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[BM] Space Wolves Bloodmoon vs multiple SMs (kill team 5/22)
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Default [BM] Space Wolves Bloodmoon vs multiple SMs (kill team 5/22)

So in grand fasion i decide to break out my space wolves with a few games of kill team. My opponent was the same for all three matches, but he changed his list up for every one of the games.

My list:
Slevir Bloodmoon (lone wolf, mark of the wulfen)
Logans heros (10 grey hunters 2 w/ plasma rifles)
Bloodmoon gets Fleet, one plasma gets FnP, and Logan gets furious charge
We played on maybe a 3x3 table that was quite full of ruins. 4 large ruins ocupied the corners, with a nice line of sigh blocking building in the middle. That building would be my saving grace more than a few times.

Game 1: vs Grey knights
5 grey knights
1 w/ psycannon
sergent (or bother captain...or something) w/ articifer armor

The Grey Knights deployed in cover in the ruins oppoiste of Bloodmoons deploymet zone, tightly packed and lookign rather intimidating. But he was not afraid, though the knights had assisted them on many occasions, today they stood against him, and they would feel the furry of the sons of russ.

Slevir deployed his wolves in a differnet manner. He choose to use a tactical gambit, and split his force into two packs. He would lead the smaller of the two stright into the enemy, while his tursted pack mate Logan would take the larger around the back of the building and lay down a torrent of fire. If al wnet according to plan the Knights would be crushed in a matter of moments.

Turn 1: Bloodmoon
In ture space wolves fassion bloodmoon charged forward with his fellow wolves. Each running to get as close as they could to enemy before they had the chance to fire. Logan got off to a slower start, as the ruins he choose to go through were a good deal more difficult to navigate than he first thought.

Turn 1: Knights
Sensing that they had the advantage for the moment the knights stood fast, and unleashed a terrible barrage of storm bloter fire that felled two of the wolves in Bloodmoons pack, including the plasma gunner (who had FnP.....).

Turn 2: Bloodmoon
Enraged that the knights had shown such lack of honor blood moon charged ahead towards them, while the rest of his pack moved only far enough to get into bolter range. Logans pack finally gains some ground but only a few of his number are even able to see the knights. The wolves bloter fire, while accurate is unable to penitrate the knights blessed power armor, but one of plasma bolts from Logans pack strikes home and sends one grey knight to a fiery death. Bloodmoon lerches forward like a man possesd and after throwing his weapons to the ground, engages one of the knights with only his teeth and claws. Though the battle is firce niehter falls.

turn 2: knights
Again the knights stand thier ground, and lay town a torrent of fire, this time on Logans pack, but only thier fiersome psycannon is able to fell a wolf. The knight engaged with bloodmoon is torn limb from limb in a flurry of attacks, leaving only a bloody mess painted on the walls.

Turn 3: Bloodmoon
Covered in the bloodof his foe, Logan searches for his next victim, and after rounding a corner engages the knights leader. The rest of the wolves move forward, with logan and a feelow wolf moving in dangerously close to fire thier bolters. Again the wolves fire, and a lone grey knight falls in a hail of bloter shells. The battle is epic between the grey knights sergent and bloodmoon (not really...both times he charged i rolled 1s...and both times he was locked i rolled 6ws....), and both land torrent of blows, but niehter can seem to hurt the other.

Turn 3: Knights
After hearing the shouts of his sergent, the last two knights join the battle against bloodmoon. Though they outnumber him 3 two one, the mighty Bloodmoons holds them off, and before they even got a swing in, tears thier beloved commander in half. Enraged, on of them manages to land a solid blow, but Bloodmoon shruggs it off like it was but a paper cut.

Turn 4: Bloodmoon
Logan and his pack mate charged into the runs to find a scene of carnage and destruction, but they had no time to dally, as the sounds of battle still filled the halls. With out hesitation Logan charged in, and with hard swing of his chain sword decapitates the closest grey knight just as Bloodmoon disembowls the other one.

