-headed creatures, and as his boyz overwhelm two of them, he decided to take one of the other one by himself. He swings his power klaw at the monstrosity, but he finds that the creature is protected by an force field of some kind. The creature attempts to use some lightning bolts to blast the Nob, but Uggak managed to dodge the lightning. So Uggak decided to bash some more. Soon enough one klaw to the head of the creature is all Uggak needs to kill it. Uggak can see that another buch of boyz led by a Nob named Lulz engaged on what Uggak could say as a big flappy fing. The creature stomps and stomps, but the boyz of Lulz kept on fighting. But then suddenly another big creature decided to join the fray with its own boyz and finished off Lulz in a gory manner. Uggak decided that he should not be stupid to try and kill the big things and decided to retreat.

My turn
Basically, I maneuvered my entire force to stay away from the genestealers, and let the Tankbustas hunt the Malantai pod and killed it, while the Nobs proceed to take on the Malantai with great success, suffering only one wound in the process. The lootas moved to the left, preparing for a new firebase to kill the oncoming genestealers while staying out of Malantai range. The Mek and burna boyz laid waste to 20 gaunts and a pod, and the boyz charged at the closest things to them; two went to the 30 gaunt squad, while another went to the zoanthropes, and finally another went to the flyrant to bog it down. In all but the flyrant battle, the boyz are victorious and moved closer to their trukks for redeployment.

Nids turn
With nothing else to do, he decided to charge the Swarmlord and his retinue of Tyrant Guards to help the Flyrant and kill off a boy squad. However, before we could continue on with the 4th turn, the store is about to close, and the fact that I am leading by 5:1 means that if the game drags on further he would be annihilated by the sheer mass of power klaws. Whike then, my lootas would be able to shoot at his genestealers who are too far away with impunity. So both of us decided to call it a game and shake hands.

Result: Ork victory!

For some odd reason, the two largest creautures decided to retreat and although Punkabusta wanted to hunt them down himself, he knows that somehow he needs to make the perimeters much more stronger before he could push on to kill them all in a tide of violence. The Big Mek is rather pleased with how his boyz fared out, and personally Punkabusta got a newfound respect for the unsung boyz who maintained his army's vehicles. They can fight good and indeed, they are very much more murderous than most of his other boyz.

Punkabusta will be using the services of this bunch of boyz very often now....



At first I was a little sceptical over my list as it got more toys than boys, and indeed I feel that I could use those points to get more powerful stuff. In addition, I am trying out with units I never really use before, like warbuggies, Burnas and Lootas.

Burnas: When I decided to go with the 7-man squad, I feel that somehow I am giving out a rather weak squad for my opponents to destroy, but when I saw 7 burnas destroyed 20 gaunts and a pod.... I am immediately sold on the Burnas. I will be using more of them next time.

Lootas: Did nothing much, save for a lot of moving. I never managed to test them out for real so I do not know hwo they would work for me.

Warbuggies: Also did nothing much and decided to move around. What I noticed is that due to their much smaller size, they are able to zigzag and provide mobile cover and LOS blockers to a lot of stuff, which made me believe that I would be using them as a harrassment unit. Never tested their twin-linked rokkits, but I got high hopes for them.

Smaller Nob squad: They are still killy. Enough said.

I would be testing this list out a lot more, and also its much smaller brother (1500 pts) and see how things go.
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Originally Posted by Emlyn
Originally Posted by FT
They're an insane bunch of reptiles...
I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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Default Re: Crisis_Vyper's Punkabusta in "From Nids with Love" - 1750 pts Orks vs Nids

Nice report, and good job taking it to the bugz.

I've found burnas work best between 6-8 models. Anything more than that and people target them too early. A lot of opponents will think 6 burnas can't hurt, but I've wiped out whole squads with massed templates.

Lootas really suffer in dawn of war. They need to start on the board, and in cover with a good field of fire. I take 10 whenever I bring them, and they are great at taking down light vehicles. Against nids I'd use them to just blast away at genestealers, zoanthropes, warriors, and tervigons. Don't give up on them, they are a great unit.

I haven't used rokkit buggies yet, but I'm hoping to get some on Bartertown soon. So, I'll let you know what I think of them then.
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Default Re: Crisis_Vyper's Punkabusta in "From Nids with Love" - 1750 pts Orks vs Nids

I'm happy to see more people using the buggies! They're not really meant to be able to pop things, they're all about cover. They're the reason that my trukks can reach the front line so easily. I put the TL rokkits on there just for a little added AT. It's quite easy to get them to be able to make some rear armor shots on vehicles since they are never a large priority and they're so fast. I never really expect them to pop anything, but when they do it's a nice bonus. Once they complete their screening for my trukks then they have completed the job I need them to do and anything else is a nice extra.
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