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Tau vs Regular Space Marines 500pts 05/23/10
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Default Tau vs Regular Space Marines 500pts 05/23/10

We both decided since it was only 500pt the all required options (hq + 2 troops) aren't required.

Army List Tau:
3 sniper teams: 240pt

Broadside team
-2 Shas'ui
-Team Leader
-2 Plasma Rifles
-2 Targeting Arrays
-1 HW multi-tracker
total: 190pt

Crisis Team
-1 Shas'ui
-1 Plasma Rifle
-1 Fusion Blaster
-1 Targeting Array
-Team Leader
-HW multi-tracker
total: 77pt

final: 508

Space Marines army list:
10 Space Marines

-1 heavy bolter

10 Space Marines
-1 heavy bolter

1 venerable dreadnought
-something 2 shots and is twin-linked

total: 535

Space Marines win the initiative roll and I roll a 5 for the seize.
Game is KP, and we decided to set up by dividing the board into two equal halves.
I set up first keeping the crisis suit in reserve and setting up my sniper teams in forest cover and the broadside waay to the right (my right), He sets up second with everything on the board by putting the dreadnought in the center and a squad of marines on either side of it, and goes first.

Turn 1 (Space Marines)
Movement Phase:
Space marines and dreadnought march forward.

Shooting Phase:
Space Marines are out of range (but can see the tau!) while the dreadnought is in range, but can't see the tau

Turn 1 (Tau):
Movement Phase:
everyone stays put and waits

Shooting Phase:
the markerlights all score hits on the space marines (one on the dreadnought and one on each marine squad)
All sniper Teams open fire on the marines, markerlights reducing leadership for pinning tests on both b]Space Marine Squads[/b], killing 3 from Space Marine 1 and pinning them and killing one from Space Marine 2 and pinning them also .

The Broadsides fire at the dread, both hitting and both penetrating and rolling immobilizations here, but it should have died but I forgot to add one from the AP 1 xp (we talked about this later, deciding that I should have had one more KP.)

I end my turn.
Turn 2 (Space Marines)
Movement Phase:

Dreadnought can't move, but Space Marine 1 passes test to get up from pinning, but Space Marine 2 fails their test.
Shooting Phase
both Space Marine Squads can't shoot because of pinning.
Dreadnought passes test to see Sniper Team 1 and kills 3 drones, but the lone guy holds

his turn ends.

Turn 2 Tau
Movement Phase

Crisis Team comes in 9 inches away from the dreadnought
everyone else stays put.

Shooting Phase
1 markerlight hits Space Marine 1 to boost the Sniper Team 2 BS by 1 and the Dreadnought to increase the Broadsides BS by 1, but misses Space Marine 2
2 more guys from Space Marine 1 die, causing them to run away in fear
1 guy from Space Marine 2 die, but they're already pinned
Dreadnought is shaken and stunned from 2 glancing hits (AP1 factored in this time).
Crisis Team fails to do anything whatsoever to the dreadnought

at this point the game ended so we could instead play in a planetstrike game,in which we got horribly slaughter by 2 ork armies. (and possibly win an ork fantasy army by raffle), but we both decided that it would have been close, probably in my favor and that it was a draw, but later we decided that I had killed his dread (we both forgot that the railguns had AP 1 the first round) and therefore I won. We're hoping to play another 500pt game again soon, using the same lists to see who would win.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs Regular Space Marines 500pt

I liked your report but I do have some things to say.

The force organisation chart is there to make sure that games are more realistic but also fair. 500 points and fielding what you did is powerful indeed. The games would have been different if you didn't have those sniper teams. I understand that you both agreed but the tactics you learn in such small battles with that will not help you, as one day you could play someone and they will not agree to the rule at which point you could find yourself a little more stuck.


The report was nice and easy to understand. It is ruined though by the lack of information on the battlefield. When the enemy cant see you what was it in the way. You don't have to list everything in every turn but before the report begins, after your army lists a simple image using a basic paint program can help. At the very least describing it such as buildings in the north west corner and walls or craters scattered in the centre etc.


Otherwise its fairly good report and hope to read more.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs Regular Space Marines 500pt

Not a bad start to writing batreps. I'd like to see some legal games played though, that hopefully go longer than 2 rounds.

How exactly did the Space Marines get out of being pinned? Do they have a rule, like IG, where they can get rid of the effects of going to ground? The tac squad in turn 2 should not have still been pinned in your phase from the 1st turn.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tau vs Regular Space Marines 500pt

1. yeah we didn't have much time to play, so we decided to 500pt no FoC required (he could have fielded 3 dreads if he had wanted to, or land raiders etc.)

2. I don't know why he had to take a morale test/ leadership test to get up, but he said he did and we didn't have a rule book on hand atm (only about a 1hr walk to go and get it :P)

3. didn't really put in fluff, because to be honest I have imagination of a rock. I'll try on the next one though.

4. should have a legal game of about 1750ish against orks coming up in 2-3 days though
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