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WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts, 6/10) in "FEAR THE CUTE ONES!"
View Poll Results: Who do you want to see as the Leader of the next BatRep?
Grumgutz 5 15.63%
Grimskull 3 9.38%
Big Louie 18 56.25%
I don't care, just write anything! 2 6.25%
What about the Space Wolves? 4 12.50%
Voters: 32. You may not vote on this poll

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Default WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts, 6/10) in "FEAR THE CUTE ONES!"

Hi All,
I know it's been a while, and it feels a bit dusty writing again on the forums.
I've been away taking care of real world business, but now I'm back!
But with a bit of a predicament.
While I've been away, my BatRep notes and such have grown pretty unkempt.
Quite frankly, it's hard to know where to start, and for the first time in a long time, I just can't seem to decide how to get things started.
And since you all have been a great audience, I decided that I would leave it up to you all to decide how to swing the impetus of the next BatRep!
Please vote, and I'll check back in a day or so to see who should be written up. I have some decent reps for all three candidates, btw.

Candidates for the Bat Reps:

1. Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber
The Warlord of WAARGH! Grumgutz, Grumgutz is a Blood Axe through and through, with sneaky tactics mixed in with hard to the face style action. His reps usually have some kind of underhanded influence combined with face-crushing that is so very much in the way of the Greenskin. His Nob Biker bodyguard make people cry.

2. Warboss Grimskull Gobsmasha
Grimskull is kind of dull in a childish, primal nature, but is straightforward in his urge to get the krumpin' on. His reps tend to be brutish, savage, and quite to the point. Oh and funny in a "oh look your face is inside-out now" sort of way.

3. Big Louie
Ex-Farseer Lorilune used to be Saim-Hamm Farseer until she willingly absorbed WAARGH energy to save her life and gain power. She's easily the most powerful of the WAARGH!'s Warpheads and is sneaky, snarky and underhanded in every possible way. Her reps are the most unusual, with shooty (gasp!) Ork lists combined with play that almost borders on the tactical. Still, less face smashing. Usually.

Thanks all, and it's good to see everyone!

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Default Re: Choose your own BatRep!

Louie, mate. There's something about a Eldar farseer being 'looted' by orks, that makes it extremely hard to dislike. Oh, and Her matches are either the funniest, or the hardest. (In my opinion, of course)

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Default Re: Choose your own BatRep!

Good to see you back, and that was an easy choice; Lorilune.
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Default Re: Choose your own BatRep!

Yay! Bigtoof's back! I was getting bored, good to see a new report's on the way.
I had a bit of trouble choosing between Big Louie and Grumgutz. I really like seeing Grumgutz and he hasn't been around for quite a while however the way you write Big Louie is just so fantastic that I had to vote for her.
If you ever want to do a bat rep with both then that would be great.

If you're having trouble thinking up interesting battles then I'm going to return to my old idea of suggesting planetstrike or any of the other expansions, (how many battlewagons can you fit in a spearhead game?), (how many kills can the Big Five get in the first two turns of a planetstrike?), (how long before your opponent notices BigToof in a cities of Death game?)...

The possibilities are endless.

Anyway, great to have you back, I'm looking forward to the first battle report immensely.
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Default Re: Choose your own BatRep!

Always enjoyed your Big louie batreps, some quality reporting. And i always thought her escapades with wingnut were funny.
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Default Re: Choose your own BatRep!

Wow, thanks for all of your replies!
It looks like Big Louie (Lorilune) is the clear winner.
Let me dig up my notes and get to work.
Thanks all, and hope to be up today, at worst tomorrow.

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Default Re: WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts, 6/10) in "FEAR THE CUTE ONES!"

WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts, 6/10) in "FEAR THE CUTE ONES!"

Hi All,
It's good to see you all again, and I wanted to thank you all for getting my creative juices going (wow, that sounds... kind of nasty...)
In any case, the following is an interesting fight I had with Big Louie and a REALLY different Ork list vs a HARDCORE IG list (or at least I thought so). It was fun, and a bit of a roller coaster ride at times. Still, a lot of fun, and as usual, please enjoy the fluff!
Apologies for any VASSAL-pic mistakes, haven't used it for a while...


