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Tau vs Space Marines at 2000 points (Warning: Pic heavy) on 6/02/2010
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Default Tau vs Space Marines at 2000 points (Warning: Pic heavy) on 6/02/2010

Something to note: This is my first battle report, so if I'm missing something or if things are in an odd order, let me know so I can improve for next time.

Tau List

Shas弛 Crisis Suit
- Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Positional Relay, HW Multi-tracker, HW Target Lock, Stimulant Injector, HW Drone Controller, Shield Drone x2

Shas値a Fire Warrior x12
- Shas置i, Bonding Knife

Shas値a Fire Warrior x10
- Shas置i, Bonding Knife

Kroot Carnivore x10
Kroot Hound x5

Kroot Carnivore x10
Kroot Hound x5

Shas置i Crisis Suit Team Leader
- Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array, HW Multi-tracker
Shas置i Crisis Suit
- Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Multi-tracker

Shas置i Stealth Suit Team Leader
- Fusion Blaster, Bonding Knife, Markerlight, HW Target Lock
Shas置i Stealth Suit x4
- Drone Controller x4, Gun Drone x4

Hammerheads - Alpha & Omega
- TL Fusion Cannon, Burst Cannons x2, Multi-tracker, Disruption Pod, Target Lock

Shas置i Broadside Suit Team Leader
- A.S.S., TL Plasma Rifle, Target Lock, HW Multi-tracker, HW Drone Controller, Shield Drone x2
Shas置i Broadside Suit
- A.S.S.

Fast Attack:
Shas値a Pathfinder x8
- Shas置i, Bonding Knife
- Disruption Pod, Multi-tracker, Targeting Array

Shas致re Hazard Suit
- Fusion Cascade x2, HW Drone Controller, Shield Drone x2
Shas致re Hazard Suit
- Fusion Cascade x2, Shield Generator

In the image, you'll see I'm proxying the Fusionheads with Ion Cannons. Converted Kroot (armless at the moment) serve as Kroot Hounds, and partially-made Converted XV-8s with Imperial Walker bits are my XV-9s-to-be. All my suits are equipped nearly exactly the same, so I didn't bother with WYSWYG. My gaming group don't mind, generally - honestly, they seem to prefer willful ignorance on the rules for Tau wargear. I'm also painfully honest (see Space Marine Turn 4...), so I guess they trust me.

Space Marine List

Vulkan He痴tan

Scout x5
- Srgt (Combi-melta, Meltabombs), 2 Shotguns

Scout x10
- Srgt Asshat (aka Srgt Telion), 8 Sniper Rifles, 1 Missile Launcher, Camo Cloaks

Terminator x5
- Heavy Flamer, Chainfist
Landraider Redeemer
- Multi-melta

Assault Terminator x6
- Storm Shield/Thunder Hammer x4, Lightning Claw x2
Landraider Crusader
- Multi-melta

Ironclad Dreadnaught
- Chainfist, Heavy Flamer, Meltagun
Drop Pod

Fast Attack:
Scout Bike Squad x3
- Srgt (combi-melta), Astartes Grenade Launchers x2

Bike Squad x3, Attack Bike x1
- Srgt (Combi-melta), Attack Bike (Multi-melta), Flamer, Meltagun

Landspeeder Storm
- Multi-melta

My Esteemed Opponent:

Rolling for Mission:
Capture and Control
Pitched Battle

Lava strip was dangerous terrain.
Buildings treated as AV 14, taking a full turn inside to reach the top.
Ruin levels treated as 3 for the purposes of movement.

One objective placed in the taller building, the other placed in the area terrain opposite the large building,

Rolloff: Tau goes first!


The pathfinders start off right on top of the building, ready to scout move towards the front of the railing for a better firing arc. The Broadsides and drones start a bit over 12 away from the left side of the deployment zone, on top of the hill (treated as area terrain). The Shas弛 starts attached to the Broadsides, but in open terrain for easy detachment. The Pathfinder Devilfish deploys on the left side of the building, the 10-strong Fire Warrior squad right next to it, ready to embark. Fusionheads Alpha and Omega, the 12-strong Fire Warrior squad, the Helios team, and the Hazard Suit squad are in Reserve, with both Kroot squads Outflanking.

