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Having fun with the Thousand Sons @ 1000 points vs Space Wolves
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Default Having fun with the Thousand Sons @ 1000 points vs Space Wolves

Had a care free casual game with a friend of mine with his Space Wolves. I am normally a Dark Eldar Player but I did bring some Thousand Sons that I have been tinkering with. We both thought it would be an epic battle between the two and we also wanted to try a new Battle Mission scenario. We rolled for the mission and got the space marine scenario where he starts in the middle of the board (in a circle) and I approach trying to get to the center. Kinda odd for my army to do that but my friend said there was a Space Wolf quote from Russ in it and the gods were going to be on his side – we’ll see about that.

His list – not sure of all the upgrades, to the best of my ability and remember it was very casual:

Wolf Lord with saga of the warrior, wolf claw, belt of russ, wolf tail, wolf necklace, meltas
4 Wolf Guard with powerfists (with one deposited with each squad).
9 Wolf scouts
10 Bloodclaws with a power weapon and flamer
10 Grey Hunters melta and power fist
10 Grey Hunters melta and power fist (somehow this unit fits in)
5 long fangs, 3 missle launchers, heavy bolter (I think)

It was obivious these were the only models he owned so his list was not optimized nor did he have a list which shows the levity of the game.

My list, which I had:

Chaos Lord with mark of Tzeentch, Death screamer, combi-melta, personal icon, meltas
Summoned Greater Daemon
9 Thousand Sons, Aspiring Sorceror w/Gift of Chaos and Rhino (I was dying to cast some spawn).
8 Chaos Marines with mark of Chaos Glory, plasma gun and a naked Aspiring Champion in Rhino
9 Lesser Daemons
9 Lesser Daemons

We shorten the board to a 4x4 with a tall ruin in the middle (for his long fangs). The objective was on the bottom floor and his long fangs on top of it on the 2nd floor. His ground troops surrounded the objective in a circle as I got to choose any direction to approach by. Being lazy, I took the side I was standing on and I had a building on my left where the Thousand Sons squad in a rhino hid behind, a building directly in front of me where the Chaos Space Marines in a rhino hid behind and there was another building further to my right and closer to the objective.

The scenario said to put the HQ into reserve so he was in reserve on foot as the Greater and Lesser Daemons couldn’t be joined by him – oh well.

Turn 1

I had first move – feeling the need to kill anything instead of popping smoke (he had a hell of a lot of marines standing around) I move the 1k Sons rhino forward and fire a bolter with inferno rounds at the Grey hunters standing nearby. I thought I had 2 firing ports but I was told I only have 1, shrugged my shoulders and promptly missed and failed to wound anything. The Chaos Marines move forward as well 6” and wedged themselves between two buildings very tightly. I fire from my single firing port with a plasma gun and roll “snake eyes” – the CS marine remembers to take the cork out of the muzzle and makes both armor saves (stupid undivided scum). Already not feeling like Tzeentch is on my side but I figured he has other plans for this battle and has it all figured out.

As expected the Grey hunters + Lord and Scouts come a runnin’ at my 1k Sons while the other Grey Hunters run at the Undivided CSM squad. Blood claws move onto the objective.

2 Longfangs from the squad fires missles at the 1k sons rhino and explodes it killing one Son. The other half of the long fangs fire at the Undivided rhino and stuns it. The grey hunters in front of the Undivided rhino fire a melta and pops the rhino wrecking it – the passengers bail and are not entangled but safely get out of charge range if you consider the difficult terrain.

The other 1k Sons were not so lucky they easily get charged by the Scouts but the Grey Hunters and lord make it but 4 or so hunters will not be able to reach the battle. This is where Tzeentch flexes his influence and the Emperor guiding light dims a little. The wolf lord lands 4 wounds and I save against 2 of them but 2 sons fall, giving the lord +2 to his attacks next turn. With all the other attacks I only lose 2 more Sons and was rolling pretty hot on the invul saves (thank you Tzeentch!). The sons strike back not killing anyone except for the Aspiring Sorcerer who hits with all 3 and kills with all 3 – I only lose by 1 and I make the save.

Turn 2

I roll for summoning and reserves and I get the HQ and a squad of Lessor Daemons. I pop the 9 lesser daemons near the 1k Sons to bolster their combat and the Tzeentch Lord however comes out near the Undivided squad and gets in range with the death screamer. Somewhere between the summoning I decided I was going to turn the Wolf Lord into a Spawn. I make the perils test and I promptly roll a “6” which didn’t bode well for the Wolf Lord. The Wolf Lord rubs his lucky Wolftail Talisman but the Emperor looks away while Tzeentch smiles broadly – I happen to have a Spawn model and my opponent is beside himself, really.

The Undivided fan out for fear of the long fangs and pull back a little for fear of getting charged.

The Undivided fires their bolters and plasma gun but again the plasma gunner is holding the gun backwards and rolls a “1” and a “2” however this time he blows a hole in himself (I figured Tzeentch had a plan and he wasn’t part of it). The Lord uses death screamer and manages to kill a Grey Hunter.