P.S. C&C, as always, is greatly appreciated!

WAARGH! Grumgutz Alternate 81: Louie's Mech List, 1850pts: 89 Infantry, 9 Vehicles; 14Kps
Ex-Farseer Lorilune AKA Big Louie (Weirdboy with Warphead upgrade)
Big Mek Wingnut (Big Mek w/KFF)
Da Sinista Six (Nobzx6 w/Painboy Dokta Kutta, PKsx2, BCsx3, Cybork Bodies, Kombi-Skorcha, WAARGH Banner, Bosspole)
Tankbustasx11 w/Tankhammer
Shootasx18 w/PK Nob, Bosspole
Shootasx30 w/ PK Nob
Grotzx10 w/Runtherd Zogwog
Rokkit Buggiesx3
Rokkit Buggiesx3
Deffkopta w/TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw
Da Big Red Cheez (Battlewagon w/Killkannon, Ram, Armor plates, RPJ)
Da Beast (Battlewagon w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota)
Da Brick (Battlewagon w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota)

Mech IG List (1850pts) 54 Infantry, 11 Vehicles; 15 KPs
Command Squad w/ Medic, Plasma Gunsx3, Carapace Armor in an EA Chimera (All Chims are HF for HB)
Psyker Battle Squad (Pyskersx8, Overseer) in EA Chimera
Vetsx10 w/Meltax3 in an EA Chimera
Vetsx10 w/Meltax3 in an EA Chimera
Vetsx10 w/Meltax3
Vetsx10 w/Meltax3
LR Executioner w/EA, SS Plasma, Lascannon


Commander Vasily Romanov of the Auric 51st Regiment moaned, his head swimming. He could tell his body was trying to obtain consciousness, mostly against his wishes. Something was moving him, and Vasily always found that playing dead tended to work against the majority of things in the modern universe. After all, if they were out to kill him, they would have done so already. However, the shaking would not stop, and he had to admit, the pain in his head... no his entire body, seemed to resonate with each movement.
Opening a bleary eye, he could tell he was on his back, and caught a rather... unexpected sight. It was a pretty female face, with long, tousled red hair...

He blinked a bit. The woman smiled at him. "I see you're awake," she whispered.

Vasily paused. Whispering was never good. It usually meant that something trying to kill him was getting close. He looked around and saw what looked like the inside of some kind of tent. A pungent odor filled his nostrils. Orks. Nothing else smelled that bad in the entire universe. His head swam again. That's right. He was fighting Orks. A bunch of them had fallen all over him, and he remembered one of the big ones swinging at his head...
A lancing pain shot through his head, and he brought up a hand to feel a sizable bump. Well, at least I'm not dead, he thought. At least for the moment.

He glanced around, and saw the woman, who was tending some bandages on his legs. Gads, she was attractive, he thought, which stirred some feelings (and some painful muscular responses) that weren't entirely horrible. What were they doing here, together?

Before he could speak, the woman answered, "I take it you're some kind of soldier? They... they don't usually take prisoners." She shook a bit, gripping her tattered patches of clothing. "Unless they... want something from them."

Vasily felt a surge of righteous outrage, and patted her on the shoulder. "Monsters. Don't worry, I'll get us out of here."

She looked at him with a smile. "Really? I... I've been here so long, I didn't think that was... possible. There's so many..."

Vasily looked around. The Orks hadn't bothered to even tie them up. No doubt there wasn't anywhere for them to go. Ork encampments were crawling with Greenskins, but luckily... they aren't usually that bright...
Vasily rolled up to his feet, and with gritted teeth started to look around quietly.
A massive set of heavy breathing and Xenos grumbling near the tent entrance flap let him know that a pair of Orks were guarding the outside, but...
He looked around and checked the opposite side. The tattered tent had a few places that could be wriggled under. Using every ounce of cunning borne from years of lying in shin-deep trenches, Vasily crawled down and poked his head out of the tent.