The Landraider Redeemer with Hestan and the regular Terminators inside set up opposite the Broadsides, while the Landraider Crusader holding the Assault Terminators set up in clear area opposite the building. His bike squad hid behind the building and the block terrain.

Infiltration: Srgt Asshat and his scout squad set up on the top of the ruins. My Stealth Suits set up to the left and in front of the building, 18 exactly from the Landraider and scouts. The Scout Bikers then set up 18 from the Stealths near the Crusader.

Scout Move: The Pathfinders move to better firing angles. The Scout Bikers turbo-boost towards the back right of my deployment zone, losing a model along the way to forced dangerous terrain tests.

Seize the Initiative roll 5! Close, but no cigar.

Tau Turn 1:

The Stealth Suits move towards both the Scout Bikers and Srgt Asshat and Co., while the Pathfinder Devilfish, now listing heavily with Fire Warriors, heads into Firing range of the Scout Bike squad.

The Pathfinders light up Srgt Asshat and Co., and the Burst Cannon Stealth Suits and the Gun Drones partake in some target practice. 8 wounds later, 4 Sniper Scouts fall to their deaths. The Fusion Stealth Suit aimed at the Scout Biker squad, failing to get a killing shot. The Devilfish has a little more success Goodbye, Srgt with Melta! The Broadsides take aim at the Landraider Crusader, Penetrate, and it explodes! Footslogging Assault Terminators fabulous.

The Stealth Suits jumped back towards the building.

Space Marine Turn 1:

The Ironclad痴 Drop pod drops right next to the Building, landing right where it was placed. The Ironclad steps out in perfect position to Template my bunched up Stealth Suits (whoops!). The Landraider Redeemer scooted straight forward 12 towards the Broadsides, making its difficult terrain test and popping smoke. The single remaining scout scooted towards the devilfish for some side-armor action, while the Bikers head through the blocky terrain successfully, lining up for some shots. The Assault Termies footslog towards the building, getting a decent run.

The Bikers open fire first, putting a bolter and melta wound on the broadside and commanders, both of which are shrugged off, though only through Feel no Pain on the Commander. 笛ust a flesh wound! Both the Scouts and Scout Bike fire at the Devilfish, but everything fails to penetrate. The Ironclad gleefully toasts my Stealth Squad with 7 wounds from the Heavy Flamer and Meltagun. 3 Drones (1 extra-crispy) and a suit die, but the suits stick around.

The Scout Bike assaults the Devilfish, but it moved 12, so he failed to hit.

Tau Turn 2:

I decided my Hazard Suits were just the thing to put the Ironclad in its place, and my Positional Relay did its job. They hopped on behind the Ironclad for some back armor (but unfortunately, not in melta range) shots. The Shas弛 detached from the broadsides (I know a lost cause when I see one) and headed into shooting range of the Bike squad. The Devilfish move over 6 with all guns aimed at the Scout Bike.

The Pathfinders lead the way, with the 3 with LoS landing a single Markerlight on the Ironclad. The Hazard Suits open up with Fusion Cascades blazing, getting 6 shots on 4d3 at Markerlight-assisted BS4. 5 2s later, I fail my single penetration roll. Oi. The Stealthsuits take their turn, BC Stealths killing a single TH/SS Termie and the Fusion Stealth failing to penetrate, even within melta range. Blast! The Devilfish tears the Scout Biker apart in a blaze of Burst Cannon and Pulse Carbine fire. The Broadsides, fully aware they were doomed, are jittery 2 hits, but snake eyes for penetration. The commander shows 粗m how its done, landing a Plasma Rifle wound on the Attack Bike.

The Stealths, aware they池e doomed, try to retreat behind the building and spread out, while the commander jumps back towards the table edge and to the center, staying out of assault range of the bikes. The Hazard Suits back off from the Ironclad, heading towards the commander.

Space Marine Turn 2:

The Ironclad痴 prey wouldn稚 escape so easily it heads around the building for a decent firing arc and an assault. The Assault Termies head towards the building, looking to shake things up. The Landraider Redeemer parks right in front of the Broadsides, putting He痴tan and Co. face to face with the terrified Shas置i. The Bikers move 12 towards the Shas弛 and the Hazard Suits.

