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[BatRep] Tau vs. Orks : 500 pts.
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Default [BatRep] Tau vs. Orks : 500 pts.

This is my first real battle report and I personally have found I don't like reading a play by play of what players did. So instead I am going to write it in a story format, hope you like it. Oh also this was my first match in the escalation league I have joined.

As the orks landed a short distance from the Tau settlement, it was clear they had only one thing on there minds: the death of all its inhabitants. The small ditatchment of firewarriors and their hammerhead, lead by their shas'el and his bodygaurds, had been sent to defend the settlement. The Firwarriors took up position in a outcroping of rocks and trees, with a clear view of their left flank, while the hammerhead took up the right flank some distance away in a grove of trees. The commander had placed himself behind some supply crates, out of sight, in the center of their line.

As the Orks appeared, a death-copta and painboys attempted to rush the apparently undefended center of the Tau lines. The commander and his gaurds jumped out from behind the crates and they released a salvo of missiles at the death-copta, which exploded in a brilliant flash as all the missile connected with their target. The commander was gone, just as quickly as he appeared. Then from out of the trees came the Hammerhead with its railgun targeting the painboys. With a great bang the railgun released a submunition round, but overshot the painboys causing little effect. The Firewarriors released a salvo into the painboys, having no other target, causing one painboy to go down.

The painboys then tried to reach the safety of cover, but were unable to as they were confused by the ambush they had walked into. Then suddenly from the other side of the hill came a great roar, followed by several rounds of heavey gun-fire and a missile, as a hoard of boys and their warboss appeared. Thankfully the orks incompetence at shooting saved the Firewarriors they were firing at.
However, by moving to fire at the Firewariors the orks had been forced into a tight formation.

In response to this new threat the hammerhead moved closer to the ork hoard, firing another submunition round directly into the boys, taking out half of them in a great explosion. Then released a salvo of smart missiles at the painboys. The missiles zoomed through the intervening terrain and managed to take out another painboy. Then the cammander and his gaurds jumped onto the crates they were behind and released another salvo of missiles at the painboyz, killing three of them. The Firewarriors, realizing the painboyz were a larger threat, released another salvo of pulse fire into them, finishing them off.

Enraged at this the warboss yelled for a wahrgggg, and charged towards the Firewarriors guns blazzing and cleavers shining. Thankfully the Firewarriors were to deep in the outcropping and the orks were unable to make it to them, though the orks hail of fire managed to take out one the valliant defenders.

The Firewarriors moved deeper into cover, trying to escape the oncomming orks. Deciding they were unlikely to escape the orks, they released a heavey salvo of pulse fire killing some of the orks instead of running. The commander and his gaurds moved towards the hoard of boyz and managed to kill a few more with a salvo of missile fire. The Hammerhead, not wanting to hit its allies, shot a rail at the hoard warboss, but went wide with no effect.

The orks seeing their chance, charged the Firewarriors killing them all in a sweeping advance. Though they were not able to gain the cover they so desperately needed.

The Tau commander seeing the loss of the his Firewarriors was enraged and moved closer to the hoard releasing a salvo of missiles, flames and ion blasts drastically thinning their numbers. The Hammerhead tried to take out the warboss with a rail, but failed to hit once again. The Commander seeing his chance charged the warboss and his remaining ork. With a great clash the Commander and his gaurds came out victoriously, slaying the Warboss and his last ork.

Well thats it and I hope you liked it. I will have another match in two weeks and I will report on that too.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs. Orks : 500 pts.

Nice. I like to see narrative batreps, as well as play by play ones. One suggestion would be to read it allowed before posting the next one. You repeated a lot of the same words (salvo), and there were quite a few spelling mistakes. Still overall I liked it. If you are doing this style, how about some background fluff to go along with the report?

What were the painboys? Orks can't take them anymore. I'm assuming they were nobs with a painboy in the squad. Also, how were you targetting the warboss with the railgun, since they are usually attached to units and can't be singled out in shooting?
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs. Orks : 500 pts.

Although i love the narrative style, could you please give us lists (even if you werent 100% sure of your opponents list, saying how many of what squads etc helps)

Other than that pretty well done, but synonyms are a writers best friend

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