With a mighty howl Bloodmoon declared the Spaces wolves the victors. Though it had been a bloody fight, they had prevailed. However there was to be no celebrating, as though it was a great victory, it had been against brothers, and not a worthy enemy.

Wow...MoTW FTW! I didnt thing it would be that powerful, but i guess so did my opponent. My dice acted wierd the whole game, as evideced by the poor rooling off the bat and with every charge. However im not going to complain, the two times bloodmoon got 7 attacks made up for it.

Two more battles to come!
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Default Re: RawR! Bloodmoon vs lots of marines! (kill team 5/22)

Game 2: Vs Smurfs!

Smurfs list
10 man tac squad
1 plasma
1 heavy bolter
sarge had combi plasma

well this list certainly has more plasma to worry about.

Bloodmoon looked across the field to see that his oppoent was once again fellow space marines. However if the great wolf wanted them removed from his path that so be it. The took shelter in a burned out building, and would no doubt use thier heavy weapons lo lay down some unrelenting fire.

This time he would use no tricks, it would just be a straight charge into thier lines before they got a chance to return fire. Bloodmoon had all is wolves assemble behind him, and with a great shout the battle began.

Turn 1: Bloodmoon
The wolves surged foward without fear, daring the marines to try and kill them before they reached thier lines. With any luck this berserk charge would shake thier opponents aim, thus letting more of his wolves to get close.

turn 1: smurfs
Unshaken by the wolves charge, the marines hold fast, and prepare to lay down a barrage of shells in the wolves direction. they open up with everything they have, and manage to send Bloodmoon staggering to teh ground. (he shot everything he had at bloodmoon and managed to kill him...guess he figure bloodmoon was dangerous :P)

Turn 2: bloodmoon (errrr Logan i guess)
The wolves swarm up around thier fallen leader, using thier bodies as shields to make sure that if he can be saved that he will. And then out of pure hatred unleased a devistating barrage of plasma and bolter shells on the enemy. Thier shots are more than effective, they are leathal, and 4 marines go down, including thier sarge and plasma gunner. Logan is not satisfied with just the shooting, and after pumping rounds from his bolt pistol into the nearest marine, charges at him, his chain sword drawn. The fight was even with niehter able to land asolid hit on thier foe.

Turn 2: Smurfs
shocked at the ferocity of the wolves shooting the marines fall back into the ruins to gain a distance advantage. Then in true fasion, return fire on the wolves hoping to avenge thier fallen comrades, but it was to no avail, as the wolves armor held true. To make matters worse the marine engaged with Logan met a very painful death at the end of a chainsword.

Turn 3: Bloodmoon
Logan let out a cruel mocking laugh, though they didnt show it, Logan could smell the marines fear. Try as they might there was no escape fro them, and teh next brrage sealed thier fate. Three of the four remaining marines fell to bolter and plasma fire, leaving one lone survivor who ws just far enough away to escape Logans charge.

Turn 3 Smurfs
the last mans bolter is wild, and fails to hit even a single wolf. And to show his true colors he pormptly ran away after he was out of ammo.

Bloodmoon awoke a few hours later in a daze, and completely ignoring his wounds down three whole barrels of ale.

He had some terribler dice, and i had some awesome dice which pretty much did it in for him. It probably didnt help that he only shot bloodmoon, if he had shot at more of my wolves early on the game might of gon different.

One more to go
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Default Re: RawR! Bloodmoon vs lots of marines! (kill team 5/22)

Nice to see some Kill Team action. You have a nice narrative style to the reports, perfect for Kill Team. Karma earned.
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Default Re: RawR! Bloodmoon vs lots of marines! (kill team 5/22)

I agree with Thor, karma well earned. I liked how you put the batrep together. Only thing I'd ask is for you to change the title. I couldn't tell you used Space Wolves until I read the batrep.
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