The Landraider Redeemer starts the show, giving the Broadsides a faceful of burning death, which the Broadsides shrug off. He痴tan and Co. try the same, with another 7 wounds. Nothing. The Bikes throw out some long range shooting, placing one bolter and one melta wound on the Hazard suits. The Ironclad again bathes the Stealth squad in heavy flame and melty fire, melting the remaining Drone and killing another 2 Stealth Suits. The Leader and remaining BC Stealth Suit run like little girls, now very scared by their apparently highly flammable nature. The Scouts fire at the Devilfish again, but again fails to penetrate.

Halfway through the assault phase, my opponent noticed he forgot to fire something the Drop Pod痴 Storm Bolter! Since Anton is always reasonable to me about a delayed action, I offered to let him fire it. One dead Shield Drone from the Hazard Suits later, I知 looking at a 5 and 6 for their Morale test. *cries*

To add insult to injury, He痴tan and Co. slaughter the broadsides to a tau in assault. The Termies manage to assault the building, but only manage to shake it. AV 14 is a tough nut to crack with Thunderhammers!

Tau Turn 3:

Screw this come-in-piecemeal klkn! Rolling for reserves I get Fusionhead Alpha and the first Kroot Squad. Ah well

The Fusionhead comes in near the commander, there to provide some cover fire for the Commander against the Bikes. The Kroot roll a 4, coming in on the right side of the map (YAY!). With a decent difficult terrain roll, most of them get on the first floor of the ruins below the Scout squad, hoping for a good assault roll. The two Stealths regrouped, luckily, and headed towards the Drop Pod. The Shas弛 gets within Rapidfire range of the Bikes. The Devilfish heads back to the short side of the table.

The Stealth isn稚 in range of the Ironclad, and that Drop Pod forced my Hazards off the table. Scratch one Storm Bolter. The Fusionhead kills 1 Bike with its blast, having rolled a 1 to wound. The Shas弛 doesn稚 do any better, failing to put any plasma wounds at all on the bike squad but managing a single fusion wound that took out another bike. Uh oh not enough! The Devilfish puts a few rounds the Assault Terminator痴 way, but fail to kill anything.

The Kroot get into assault with the Scouts, with the Scouts going first, of course. 8 attacks, 4+ to hit and 3+ to wound 6 wounds. Yeeeeeeah. The Kroot kill Srgt Asshat, the Missile Launcher Scout, and 2 Sniper Scouts in retaliation, and decide to stick around. The commander moves next to the Fusionhead, while the Stealth Suits move to the Drop Pod.

Space Marine Turn 3:

The Landspeeder Storm arrives via Deepstrike, landing within Melta range of the Fusionhead. He痴tan and Co. enter the Landraider, the Landraider heading 12 towards the Commander and Fusionhead. The Bikes join in on the fun. Guess what痴 getting a wall of melta in the shooting phase? *sigh* The Ironclad, meanwhile, saw a glimpse of Stealthsuits and wants to finish the job. It moves into firing range. The Termies back off a bit for a full-squad assault.

The Ironclad hits the Stealth Suits with a little bit of melty death. Apparently that was enough, because the squad was annihilated. The Landraider Redeemer Multi-meltas the Fusionhead, wrecking it. The Landspeeder and Bikes fire at the Commander, killing only a single Shield Drone.

The Termies charge and shake the building. Meanwhile, the Kroot slaughter the rest of the Sniper Scouts, consolidating down a level.

Continued in my next post...
I you private dancer.
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines at 2000 points (Warning: Pic heavy)

Tau Turn 4:

Fusionhead Omega and the Fire Warriors arrive near the wrecked Fusionhead Alpha my opponent痴 last troops choice in an objective game was within Rapidfire and Melta range, so why not? The Commander also moves into melta range of the Landspeeder as well. The Devilfish heads around the area terrain towards the unclaimed objective. The Kroot head towards the objective but avoid the area terrain it is currently in. I figured the Scout bombs were probably placed there.

