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Army List Journal
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Default Army List Journal

As I'm getting into more games, due to joining a wargaming club, I am laernig how to actually use my army thanks to more experienced players (In person, before anyone here feels forgotten).

I will detail the following things in each entry:
My List (and total pts limit ofc)
Opponent (and whether I was tailoring my list to said opponent)
battlefield description (probably using Vassal)
How well my army did
Hiindsight and what I would have changed, had I had my entire colection at disposal (if I didn't at the time)

I'll probably update this once a week, on tueasdays (yes, I'm actually setting a update day), but will update more often should I play more games.
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Default Re: Army List Journal

I like the sound of this sir, i'll definatly keep an eye on things. Its always nice to get perspectives of different lists in different circumstances. I'd be very tempted to do the same if there was any gaming club round here.
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Default Re: Army List Journal

I should probably add that I'll note If I knew what army my opponent will be using, and if I tailroed my list to counter it.

Consider most of my games are pick-up, I thought adding that little note would clarify whether or not I'm being a beardy scumbag.


Tally H[size=1pt]all[/size]o onto my first list. Used last Tuesday


Army: Tau Empire
Pts Upper Limit: 1250pts
Opponent: Tau Empire (Pick up game)
Mission: Capture & Control
Deployment: Dawn of War

My List
Red Commander (Shas'El)
Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Target Lock, HW Multi-Tracker

Blue Commander (Shas'O)
Twin-Linked Burst Cannon, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Multi-Tracker, HW-Drone Controller, 2 Marker Drones

Red Stealth Team
4 x Suits (1=shas'Vre), 1 Markerdrone
160pts I'll note now, I miscalculate this squad on the day

Red Crisis Suit Team
Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Multi-Tracker
Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster, Multi-Tracker
Missile Pod, Fusion Blaster, Multi-Tracker

Fire Warrior Team
Shas'Ui, 6 x Shas'La
Shas'Ui - Markerlight, HW Multi Tracker, HW Drone Controller + Marker Drone

Kroot Carnivore Squad
Shaper (now named Grunak Vax, "The Terror of Armour"), 9 x Kroot
Shaper - Pulse Rifle, and Squad Armour

Fast Attack
Targeting Array

Pathfinder Squad
7 x Shas'la
1 Rail Rifle
Devilfish - D-Pod, Multi-Tracker, Targeting Array

Heavy Support
Broadside Team
2 x Broadsides, 1 is Shas'vre
Shas'Vre - 2 Shield Drones

My Opponents list (From Memory)
Commander 1and Bodyguard
2 bodyguards
Plasma Rifle, Missile Pods

Commander 2 and Bodyguard
1 bodyguard
Twin-linked Fusion Blasters

Crisis Team
3 xSuits
Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods

Crisis Team
3 x Suits
Flamers, Burst Cannons

Crisis team
3 x Suits
Plasma rifles, Fusion Blasters

2 x Frie Warrior Teams
12 FW in each (I think, didn't reall think much about them)

Kroot Carnivore Squad
10 Kroot, 10 Hounds, no Shaper

Fast Attack
Pathfinder Squad

Heavy Support
Single Broadside

The Battlefield was similar to this
,just realised, my objective doesn't show, buts its in the forest on the right.

Game notes
I set up my Blue Commander in the middle-ish ruin (the building corner one), my Kroot in the Trees to the right, and my Fire Warriors in the Trees closest to my commander.

Opponent Set-up
Both squad of Fire Warriors in the middle building, enemy commander1 set up oposite my kroot

everything else for us was in reserve.

nearly all our units arrive by turn 3, except my Piranha, which arrived on the turn I had to finish.

My Kroot Shaper, had managed to with stand 3 flamers, and 3 burst cannons worth of damage, only sustaining a single wound. He then charges into the enemy battlesuit squad, killing one suuit, and causing the whole unit to flee for most of the forthcoming turns.
When the enemy kroot squad arrives, they charge and slauter the shaper, msotly using kroot hound attacks. due to my opponent making a mistake earlier in the game, making my Kroot I1 for moving through cover, and then subsiquently realising his error after he says his Kroot aren't affected as they move through cover in woods, we essentially said they suffered the penalty as well.

my broadsides take a rediculous amount of shots, including 2/3 rounds of fusion blaster shooting from the 2nd enemy commander.

My Blue commander eliminates the Enemy Fusion Commander and his bodyguard over two rounds of CIB & Burst Cannon shooting.

Red Commander, and Red Crisis team escort deep strike, do little damage, then are wiped out in a single round of shooting.

Red Stealth team outflank, wipe out enemy Pathfinder squad, but are obliterated by the fleeing Burst Cannona dn flamer suit unit.

My pathfinders arrive turn 3, but can't do squat. Devilfish quickly destroyed by enemy railgun fire, and so pathfinders are bogged down for a turn. when they can moved again they flee into the most forward tree terrain on the left of the board, but as they moved, nothing is in range of their carbines.

My opponent Broadside hardly moved, as neither did mine. but they both kille dftheir points back. ;D


Overall Comments
I think i did alrigth, though if I went against any other army, i'm sure I would have failed more so.

the pathfinders really needed to be on the table sooner, and still had a devilfish.
The Blue commander really needs to be equipped with a Positional Relay.
Broadsides could do with being more mobile.
Kroot Shaper are a must in all squads :shifty ;D
Better painted does = more saves passing


So what do you guys think so far?
I hope to do these on the night, as then the stuff is clearer in my memory.

Rememeber, don't comment on it as a battle Report, this is mainly for my army lists as I progress towards being a better gamer.
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Default Re: Army List Journal

Sorry, I have no list this week, but check out what i did instead of killing selfrighteous Space Marines (bad joke) [Link]
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