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Battle Report: CSM: Brothers of Livos vs. Crisis Crazy Tau, 1000pts
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Default Battle Report: CSM: Brothers of Livos vs. Crisis Crazy Tau, 1000pts

With summer break here in the Northern Hemisphere for the American kids, I've found myself some time to pick up 40k again. Despite the awesome new Tyranid codex being the beginning of the year, I set on playing and finishing my Chaos Space Marine army. So far, I've got about 750pts worth of models, more than enough to play at 1000pts and only proxy a hand full of models. Anyway, I went to my good friends house for a game or two before he left to go to Texas for the rest of the summer. The first game was against his Necrons, which ended after the 2 turn, where he gave up after he lost his Lord to random bolter shots from my Rhinos. Since it was still early, we decided to play again. This time, it was his Tau list (which beat me early last week). The game went much better this time. Details below.

================================================== ==================================================

Mission: Seize Ground
Deployment: Spearhead

Chaos Space Marines: Brothers of Livos

Sorcerer w/ wings and Doombolt

6 Possessed

10 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 Meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory, Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon, Rhino
8 Chaos Space Marines w/ Meltagun, Icon of Chaos Glory, Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon, Rhino

Fast Attack:
5 Raptors w/ Meltagun and Flamer


Tau: Crisis Crazy Green Machine
HQ: Shas’o w/ Airburst Fragmentation, Plasma Rifle, Burst Cannon, Shield Generator, Multi-tracker, Target lock

Elites: 3 Crisis Suits w/ Plasma Rifles, Burst Cannon, Missile Pods, Multi-tracker, Drone controllers w/ 4 Gun drones
2 Crisis Suits w/ twin-linked flamers, burst Cannon, fusion blasters, multi-tracker
3 Stealth Suits w/ Leader and Fusion blaster, marker light, drone controller w/ 2 gun drones

Troops: 2 x 12 Fire Warriors w/ Leader

Heavy: 2 x Broadsides w/ Rail guns, Smart Missiles, Stabilizing system (Slow and purposeful thing)


Section 1 is the Tau Deployment zone. Fire Warrior Squad 1 is placed in the ruins with the objective. A Broadside is on the highest level of the ruins. The 2 man Crisis team is behind them and joined by the Shas’o. Fire Warrior Squad 2 is placed on the edge of the deployment zone closest to the oval forest in Section 3 with the 3 man Crisis team behind them. The other Broadside sits outside the ruins.

CSM deploy in Section 4. The 8 marines are deployed in the rhino behind the forest w/ the Raptors behind the Rhino. The Sorcerer joins the Raptors. The 10 marines are deployed in their Rhino to the left of the objective outside the bunker. The possessed are placed in the forest. One Obliterator is on top of the bunker. The other is deployed in the bottom left corner of Section 4

Turn 1: Can’t keep a good Rhino down

The Green Machine revs up and goes first. Fire Warriors Squad 2 moves toward the objective in Section 3, while the Crisis team moves to the right of them, placing them just to the right of the forest. The other Crisis team with Shas’o jumps over the ruins. Stealth team remains in reserves. Shooting starts, both Rhinos are immobilized, and 2 Raptor die to missile pod fire. In the assault phase, Crisis teams in Section 3 jumps behind part of the forest.

Realizing I forgot to roll for Daemonkin for the Possessed, I roll and get a one for Scouts. After some negotiation, my opponent lets me re-roll and I get Fleet (woot)

In my phase, the Possessed move out of the forest toward the ruins in Section 1. The Raptors with Sorcerer jump over the forest, landing beside the Possessed. Both marine squads disembark out of the Rhinos: the team of 8 into the woods and the other team beside their Rhino toward Section 2. Both Obliterators lurch one inch forward. In the Shooting phase, one Broadside is taken out by one of the Obliterators with a lascannon. The other hits and wounds the other Broadside with his lascannon, but it makes its cover save. Raptors stay put while the Sorcerer fires Doombolt at the Crisis team with Shas’o, scoring only one wound. The Possessed fleet, and the 10 man CSM squad runs toward the forest in Section 2. One Rhino succeeds in Repairing itself.

Objectives: Tau = 1, CSM = 1

Turn 2: What do you call Raptors shot by Tau? Flying Swiss Cheese!

The Stealth team outflanks and arrives across from the bunker with the Obliterator. The Fire Warriors take the objective in Section 3 and the Crisis team returns to its position in Turn 1. The other Crisis team positions themselves for optimal shooting at the Possessed and Raptors. Shots are fired. Casualties include the final 3 Raptors (they soaked up a lot of fire), and 2 marines in the forest in Section 4, and the Obliterator in the bottom left of Section 4 (retribution). Fire Warriors in Section 3 fire at a Rhino doing nothing. All suits jump back a full 6 inches.