The Commander shoots and explodes the Landspeeder, and the Fire Warriors rapidfire, giving the Scouts 7 wounds to contend with. 2 Scouts die. The Fusionhead kills both the Bikers with the Fusion Cannon and 1 with the Burst Cannons. The Devilfish fails to kill any Terminators on its way to the objective.

Time for the Commander to show his stuff Assault against the Scouts! With his bare hands, he tears them limb from limb.

Space Marine Turn 4:

The assault terminators run towards the objective, chasing the Kroot. The Landraider moves towards the building, He痴tan and Co. popping out. The Ironclad heads to the building.

The Termies roast 8 Fire Warriors, who run off the board. The Landraider stuns the Fusionhead. The Ironclad meltas the building and immobilizes it. Shaken again.

Unfortunately, He痴tan was left in the open, unable to assault perfect Rapidfire fodder next turn! The Ironclad, however, did assault and with Strength 10 and a Chainfist, suffice to say the Building exploded.

The Pathfinders on top? Well, he got 5 wounds, and heads back for a bathroom break. Coming back, I ask him how many he thinks died (I壇 rolled while he was away). 典wo, I guess. 擢ive. *cries*

Tau Turn 5:

The second Kroot team decide to enter, and even come in on the objective side. Hurray! They head towards the opponent痴 side, since an Ironclad currently occupies my deployment side痴 objective, getting 9 in with their run. The Helios Squad arrive to rapidfire at Hestan and the Termies. The diminished Kroot head towards the Terminators maybe they値l slow 粗m down for 1 turn! The Devilfish parks behind the Kroot.

The 3 remaining Pathfinders try to light up Hestan. They miss. Bastards. The Helios Squad put 2 Plasma and 1 Fusion wounds on He痴tan and Co., killing 1 Terminator. The Commander does the same, killing a regular Terminator and the Chainfist Terminator. Show 粗m how its done, Shas弛!

The Helios jumps back but is still in assault range of the Commander. D弛h! The commander jumps behind the Wreckage of Fusionhead Alpha. The first Kroot squad assault the termies, killing 1 and losing 4. They run like scared 鼠il chickens. The Termies get a 6 consolidation, heading towards the objective onto booby-trapped terrain. 6 wounds, all saved. Curses, even his backfires don稚 negatively effect 訴m!

Space Marines Turn 5

He痴tan and Co smell canned Tau meat they head towards the Helios team, leaving a trail of drool. The Landraider figures out the only one with Troops near an objective is me and scoots there. It痴 almost 3 feet away can稚 affect much, right? The Termies move within 3 of the objective, running as well to get even closer. The Ironclad decides to hunker down on the wreckage of the building. 的 SEE KFC INCOMING. THE EMPEROR DELIVERS!

The Landraider manages to immobilize the Devilfish with its Multi-melta. He痴tan, surprising everyone, slaughters the Helios Squad.

Time to see if we have a turn 6! 3+ to continue, a 3 is rolled. Onward, Tauish soldiers!

Tau Turn 6:

The Fusionhead, ignored until now, moves behind the Landraider Redeemer. Reveeeeeeenge! The Kroot fell back 4賠 in rapidfire range of He痴tan! Kroot get a last laugh after all! Reveeeeeeenge! The Shas弛 gets back into rapidfire range. Reveeeeeeeenge! The Fire Warriors in the Devilfish exit and head towards those vexing Assault Termies. Reveeee wait, they didn稚 do anything yet. Pre-emptive Striiiiiiiike! The Kroot head towards the objective, hoping to drive any remaining Terminators off the objective.

The Shas弛 fires, killing 1 terminator. The fleeing Kroot fail to do anything with their shooting. The Ironclad grins imperceptibly. 鉄OON, I WILL FEAST. The Fusionhead removes a Flamestorm cannon from the Landraider Redeemer. Meh. But the Firewarriors the Firewarriors lay down 7 wounds on those Termies! 7 Successful saves later...

The Shas弛 moves near the Fusionhead out of assault range of He痴tan. The Shas弛 precedes to moon the legendary astartes. 鼎ome and get some of this Greater Good, murderous cretin! The Kroot try to kill the remaining Assault Terminators its my only shot at winning, after all!

4 dead Kroot, 2 dead Terminators and the Kroot run like whipped dogs. Oi.