The lesser daemons charge into the Scouts. Just about everyone is assaulting at the same time but I let the Wolves go first and they directed most of their attacks at the Spawn (once their lord) and the newly arrived daemons - they manage to kill the Spawn and 5 daemons (ouch!). The daemons kill two marines, the sons kill none but the aspiring sorcerer manages to kill 2 more wolves – I lose one son and two more daemons in combat resolution.

Wolves decide to divert the Grey Hunters from the Undivided and the move them towards the Sons. The Bloodclaws move off the objective and head towards the Undivided squad.

The Longfangs fire missile singly at the Undivided but I make every cover save – except from the bolter from the squad leader. Bloodclaws fire and I lose 2 more Undivided marines, they hold steady.

The scrum with the Sons, daemons, Grey Hunters, scouts and now the newly arrived Grey Hunters gets rather large – The wolves remember they have a mark and some Wolfen (and I can’t remember much other than a bunch of dice were striking me but nothing was converting as he whiffed incredibly much). I lose all the Sons (except the aspiring sorcerer) and all the daemons while I only manage to kill 3 marines in return but despite it all the aspiring sorcerer survives the combat resolution!

Turn 3

I roll for reserves and only another squad of lesser daemons comes forth – Tzeentch must have plans for the greater Daemon. I decide I want to turn a Wolfguard into a spawn and roll the perils test and pass – then proceeded to roll a “5” and turned the power fisted Wolf Guard into another spawn!

I divert the Tzeentch Lord to help out the Aspiring Sorcerer and I also start moving the Undivided back but towards the Sons as well as the Aspiring Champion is going to be the host for the Greater Daemon.

The Lord fails the charge through cover but the lesser daemons make it. The wolves turn most of their attacks against the Spawn and Daemons but fail to kill off the Spawn this time. The Aspiring Sorcerer kills some marines, the Spawn kills some and the Daemons kill some as well – Wolves actually lose by 1.

The Wolf player is a little worried at this point and diverts the Bloodclaws to the scrum abandoning the Undivided. The Longfangs fire their missiles at the Undivided but again my lucky cover saves and his terrible rolling only manages to kill one Undivided.

The Bloodclaws enter the scrum and they manage to kill half the Daemons and the Spawn. The Aspiring Sorcerer and the daemons kill enough to only lose combat by one and I lose a daemon while the Aspiring Sorcerer survives once again.

Turn 4

I roll for the Greater Daemon but I manage to roll a “1” so no go. The Aspiring Sorcerer wants to convert another Wolf Guard into a Spawn and passes the perils and once again rolls a “5”, poof, another Spawn.

The Undivided move into charge range of the scrum as does the Tzeentch Lord.

No shooting.

This time the Lord makes the charge as does the Undivided. This time the wolves concentrate on the Aspiring Sorcerer and manages to finally kill him but again fail to kill off the Spawn. Only 3 of the daemons die as well as 1 Undivided but the Tzeentch lord kills killed off the remaining Grey Hunters from the first squad and finally the last of the Scouts. I end up winning by two, Grey Hunters and blood claws break but I catch them however they lose 2 more marines to no retreat.

Things look grim for the wolves as they are grounded down in size and there is nothing for the Longfangs to shoot.

The Tzeentch Lord kills more marines, the Spawn takes another wound but is still alive and the Undivided also loses another marine (leaving the Aspiring Champion and a marine). The rest of the daemons die too but Wolves lose by a lot and fail morale. I fail the to catch them between all I have and the 3 or so remaining wolves run towards the nearest board edge (away from the objective). The Spawn chases keeping an inch away while the Lord and Undivided head towards the objective.

Turn 5

The Greater Daemon appears 6” closer to the objective and is now at the base of the ruins that the Longfangs are in (just above him).

The last Undivided marine “runs” to the objective and scores.

The Spawn charges the fleeing wolves, Bloodclaws I think and both the Lord and Greater Daemon reach the Longfangs.

The wolves kill the Spawn before it can attack and consolidate towards the objective.
The Lord kills 3 Longfangs and they totally whiff trying to hit the Lord. The Greater daemon mangles the remaining Longfangs and both consolidate down to the first floor to screen the remaining Undivided marine.

The Bloodclaws move closer but do not have a shot at the Undivided – they instead are stuck charging the Lord and if they can kill him they can consolidate to try and contest the objective. Tzeentch, however, had other plans and the Lord cuts down the remaining Bloodclaws and there were no more wolves left.

So it was a very “loose” but highly entertaining (at least for me) game. It looked early on that the Wolves would have me outnumbered and I wouldn’t be able to compete but apparently Tzeentch had other plans. I will definitely say that I might not have really mentioned how bad the opponent was rolling and well that Aspiring Sorcerer was making just about all his rolls – I figured for a turn then his luck would run out but he lasted 4 turns! Completely lucky game, totally bad luck for him and I know I will never get that lucky with Spawn again.
Really, I do not believe the game stats that you read here - you know they are not real.
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