Looking around he saw... a massive, barely held together wooden and metal wall. He smirked. The Orks had put them near the edge of their camp. Clearly intelligence was not something he would have to worry about.
He heard a rustling, and looked back at the girl, who looked nervous, twisting the end of her tattered, ragged clothes (and Vasily tried not to look at the bit of tantalizing flesh that poked out).
"Umm... I think I have a way out."

The girl looked up, hope brimming in her eyes.
"Really? I... I couldn't... But it's so..." She minced, squirming in a way that made Vasily's heart race. "Scary. May... Maybe you should just leave me here... They... might not come for me... soon..."

Rising up as much as his nerve endings would allow him, Vasily said, "Not for all the Baneblades in Mars. You're coming with me. We're getting out of here."

The girl nodded, and flashed a brilliant smile at Vasily.


That wasn't as bad as it could have been, Vasily admitted, dusting himself off.

Luckily, Ork workmanship was as good as their marksmanship, and he had managed to find a decent sized gap in their wall. He and the girl had setup a brisk run for the past hour or so, and the Ork camp was now in the distance.
He grunted a bit. The girl had said that she was too exhausted to run, so Vasily had carried her for most of the time. She wasn't that heavy, and her soft form rubbed against his back in a most pleasing way. He looked around, found a secluded space, and put her down. He tried not to think about her too much, but something about her seemed rather exotic, almost enchanting... Vasily winced internally as he hoped he wouldn't say anything unusually idiotic.
"Well, it looks like the Orks haven't set up an alarm..." Vasily nodded to himself. That was a bit... odd... Perhaps the Greenskins didn't check their prisoners that often, but...

"Are... are we going to be safe? Where are we going to go?" The girl looked at him pleadingly.

Vasily smiled at her, "Don't worry, there's a hidden Imperial outpost not too far from here. Actually... it's the only remaining outpost that I know of. Once we get there, we'll be fine. Luckily I still have my cipher stitched to the inside of my jacket, so once we get into position I can send a message to let them know we're coming. Shut down the perimeter defenses and whatnot."

The girl nodded, and a contemplative look spread over her face, making her, Vasily admitted, look like a slightly different person...
"So umm... what's your name?"

"Lori... Lori."

Vasily nodded, "Lori. Well, Lori, we've got quite a hike ahead of us, it's a straight shot that way."

Vasily took another moment, scratching his head and blushing slightly, "Umm, anyway, Lori, I umm... I have to say that you're really quite something and umm... maybe after this is all over... I mean, assuming everything works out... Maybe you and I could..."

Then, there was a rustling in the bushes, and Vasily leapt up, "Orks. Get behind me, we'll..."

And that was when a sizable rock wielded by a delicate hand struck the Commander on the back of the head.
Vasily went down like a newborn Grox.

Ex-Farseer Lorilune of WAARGH Grumgutz pulled her hair back behind her head, revealing her pointed ears.
Idiots, she snorted, they couldn't have waited a few more minutes?
She shrugged. It was enough that the Orks had kept their distance for this long. Now they knew of the last vestige of resistance on this desolate rock. As soon as that was crushed they could leave. Lorilune peered down at her "rescuer."

Idiot Mon-Keigh, she snorted. The only thing that blooms in war is bloodshed.


Commander Harp of the Auric 99th watched the dawn pensively. He had just gotten a communicae from Commander Romanov, saying that reinforcements were on the way.

Harp sighed, as he watched from the confines of the ruins that used to be a graceful, well-kept fort. The Orks had brought nothing but war to the planet, and the Tyranids had destroyed what meager resources remained. Still, he thought, Romanov had said that he had found enough fuel to get both of their regiments off this belabored rock. That, and Romanov had gotten a message from High Command for a full withdrawal. That bit of news was a windfall to his forces, and all were ready and willing to leave. It had taken some time, but his men had dismantled the base and gotten all provisions and gear ready to go.

