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Battle Report - Tyranids vs 'Da boys! 1850
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Default Battle Report - Tyranids vs 'Da boys! 1850

[size=14pt]Army Name: Splinter fleet Amon Amarth [/size]


HQ 1: Hive Tyrant - 285 points
- Wings
- 2x TL Devourers
- Hive Commander

HQ 2: Hive Tyrant - 285 points
- Wings
- 2x TL Devourers
- Hive Commander


Troops 1: Genestealers x10 - 140 points

Troops 2: Genestealers x10 - 140 points


Fast attack 1: Shrikes x3 - 150 points
-Boneswords x2
-Adrenal Glands

Fast attack 1: Raveners x3 - 105 points
-Rending claws


Heavy Support 1: Trygon Prime - 265 points
- Regeneration

Heavy Support 2: Trygon - 235 points
- Regeneration
- Adrenal Glands

Heavy Support 3: Trygon - 235 points
- Regeneration
- Adrenal Glands

[size=14pt]Army Total: 1850[/size]

Variation on my fairly successful Amon Amarth fleet. Designed to counter SM players at my shop, I pulled an ork player as my first opponent with the list. I almost decided to use a different list, but, in the end, stuck with it.

Ork army-

HQ - Mekboy
-Kustom Forcefield

Elite - Nobz
-x2 Power Klaw
-Painboy? I think. Something with 2+ poison attack

Elites - 15x Lootas

Troops - 20x slugga boys, 1 nob w/ claw

Troops - 20x shoota boys, 1 nob w/ claw, big shoota x1/2 ?

Troops - 20x Slugga boys, 1 nob w/ claw

Fast - Deffkopta

Fast - Deffkopta

Heavy - 3x Kans w/ grotzooka and CCW

Heavy - 3x Kans w/ grotzooka and CCW

Heavy - Wagon w/ 2 big shootas, a cannon and a def rolla.

Mission type - Seize ground, 3 objectives

Deployment type - Pitched battle

First turn - ORKS!



Deployment's a little off, it's where he was at the end of his first turn, give or take. His mob of nobz and mek were behind the kans.

Turn 1 -

Orks move forward, koptas move to flank on the right trying to peak at the R tyrant, L wagon shimmies. He fears outflanking genestealers. Lots of shooting at the raveners and warriors, a few wounds. Nothing serious.

R tyrant flys to the corner of the building infront of the ruins he was hiding behind, smiling at the koptas who are far from assistance. L tyrant and warriors adjust to get as close as possible without leaving the cover of the ruins, raveners and trygons shuffle forward, trying to eyeball that magic 13" line for the charge next turn. R Tyrant facerapes a kopta.

Turn 2 -

Right group of boys move between the buildings to get the tyrant. Orks unleash the Lootas and grotzookas, putting a wound on L Trygon, Trygon Prime and dropping 2 raveners, leaving 1 model with 2 wounds remaining. Lootas roll a 3 and do very little. The remaining kopta puts a wound on R tyrant.

1 group of genestealers come in on the R (Great, rolled a 1 for the other group. Go figure I use 2 reserves and I get a 1.) Genestealers surprise the kopta (Not really) and give him homemade baked goods (Not really). Everything advances to the center of the board. R Tyrant flys between the two right buildings to shoot at the boys and set up a pincer with the R Trygon. L Tyrant fails horribly and destroys one grotzooka on the left group of kans. R Trygon fleets... 1, having needed a 2. Leaves the Tyrant within charge of the boys, alone. GREAT. 16% chance of failure... go figure. Prime and L Trygon roll fleets well, move up on the R Kan group. R Tyrant manages 0 wounds with leech essence and... 2 with TL devourers on the boys. Genestealers devour the kopta like a group of adolescent females at a baked goods sale. R Tyrant says F it and charges the boys... killing 2 -_-". Dies to normal wounds (Go go failed armor saves). Prime, L Trygon and solo ravener rape R Kan squad. Warriors and tyrant sit just outside of charge range on L Kans, who will have to move through cover to assault.

Turn 3 -

Orks move R boys towards genestealers, wagon wings around and dumps it's troops next to the tyrant, kans roll 2 on MTC and decide to just chill. Grotzookas WASTE the warriors... hard. Tyrant takes 2. Lootas roll 2 and their shooting brings the warriors down to 1 model with 2 wounds left. Nobs adjust back a bit, waiting for the charge through cover. L Boys charge and facerape the L Tyrant, R boys finish the R genestealers.

Prime regens his wound. Genestealers come in ready to avenge their brethren. R Trygon moves up to try to come around the prime and hit the nobs, prime and L Trygon aim for L Kans, ravener moves to assist. R Trygon tries to shimmy down the middle away from cover, fleeting... 1. ****ing fired. Solo warrior flies over the melee and lands infront of the nobs. He charges and deals 4 wounds, dropping two nobz, takes ONE in return. Nobz fail first LD test, rerolls and passes. I reiterate... a single shrike almost swept a nobz mob with IC attached. Damn. Trygons and raveners tear open some Kan'o'ork and have lunch. Genestealers mop up the R boys and move to the R objective.

Turn 4 -
L Boys move through cover filling the area around the TL objective near the kans. Heavy shooting followed by a failed WWAAAGGH into a charge kills L Trygon.

Genestealers move toward the objective and LOS cover from the lootas. Prime engages the Nobz and shows them the meaning of "Dropping plates". R Trygon and ravener charge the boys who killed L Trygon, easily dispatching them... R Trygon consolidates 2. Why am I not surprised?

Turn 5 -
L Boys come out of cover to protect the TL objective. Wagon defrollas R Trygon and deals a wound, also blocking the R Tyrgon between prime and himself so he can't get to the objective without going around him... CLEVER GIRL. L Boys blast the ravener so he's no longer contesting. Game looks to be a tie... Orks hope to pull ahead and... Lootas roll 1 and only kill 1 genestealer. 9 chitter chatter in glee. Nobz are getting trashed by the Prime, having put up 3 wounds in 2 rounds.

Prime takes the nobz to town, finishing the lot. The mek losses combat and rolls a 4... a respectable run. Prime rolls 3 and takes him down. R trygon charges the wagon and wrecks it. Genestealers crouch around the objective. Prime consolidates... 4"... just... enough... to contest.

Game ends. Bugs win, 1 held 1 contested. If it had gone another turn, the orks would've quite possibly been tabled.

Post game thoughts-

Shrikes are AWESOME, I didn't even roll particularly well, but the WS5/ST got me 4 hits, and S5 on the charge got me 4 wounds (3,3,3,4) I forgot to do 3d6 ld test or I would've done probably 2/4 more wounds. Tyrants perform better against Orks than SM/IG because of the weak anti-tank, but are still grossly overpriced. The lack of fleet means you need wings otherwise they'll die before they get to do anything, because even with wings they get just close enough to do something before they die. Once again, Trygons do some serious work. Regen didn't work it's magic, but then again, I rolled armor saves for that L trygon like a chump.
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Default Re: Battle Report - Tyranids vs 'Da boys! 1850

very nice battle report. took a little to get use to but i think thats because the pics would not show on my comp? :S

it was a deffinate good read for me. i have an upcomming war, 4 armies all 2000 points each and my list uses similar units to your list, although in different quantities. so seeing the uses of such units helps me before the campaign begins.
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