Space Marine Turn 6:

The Landraider heads closer to the objective, in range to Extra-Crispy the fleeing Kroot. He痴tan chases the Shas弛. The Landraider finally pops the Devilfish. A Gun drone dies in the explosion, but one lives! Off it heads towards the objective! The Ironclad feasts on Extra-Krispy Kroot, but He痴tan痴 shooting fails to wound the Commander. The Shas弛痴 butt is a little more tan now, though

Is a Turn 7 in store? Yep! A 5 is rolled, the battle continues...

Tau Turn 7:

Shas弛 Suh談udis dances out of He痴tan痴 range. The Fusionhead heads into LoS to the Terminators burn 粗m off the objective! The Drone heads towards total annihilation, hoping to take a Terminator with it! The Firewarriors know this is their last shot at glory! Their last chance to show their commander that they池e worthy of promotion to battlesuit duty!

*Gasp!* The Fusionhead gets a direct hit on the Terminators! Both wound! Invulnerable saves? 1 and 2! Did did the Fusionhead do what it was tasked to do? Seriously?

The Drone moves forward, also using its assault move (because it is utterly unimportant in this situation). Actual quote: 典his drone is feeling lucky *moves drone, rolls 1 for the dangerous terrain test* 套 and explodes.

The Firewarriors seize their chance! For the mission! For the Commander! For the Greater Good!

They roll a 1 on their run roll.


Space Marine Turn 7:

Landraider moves into Flamestorm range. 8 Dead Fire Warriors. Perhaps the 2 remaining will sick around! A 4 and a 5 on the morale test, and they run scared. 套the Commander! For the Greater Good! For the AAAAAUGHHAGH FLAMESTORM FIRE BURNS OH MY ETHEREAL OH HORROR!

The Fusionhead, meanwhile, is immobilized by the Multi-melta.

Before they ran, since the game was over anyway, I measured how far away my Fire Warrior squad was from the objective before they ran screaming.

Three and a half inches. THREE AND A HALF INCHES.

Those 10 are getting demoted to 壮aal. Seriously.


I made some mistakes, obviously, but it was absolutely, positively, undeniably the most FUN game I致e ever had. It was a knock-down, drag-out, no-holds-barred inching towards a final turn, all of which denied me victory by a hair. Exhilarating.

If you have some suggestions on how I should have played, feel free to ream me out on the stupidities of my performance. While "Hey, don't play so Stoooopid" is a valid statement, please enumerate.

My opponent and I ended the game with our usual level of mutual respect and admiration.

I you private dancer.
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines at 2000 points (Warning: Pic heavy)

Nicely done report and the handshake picture is awesome. Have a karma cookie. Oh, add the date this was played into the topic title.
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines at 2000 points (Warning: Pic heavy) on 6/02/2010

Thank you, and done!
I you private dancer.
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines at 2000 points (Warning: Pic heavy) on 6/02/2010

Great game; cookie well deserved. I meant to read this report a couple times, but something always got in the way.

As for what I would have done differently, its hard to say because you never know if the dice gods would have liked what I would have done. I think the main thing is I would have lit up that second land raider with markerlights, and walked the XV88s backwards (to make them slightly harder to get to). Depending on how many hits I got I would have decreased the smoke cover save and boosted the XV88's BS if I could.
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Default Re: Tau vs Space Marines at 2000 points (Warning: Pic heavy) on 6/02/2010

It is a long thread, isn't it?

I do kinda wish I'd moved the the broadsides back - a 1 turn delay would have been very nice for target saturation purposes. Given it blew smoke, partial LoS wouldn't have been a problem... and hey, the Terminators might have rolled worse on the difficult terrain than the broadsides would have!

I targeted the Ironclad at the time since I figured I'd only need a couple MLs to boost the XV-9s to the all-important BS 5. Too bad that didn't work out...

I regret not bringing my 2nd kroot and fire warrior squads towards my own objective - between the Fusionhead and the Helios, I probably COULD have brought it down and holded the rubble (at least, better than the opponent's objective).

I just didn't figure the damn Assault Terminators would make it back in time to contest...
I you private dancer.
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