Harp peered into the rising sun, as a rumble of vehicles heralded the arrival of an armored convoy.
The Guardsmen cheered, some waving flags, banners... And then the shouts of joy were replaced with gasps of horror.
Harp peered through his optics and saw the silhouettes of something... Something definitely not Imperial, coming his way.
"Orks! Somehow those damn Greenskins found us! Ready your weapons men! The last stand of Auric IV begins now!"

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Default Re: WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts, 6/10) in "FEAR THE CUTE ONES!"

Mission: Annihilation
Setup: Dawn of War
Terrain: Trees and Ruins!

Pre-Game Thoughts: Man, oh man. This is so not the list I wanted to try out Lorilune's new Mech list with. Hydras, Vendettas and Executioners with Plasma and Melta everywhere. Ugly, mean and bullyish. Still, there was a chance. It would just take some cunning and a lot of luck...

Setup: As usual, we were playing on our urban/forest board with scattered ruins and trees. Somehow, it seemed that a vast clear-cutting project had smited the trees out of the center of the field, leaving a large area without cover. Joy, just what you want vs. a heavy Alpha-Strike army. Still, the mission was Dawn of War, so it left a bit of wiggle room when it came to deployment.
My opponent and I were comparing lists, and I could tell he didn't like the Deffkopta and was wary of the KFF (understandably so). My horde of Rokkit Buggies were kind of glossed over after he found out they were AR10 open-topped
We roll off, and the Orks win the roll!
I'm about to announce that I'll go first, and then something seizes my brain... and I decide to go second.
Yes, Orks. Going second. The world is ovah!

He gives me an odd look, making sure that I've CLEARLY seen his list, gives me the suspicious hairy eyeball, and then tells me that he's deploying nothing, with everything rolling on the first turn. Likewise, the Orks deploy nothing, with the Deffkopta set to outflank and the grots in reserve. (Why do I feel that western music and a tumbleweed are appropriate right now?)

VASSAL notes: Tan tank is the Psyker Chimera. Yellow-Green tank is the Commander Chimera. Vets in both of the other chimeras and in both Valks.
Da Brick (The Land Raider-Battlewagon) has Wingnut and the Nobz. Da Big Red Cheez (with the Killkannon) has Big Louie and her Tankbusters. Da Beast (Black Battlewagon) has the smaller squad of Shootas.

Picture Caption: Well, that's a BIG killzone...

Turn 1: IG

Commander Harp watched the trundling Ork vehicles slowly move forwards. Even though they were out of range of his weapons, they seemed pitifully slow. Clearly, the Imperial data on their capabilities was overrated. He nodded to his men who readied their weapons. The Orks would be in range soon. Perhaps they would have time for tea after blowing them off the face of the planet...

The entire group of Chimeras roll down the center of the board in a line of steel.
The Hydras and Manticore follow behind them, flanked to the left by the Lemun Russ.
Obviously, the commander seems a bit concerned about pushing his tanks through terrain, and thus keeps them out of it while keeping his firing lanes as clear as he can.
A Vendetta boosts down either flank, getting ready to light up the Orks!

Picture Caption: "This is Big Bird to Home Fry, Big Bird to Home Fry we have no contacts, repeat no contacts, over."

Turn 1: Orks

Big Mek Wingnut gave another worried look at the mass of tanks waiting for them.
"Uh, Louie? You sure we'z is doin' this right? We'z is goin' slow!"

Ex-Farseer Lorilune was cleaning the last bits of muck off her outfit and admiring the way the dawning sun set off the color of her new shoes. It was pure luck that she had managed upon an undisturbed wardrobe of decent clothes. The crimson sequins and magenta gemstones glinted in the light, and brought a smile to her face. It was hard enough trying to explain to the Orks that she wanted a pair of shoes that were not made for kicking teeth in, much less that they should be approximately the same size and shape.
"Slow, my dear comrade? We're moving at exactly the right speed."

Wingnut scratched his head, "But dem humies is gonna setup first! Dey's gonna get a chance... Dey's is gonna shoot first!"
The surrounding Orks nodded in agreement with the whining Mek.