The Brothers’ turn starts. The Possessed move toward the Crisis team w/ Shas’o and the Sorcerer flies beside them. The 10 CSM move into the forest in Section 2. The repaired rhino moves forward 6 inches to the middle of Section 3 and 4. Shooting starts. Possessed fleet only a couple of inches, to remain outside charge range. The 8 marines in the forest shoot at the Broadside in the ruins and manage to kill it. Both Rhinos take shots and destroy a gun drone, respectively. Sorcerer fires Doombolt again and does nothing. Obliterator fires his twin-linker flamer at the Stealth team and it does nothing either. The CSM in Section 2 run through the forest a few inches, surrounding the objective. The turn ends.

Objectives: Tau =2, CSM = 2

Turn 3: Not much happens…yet

The Tau turn begins with minimal movement, just Crisis teams running from immediate threats. Shooting ends poorly for the Tau, with only one wound on the Sorcerer, one wound on my Obliterator and the loss of a Possessed. Poor movement of the 3 suit Crisis Team gave cover to my Sorcerer. The assault phase has the Crisis Suits fleeing from the Sorcerer and Possessed, but surprisingly, his Stealth Team charges my Obliterator. I win combat but the team stays with 3 Stealth Suits.

The Chaos turn is very fruitful. The Possessed and Sorcerer move toward the Crisis team with Shas’o. The Rhino moves at normal speed into Section 3. The shooting starts, with Doombolt causing another wound on the Crisis team in front of the Sorcerer. Both CSM squads open fire on the Fire Warriors in the ruins in Section 1, killing 3 of them. Possessed fleet into charge range and the other Rhino succeeds in repairing itself. The assault phase starts, and both the Sorcerer and the Possessed charge the Crisis team with Shas’o. 2 Crisis Suits die and 1 Possessed fall, winning me the combat, but the Shas’o miraculously passes his leadership check and we stay in combat. The Obliterator and Stealth suits fail to harm each other.

Objectives: Tau=2, CSM = 2

Turn 4: The Good falls to the Bad and the Ugly

My opponent is left with little to do. This other Crisis Team flies to the far corner of the board and takes some missile pod shots at one of the marine squads, doing nothing. Both Fire Warrior squads take shoots at the CSM they can see, doing nothing as well. The assault phase starts, and the Shas’o falls to the Possessed, the Sorcerer doing no damage. Both units consolidate 4 and 5 inches, to land behind the ruins in Section 1. The Obliterator and Stealth teams do nothing to each other again.

The Chaos phase starts. The Sorcerer, on his own, flies toward the remaining Crisis team. The Possessed move toward the Fire Warriors in the ruins. Both Rhinos move at normal speed. The one unit of CSM shoots at the Fire Warriors in the Ruins, causing a single wound. The Possessed fleet closer to the Fire Warriors in the ruins. The Sorcerer uses Doombolt on the Crisis Team, killing a single gun drone. Charges are made, with the Possessed charging the Fire Warriors in the ruins and the Sorcerer attacking the Crisis team. Both units win their combats by expected margins, but the Tau remain resilient, staying in combat for another round.

By this point, the Tau player throws in the towel and gives the game to me. The eventual loss of his Fire Warriors in the ruins discourages from continuing, as he doubts he’d be able to take out either of the Chaos Space Marines squads I have on objectives.

Objectives: Tau=1, CSM = 2, 1 contested

Post-Battle: This one of the few games I’ve had with Chaos Space Marines and I’d have to say it was one of my best. It was a good battle fought on both sides, with only a couple of mistakes here and there. I feel that his attempt to keep his Crisis suit team safe in Turn 3 really cost him the game, but I can let you guys decide. The Possessed really surprised me this game, as they do in most games. While they are a bit expensive, I’ve found that they are quite durable. Lack of shooting does hurt, but coupled with the right assault unit makes them quite deadly.

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Default Re: Battle Report: CSM: Brothers of Livos vs. Crisis Crazy Tau, 1000pts

Nice report. Have a :cookie: I changed the title to include your army since I thought they were regular marines from the name alone. I think this game began with your army having the easier chance to win it. All you had to do was occupy the two objectives in your quarter and then kill off one of his troop choices, and fire warriors are horrible at claiming objectives. Still it was a good battle. Hope to see some pictures sometime.

Looks like you've got some good mechanics in those rhinos.

The Tau player's crisis suits were all illegal, including his leader. You can only have three hardpoints filled with weapons/non-hardwired gear, and they all had four.
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Default Re: Battle Report: CSM: Brothers of Livos vs. Crisis Crazy Tau, 1000pts

Originally Posted by Scoutfox
The Tau player's crisis suits were all illegal, including his leader. You can only have three hardpoints filled with weapons/non-hardwired gear, and they all had four.
I had my thoughts, but I didn't bother pursuing it too much. My opponent is a really good friend, and he was picking up Tau for the first time since 3rd edition. Plus, in a way, it made his Crisis Suits huge point sinks.

Thanks for the karma, by the way. Technically, this game should have been easy for me, but the last game I played against this list nearly had me tabled, which was a big concern.

I'll get photos of my next battle. Didn't have the camera for this one.
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