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[BM] Tau cadre Kunas'ka vs CSM: The Condemned 1500 points 10 June 2010
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Default [BM] Tau cadre Kunas'ka vs CSM: The Condemned 1500 points 10 June 2010

The air started to shimmer as their voices reached a fevered pitch. A sonic boom deafened those closest to the rift, and outright killed a couple of the robed priests. For days the followers of the daemonic powers had been praying and chanting to their gods, ready for them to engulf their world; Jaydren.

With the fabric between warpspace and the mortal realm opened, the Condemned Chaos Space Marines, and their daemon allies, marched forth ready to wreck havoc amongst the populace. The raid was lead by the champion Toshun, and a pair of Tzeentch daemon princes he did not trust. His party recently felt the sour taste of defeat, battling the upstart Orks of the Wamp Gataz warband. The Condemned had been redeployed to Jaydren in hopes of claiming an easier world for Chaos.

The world of Jaydren had been freed (conquered) by the Tau Empire generations ago from Imperial forces, and had since been a productive world giving the empire needed foodstuffs, raw materials, and gue’vessa. It however attracted the notice of a pair of Tzeentch daemon princes, tired of not being able to turn the Tau to their favor, so they slowly worked their way into the psyche of the human inhabitants. Now the battle for the planet begins.

************************************************** ****************************

Due to disturbances in the warp the Tau fleet was not able to respond to the distress calls received from Jaydren as quickly as they would have liked. No word had come back from the messenger ships sent ahead of the fleet; the command fearing they were lost to the ruinous powers.
Shas’el Luk’ling stood in the loading bay of his vessel the Va’korar Lar’shi and briefed his cadre on the mission they had been given. “We are to drop south of Brinley, via Manta, and head into the town which is under siege by the Mont’au. We are to hit them hard in a frontal assault and take out as many of their warriors as possible, giving the civilians time to escape. During the drop I suggest you go over the notes taken by Commander Scoutfox during the Medusa V and Golgotha campaigns, as knowing are half the battle. For the greater good.”

The fire warriors moved with practiced ease and loaded up on the manta. Moments later it detached from the starship and began its decent towards hell. All around the air caste pilots were maneuvering ships to gain air superiority, and orbital strikes were already punishing the Mont’au that had been identified.

************************************************** ****************************

My friend got the new Battle Missions book, and we decided to try it out while I pulled my Tau out of their many year hibernation. We rolled randomly to see which mission we got.
Mission: Black Crusade
Deployment: Table halves
Objectives: Kill points, and non vehicle units respawn from reserves when an entire unit is killed

Tau: Kunas’ka Cadre
Shas’El Luk’ling PR, CIB, TA, HWMT
Deathrains X 3, one with flamer, one with target lock, and one with target array
Fire Warriors X 12 in Warfish
Fire Warriors X 12
Kroot X 15
Pathfinders X 6 with Warfish
Hammerhead with railgun, BC, and the usual upgrades
Hammerhead with railgun, BC, and the usual upgrades
XV88 X 2, PR, A.S.S, SD X 2

CSM: The Condemned
Daemon Prince; mark of Tzeentch and warptime
Daemon Prince; mark of Tzeentch and warptime
Toshan w/PF, and Chaos marines X8, 2X melta guns in rhino
Champion w/PF, and Chaos marines X 8, 2X flamers in rhino
Champion w/PF, and Plague marines X 7 in rhino
Dreadnought DCCW and flamer
Dreadnought DCCW and flamer
Predator with autocannon turret and lascannon side sponsons
Predator with autocannon turret and lascannon side sponsons

Deployment: The Condemned deployed first with the two predators taking cover in the bombed out section of the left flank protected by a dreadnought, while the rest of the forces concentrated on the city proper. The Tau set up opposite the Chaos forces in the city, taking cover in the ruins. The deathrains were on the left flank under a fire warrior squad, with the vehicles on the right. The pathfinders took position in the center with fields of fire over the entire battlefield. Shas’el Luk’ling waited aboard the manta ready to drop in with a pair of XV8s precisely where needed.

Is that a Tau titan or a greater daemon?

Turn 1: Shas’el we can’t see them through this smoke
C: Trying to get a better fire solution on the skimmers, the left most predator pops a tread on a crater and was immobilized. Afraid of the Tau guns the rest of the warband drove/flew forward as fast as possible, and then hid in a massive smoke cloud created by their launchers.

T: The fire warrior squad mounted up in the pathfinder’s devilfish, and everything moved to get better lanes of fire. Railgun shots, pulse fire, and missile pods streaked through the bombed out streets, and mostly blasted new holes in the buildings; the smoke obscured any direct hits. The right most dread and Toshun’s rhino got stunned…..that’s it.

Score: T: 0 C: 0

Turn 2: That first step is a doozy…
C: The rhinos rolled forward and disgorged their warriors. The right daemon prince landed in the pathfinder building, and tore open its leg on the dangerous terrain, the other hopped over to take out the deathrains. Toshan’s men melt the railgun off a hammerhead and stun the crew as well. The death cries of eight fire warriors echoed off the walls as they were torn apart by accurate bolter fire. Numerous thuds could be heard when the entire pathfinder team was slaughterd by the daemon prince and tossed off the roof. The other price cut the target lock XV8 in half, but the others stayed to avenge his death.