Lorilune flashed them an annoying glare, which made them all back away, fearing a stray destructive glance of WAARGH energy.
"WE are going to observe our enemy and watch how they deploy. WE will take advantage of their weaknesses by utilizing our own mobility to..."

Lorilune sighed as she watched the puzzled looks of the greenskins around her.
"We're going to wait for a bit, and then hit them a lot."

The Orks all cheered and roared, holding up their choppas. Now THAT was a good plan.


The Orks deploy in a manner most... un-Orkily. The Battlewagons come out to the right, forming an angled wall of AR14, with all of the Rokkit Buggies behind them. The Lootas head out to the left into cover, and the big Shoota mob rolls in to fill the area between them.
Lorilune produces a Frazzle (Uh, thanks?).

Shooting is rather surprising for everyone, as the IG commander finds out that all of those Buggies are FAST open-topped vehicles, and the Vendetta to the right takes a rokkit to it's fuel tanks, despite it's cover save.
It explodes, downing a few Vets who stay in their crater.
Not a bad start.

IG: 0
Orks: 1

Turn 2: IG
The IG player is dismayed at the loss of the Vendetta, and orders the other Vendetta to pull back. The Lemun Russ rolls out to the left through some ruins to take a shot at the Lootas. The downed Vets pull back into cover.

Shooting is fairly nasty, but the IG get greedy and target the Manticore's Rocket on the back of Da Brick, hoping to engulf the buggies hiding back there as well. But, it fires and rolls a 12 for scatter, taking the shot right off the board!
The Vendetta fires at the Brick as well, but all of it's shots fail to penetrate it's front armor...
This turn of fate leaves the Guard with not much to shoot at besides the mass of shootas, who lose about a half dozen or so to Multi-Lasers, Hydras and the Psychers with some rather below average rolls (Psychers didn't actually down ANYBODY).
And the Lemun Russ is a few inches (phew!) away from the Lootas, leaving them alive for a turn...

Picture Caption: Fire, Fire everything!

Turn 2: Orks
And the Deffkopta and the Grots both come in.
I wisely put Zogwog and his Grots in the far left corner of the board, trying to stay out of range of all the nasty people shooting at them.
The Deffkopta races in, in to the ruins guarding the Hydras. The pilot makes his dangerous terrain check... and then it dawns on me that the Hydras might just be within 6"!
In any case, the rest of the Orks head up the right flank, zeroing in on the IG castle. One squad of Buggies moves up and pokes it's head out from behind the wall.

Shooting is rather outrageous, as the Lootas wreck the Vendetta, the Buggies take down a Vet Chimera and Louie's crew blows up the other Vet Chimera! (Lorilune made a Warpath *shrug*).
And now to assault, as the Deffkopta is JUST within 6". It again makes it's difficult terrain test and assaults the Hydras! It hits with all of it's attacks, as the Hydras didn't move, and then manages THREE PENS! (wa-hoo!) One Hydra explodes, the other is wrecked and the last is shaken. The Vet squad that had gotten it's Chimera wrecked takes EIGHT wounds from the shrapnel and fail enough of them to shake their morale. They run right off the board!
Wow. Just wow. I... Wow. Sometimes the laws of probabilty just like to pat you on the head.

Picture Caption: Did... Did we just do that?

IG: 0
Orks: 5

Turn 3: IG
Ok, now IG is really hankered off.
The Vets pull back to offer fire support, while the Lemun Russ rolls over to finally pelt the Lootas.
The Manticore fires and THIS time hits Da Brick THREE times. (ouch)
Even the mighty Brick can't take that kind of punishment and is wrecked.
Wingnut and the Nobz pile out, and thankfully make their pinning check on a seven! (whew!)
The Lemun Russ fires and suffers an atrocious amount of scatter!
Only three Lootas fall... and they make their morale check! (Ok, what is going on here??)
The Command Squad fires their plasma guns and some Multi-Laser fire rakes the center Shootas again, knocking them down to 20 or so Boyz.
Oh, and the Vets hit the victorious Deff-kopta with enough Melta to relight a dying star and vaporize the poor Ork.

Picture Caption: Down, but FAR from out!

Turn 3: Orks
The Nobz bang on the back door of Da Beast, and the Shootas within quickly comply, abandoning the Battlewagon as the Nobz and Wingnut load up.
Da Beast rolls forward with Da Big Red Cheez and the Rokkit Buggies following after it.
I mentally wince at rolling 8 difficult terrain tests, but luckily no 1's come up. (Praise Mork!)
Between the Rokkit Buggies and the Tankbustas, the Commander Chimera is destroyed (losing a Vet in the process), and the Psyker Chimera is stunned.
In a hilarious shot (at least for the Orks), the Killkannon shot somehow flies wide and glances off of the Manticore, shaking it.

IG: 2
Orks: 6
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Default Re: WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts, 6/10) in "FEAR THE CUTE ONES!"

Turn 4: IG
IG needs some help now!
The Lemun Russ rolls back, as everyone buckles down, getting ready for the eventual Ork assault.
The lone Hydra fires and takes off the weapon of one Buggy.
The Lemun Russ fires at the other squadron and downs two of the light vehicles.
Everyone else hangs tight.

Turn 4: Orks
Now it's assault time!
Da Beast rolls in and deploys the Nobz!
Da Sinista Six rumble forwards, getting ready.
And the huge pack of Shootas has finally made it to the front.
Oh, and one Buggy is lost to a difficult terrain check...
And Lorilune makes a WAARGH!
The Shootas run up as the Tankbustas and Buggies fire over the head of the Nobz, taking down the Hydra.
The Nobz and Shootas multi-assault, blowing up the Psyker Chimera, exploding the Manticore and paring down the Command Squad to JUST the Company Commander who holds. Thankfully, the Psykers are pinned.
All of the exploding tanks is starting to pare down the surrounding Vets, who are starting to take shrapnel to the face...

Picture caption: Orks. Assault. OW.

IG: 2
Orks: 9

Turn 5: IG
Well, it's kind of over at this point, but the IG want to go out in a blaze of glory!
The very small squad of just the Sarge and a melta-gunner try to move through a burning wreck... and the Melta-gunner falls to the flames.
The Lemun Russ aims at Da Beast and manages to cheez out a few wounds on the Nobz by hitting the engaged Orks by targeting their ride (Hmmph). The Lascannon misses.
The Vets do MUCH better though, as one squad wrecks Lorilune's ride, knocking the Tankbustas and her highness into the dirt.
The other squad of Vets fire at the Shootas and down three Orks.
As for the assault... 6 Nobz vs a lone, very brave human. Once again, 40k proves it is not an action movie, as the CC goes down to a horde of Choppa!

Picture Caption: Yeah, that that Greenies!

Turn 5: Orks
Now they've done it. They've made Lorilune mad.
The Tankbustas move forward.
Wingnut tries to roll over the lone Sarge, but immobilizes himself on a tank (sigh).
The Shootas and Nobz move forwards to finish off the last of the infantry, firing their weapons and downing some more guardsmen. The Nobz actually use their Kombi-Skorcha and burninate ALMOST all of the Psykers, but the Psykers hold.
And... Lorilune makes a WARPATH!
The Tankbustas look around, and see no Tanks left... just squishy Guardsmen (darn).
They and the Rokkit Buggies fire their Rokkits and pare the squad down to just the Sarge and a Melta-gunner.
Da Beast (now immobilized) fires it's Big Shoota and surprisingly hits with all three shots, taking down the lone Sarge!
Assault is brutal, as the Nobz plow into the Psykers and destroy them all (no surprise there). The Shootas down a handful of Vets who mostly wiff. The Vets try and run, but are caught! The Shootas also manage to shake the Lemun Russ.
Now to the main event!
Lorilune's squad rushes in...
Now, I've rarely taken her highness out into assault, but I figure... why not?
She surprises everyone as I check her stats and she attacks on Initiative 4 (before the guardsmen!) and has ST5?? Wow.
The dainty Ex-Farseer tears into the two lone men, downing both of them before the Tankbustas can even swing.