Wow they're close

T: Shas’el Luk’ling targetted the area behind the dreadnought for deepstrike, but the computers malfunctioned and he was delayed. Grimsin and his kroot carnivores sprung their ambush and rushed in from the left flank; the driver of the closest predator swore at himself for not moving last turn. A new unit of pathfinders also came in on the left flank. The XV88’s trained their powerful guns on Toshan’s squad, and took the heads off of two of them. Toshan’s eyed widened as the broadsides then charged into combat, and one of his men was stomped to death, but the XV88s were cut apart by chainsword and power fist. The deathrains were smashed together and killed by the prince, but the kroot managed to do something useful and immobilized the predator and tear off its autocannon and a lascannon.

Score: T: 0 C: 3

Turn 3: Call a mechanic
C: The right deamon prince chased the devilfish, while Toshan flanked the daemon and brought a hammerhead into sights. The distruption pod flickered and saved the skimmer from the predator’s shooting, but was knocked out of the sky by the prince to crash next to burning hulk of a hammerhead just destroyed by melta shots. The other hammerhead crew was pulled out and beaten to death by the plague marines and the hull dismantled by the champion’s powerfist.

T: A new unit of XV88s arrive, and split their fire; wrecking a rhino and stunning the left dreadnought. The now footslogging fire warriors rush from their burning devilfish and double tap the rear of the dreadnought and loose two in the explosion. The kroot fill the inside of the predator with grenades and destroy it.

Score: T 3 C: 6

Turn 4: Duck duck kroot
C: The princes move into charging position, and the marines gather around the last of the fire warriors atop the building. The last two are killed by the plague marine’s bolters. The remaining predator gunner saw a swarm of angry kroot headed towards him and let loose with everything he had, but only hit the terrain. The princes charge the fire warriors and pathfinders, while the XV88s were charge by the second marine squad. The Tau held firm and no one fled combat.

T: All the reserves and new units enter play. Shas’el Luk’ling and his escort land in the middle of the city, a pair of rhinos in their targeters. The new deathrain unit blow up the other dreadnought and stun a rhino. Instead of shooting the plague marines, which they knew was useless, the new fire warriors charged into combat to help the XV88s. The Shas’ui clubbed one to death with his pulse rifle, but lost two of his own, though they remained brave and fought on.

Score: T 4 C: 7

Turn 5: He’s only got one wound left
C: The last deathrain suit is vaporized by the predator, and the lucky Shas’el ducked under two melta gun shots. The right prince finished off the fire warriors and the broadsides get crushed by the powerfists when the plague marines join the fight.

T: All reserves come in to take out Toshan’s squad and the rhino he’s in. The Shas’el and guards line up shots on the last rhino and the prince (who only has one wound and is in the open) that just killed his fire warriors. The twin linked fusion XV8 failed to hurt the rhino, and four plasma rifle shots, three burst cannon shots, and five CIB shots can’t take one wound off the prince. The deathrains take out Toshan’s rhino, but the two broadsides and twelve fire warriors can’t wipe out the squad. The kroot were able to glance the last predator to death though.

Score: T 6 C: 10

Postgame thoughts:
I am really rusty with my Tau, and forgot a bunch of stuff. I actually played the whole game with all my XV8s at BS 4….oops and it didn’t matter. If I had it over again I would have deployed everything on the left flank, except the deathrains, and then trusted the disruption pods. Then I would have only shot at the vehicles until they were all dead, then focused on the two space marine squads. It was still a fun game, and its nice to play this army, that hasn’t seen the light of day in ages.

I have to say I was quite disappointed with the shooting. I never seemed to roll higher than a 2 on the vehicle damage chart, and really I couldn't take one wound off the daemon prince with 12 shots? I know its just the downside of the roller coaster dice gods, so hopefully my next game I'll roll better.

************************************************** ****************************

“I failed Shas’O”, said the defeated Shas’el as he kneeled before his superior; head hung low in shame.

“Yes, you lost the battle, but you delayed their advance and gave us the precious time we needed to evacuate and set up our battlenet. The vidrecorders are also transmitting your battle to the other cadres, so we may learn more of this foe. Fear not Luk’ling, what you did was brave and admirable. We have plans for you my young one. Rise and prep your cadre for battle, they may yet feel our bite.”
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Default Re: [BM] Tau cadre Kunas'ka vs CSM: The Condemned 1500 points 10 June 2010

Demon baby!

I love your Tau army, such a unique paint job.
Take a look at my IG/Ork project log

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Default Re: [BM] Tau cadre Kunas'ka vs CSM: The Condemned 1500 points 10 June 2010

Hi Scoutfox!
Great rep and fluff!
Glad to see the Tau back in action (I actually didn't know you owned that particular army ).
Good luck in the future games, it's just a little bit of a learning curve as you get back into the swing of things!
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Default Re: [BM] Tau cadre Kunas'ka vs CSM: The Condemned 1500 points 10 June 2010

Was a great read.

Look forward to seeing more of your Tau and their awesome paint scheme.
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Default Re: [BM] Tau cadre Kunas'ka vs CSM: The Condemned 1500 points 10 June 2010

When he's tired he is definitely a daemon baby. Thanks for the compliment on the color scheme. A lot of people like how bright it is. Blazing Orange on white primer makes for a crazy color finish. I actually patterned them off a set of sheets I got that were Orange and Midnight blue.

The Tau were the army that got me back into 40k after my nids were in hibernation for years. I liked them a lot in 4th, but they haven't transfer ed well to 5th. I got a ton of Tau from Darknightcuron so it sparked my interest back up. I just have to remember things like using markerlights and disruption pods again.

Thanks RB I think I'll be getting a rematch in a couple weeks.
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