Picture Caption: It's all over, man, it's all over!

Picture Caption: Don't. Mess. With XX!

IG: 3
Orks: 14

Result: Ork Victory!


Post-Game Thoughts: Well, this was a lucky game. The Orks just had better rolling overall, with some just really sick rolls on the damage tables. I've never and probably will never again, have such fortune. In any case, the Orks' mobility allowed them to stay out of reach behind the big AR14 wall, and do some massive damage. Still, not sure if I'll run this list again. Whew.


Lorilune was admiring her clear and undeniable victory. The Imperial Guard were in dismay. She again checked her outfit. It was nice staying nice and safe in her Battlewagon. Although not as comfortable as an Eldar vehicle, it had finally felt something resembling comfortable. Yes, she thought, it was a good day to be...

A sudden rumbling and flare of light startled her and was enough of a warning for her and her bodyguard to quickly evacuate the Battlewagon before it was turned into a burned-out wreck.

Lorilune landed in a heap, rolling in the mud to her feet. She shook her head. What... who had dared to...
She turned her head at sounds of cheering and saw a pack of Mon-Keigh celebrating their undoubtedly lucky shot.

Pitiful, she thought. Well, all she would have to do was stay hidden until...

Then, she looked down.

Mud, gravel, and bits of unidentifiable ick were working their way into the crimson slippers on her feet.

She blinked.

They're ruined. They. Ruined. Them.

She looked up, and WAARGH! energy flared freely from her, the green light engulfing the Orks around them who were filled with a blood-thirsty rage usually only reserved for a mother Icebear watching a group of Space Wolves unwisely teabag her cub.
Lorilune glared up at Wingnut, who peered over at the Warphead.

"Uh, Louie? You iz..."


Wingnut didn't even have time to argue before the Battlewagon driver rolled at the Vets... but screeched to a halt as a chunk of rubble rolled up and into it's treads.

Howling in fury, Lorilune stalked towards the Vets, the Tankbusters firing rokkits over her head.

The Vets spotted the Orks and prepared to recieve the charge.
"For the Emperor!"


The Vets exchanged a confused look as the Orks charged towards them.

A smaller red dervish of a figure leapt ahead of them.

Lorilune ran forwards and hit the Sargeant so hard in the groin that his pelvis and spine shattered and his organs liquefied.
She then turned her attention to the remaining melta-gunner who was trying to figure out whether to wince or shout. She turned, tore the Meltagun from his grasp and skewered the Guardsman with preternatural force.

The Eldar snarled, "You Mon-Keigh like these silly guns, don't you?? Well, ENJOY."

She flicked the switch, and the blast tore the surprised Guardsman to ash.

Lorilune turned to the horde of Tankbustas who were just catching up.

The Orks cowered a bit and wisely shook their heads no.


The Orks nodded. Nobody is bigger than Big Louie. Nobody.
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Default Re: WAARGH! Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts, 6/10) in "FEAR THE CUTE ONES!"

Just. EPIC.

Excatly what we love to see from a BigToof BatRep, huge carnage and an excellent win against the odds.

I was expecting those hydras to gun down countless orks, as there is nowhere on the board that they couldn't hit from there. And the Manticore performed up to par with what i have seen of them so far.

As always, Amazing story telling, Exellent pics and of course, Lorilune kicking ass.

Just what we like. ;D
Originally Posted by Circus
It is (and this is an objective statement, looking at examples over the last century) really ****ing hard to terrorise the British.
Originally Posted by Shas'o Ahab
In parting, I've discovered why Farsight started his breakaway faction...
*Farsight looks at Dawn Blade* "Shiny..."*Farsight picks up Dawn Blade and looks around* "... let's be bad guys."
Originally Posted by The man they call Waffles
Jayne you y'xa'uuk legend
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