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Wamp Gataz Vs Tau 1500 points; 13 April 2010
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Default Wamp Gataz Vs Tau 1500 points; 13 April 2010

The scanners confirmed the Be’gel had indeed made planetfall, but luckily had been beat back by the Eldar the Cadre had come to assist. Shas’el Al’Anuk had felt honored to be contacted directly by Farseer Laminaril who requested aid in defending their maiden world. Little did he know the Farseer cared little for him or his Shas’la, but just needed something to speed bump the Ork invasion until they could secure their artifacts; he did not expect the Tau to survive.

The XV25 stealth teams trailed the primitive vehicles and reported their position every dec.

************************************************** ****************************

Meksnikk had been on a rampage after his boyz got stomped by the panzee gitz. He had killed at least two dozen, or so he thought, of those boyz for not fightin’ proppa like. He thought long and hard, and figured out the panzees must want to keep the Wamp Gataz away from something, because they never come out to fight unless they really have to; too afraid of dying.

“Dat’s it, stop da trukks, wez turning around. Dem sneaky gitz is hiddin somfin from us, and wez gonna get it. Mavork and Iceork scout ahead and make sure none of dem panzees is waiting to ambush us. Sparkles, make sure you turn up dat KFF to super duper high power, I don’t want all our trukks wrecked dis time.”

“Sure thing big boss, whatevah youz want.” Sparkles went to work on the know wats, giddy with the idea of more loot tinker with.

The convoy speed forward keeping the kopta pair in sight. This time a pair of looted wagons sped alongside the trukks, filled with burnas and tankbustas. Meksnikk was eager to see how they fared in battle, Finkaboy having just finished building their rides.

The talkie talk squalked to life in Meksnikks trukk, and Iceork said, “Somefin’s wrong boss, wez got tanks but dey ain’t panzees dere fish’eads. What you want us ta do?”

“Curb stomp’m” yelled the warboss. Then he issued some new orders having noticed the shimmering trap the Tau had laid, and adjusted accordingly.

************************************************** ****************************

Scenario: Annihilation
Deployment: Pitched battle

Army lists:

Meksnikk, Warboss; big choppa, eavy armor, bionick, squig, combi skorcha (rides with ard boyz)
Sparkles, Big Mek; KFF (rides with burnas)
Burnas X 7
Tankbustas X 10, tank hammers X 2, Nob with power claw and bosspole
Snipah Snipah power claw, bosspole, big shoota, shootas X 11 in trukk with ram/rokkit/plank
Bloo Clovah power claw, bosspole, big shoota, shootas X 11 in trukk with ram/rokkit
Grimmskimmah power claw, bosspole, sluggaz X 11 in trukk with ram/rokkit
Gitsmasha power claw, bossple, ard sluggaz X 10 in trukk with ram/rokkit
Mavork/Iceork; twinlinked rokkits/buzzsaw, twin linked big shoota
Looted wagon; red paint, ram, big shoota
Looted wagon; red paint, ram, big shoota
Grotzooka kans X 3

Shas’El with plasma/fuision, bodyguards X 2 with plasma/fusion
XV25 X 6
XV25 X 6
XV25 X 6
Fire Warriors X 10
Fire Warriors X 10
Pathfinders X 8 with devilfish
Hammerhead with railgun and burst cannons
Hammerhead with railgun and burst cannons

Deployment: The Wamp Gataz won the roll to go first, and with my turboscouting koptas I took advantage. I set up with Sparkles and burna wagon as central as possible to cover the most amount of vehicles with the KFF. I also wanted the koptas in the middle so I could react to his deployment.

The Tau decided to clump their entire army in one corner, and infiltrated the XV25s exactly 18” from my forces in a line, not sure why he did that since my trukks have a 19-24” charge range.

Scout move: The koptas zip over to the left flank in position to hit the hammerheads or the XV8s (I couldn’t decide at the start of the game).

Turn 1: Ready aim………….denied
O: Afraid of the number of trukk busting guns the Tau have, the Wamp Gataz surge forward (Meksnikk in the lead) as fast as possible, except the tankbusta wagon which gets immobilized in a pot hole. Snipah Snipah has his boyz hop out and hoof it so the tankbustas can use their ride. The koptas decide to go after the hammerheads. The only shooting was a rokkit from Iceork that bounced off the right hammerhead, but Mavork made up for it by tearing off its railgun and immobilizing it in assault.

T: The Shas’el and bodyguard hop off the plateau to get a line of sight on the koptas, fearing the buzzsaw. The mobile hammerhead gets out of dodge and zooms towards the middle of the board. The XV25s all move back a bit, realizing they are dangerously close to a bunch of pissed off Orks. Sparkles did a great job fine tuning the KFF because Meksnikks trukk survived shooting (with markerlight support) from the hammerhead, both fire warrior squads, two stealth squads, and the devilfish. He only managed to blow off the rokkit, and stun it; needless to say he was rather upset. The final XV25 team blew up Bloo Clovah’s trukk, but living up to his name only 3 of 7 wounded Orks died in the explosion.

Turn 2: Git’m boyz!!!!
O: The driver of the burna wagon can’t resist and hits the big red button sending the wagon into terrain a few inches forward. The burnas decide to hop out and head towards the right most XV25s. The rest of the army that can, also jumps out while Meksnikk calls a Waaaaaagh. I am able to multicharge all his fire warriors, the devilfish, and all the XV25s, and at the end of the assault phase none of them are left. At this point the Tau player calls the game. I know fast game.

Post game thoughts:
He deployed so wrong and it cost him the game. I told him I would have spread out the force and stayed far away, using the stealth suits to harass my trukks. By staying bunched up it allowed my KFF to cover all my vehicles, except the one that blew up, and allowed me to concentrate my whole army against his. I want to go back and have a rematch, but switch armies.

As a bunch of veteran Tau players, what would you have done differently to beat my list/deployment? I think I would have been able to beat my Ork army with that Tau army, but I want to hear how you would have done it without changing the list.

I wish the game went longer because I never got my tankbustas in the action. The burnas were able to wipe out a stealth unit before they even got to swing, which was nice.

************************************************** ****************************

Before the Ork weapons could even start cooling down the looted wagons puked out Deffskull grots, like a sorority girl at McDonalds, and they started picking the battlefield clean. One even found some shiny piece of panzee tech that he stashed in the hull of the Orkachadnezzah. With the brief battle finished Meksnikk mounted up in the ard boyz trukk and ordered the Wamp Gataz to move out to find a worthy opponent.

Meksnikk peeled some metal from the devilfish off his big choppa and glanced over at Sparkles, “Jobs a good un on rampin up da KFF. You see how mad dat fishead leader got?”
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Tau 1500 points; 13 April 2010

"They ain't panzees, they fish'eads" Definitely a keeper, haha.

So brutal, but I guess the Tau underestimated Da Boyz, which I think is their best weapon. Last time I played them I had a respectful fear of every unit, as I don't REALLY know what they can do other than run at me and mob me. By the looks of this army its like dark eldar but with +1 T and far more dakka.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Tau 1500 points; 13 April 2010

That was brutal. I feel bad for the guy.

I'm no Tau player but I'd probably have castled up in the corner with most of my army, infiltrated a unit of Suits as bait/distraction/lucky armor shots, and then deep struck down the other 2 units either behind or beside you once you started moving up to try and draw you away from the core force hiding in the corner.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Tau 1500 points; 13 April 2010

From the title of this thread, I kinda knew what's coming and I was right. But what I did not expect is that his list could be quite effective against your list if he just did not put those stealths up forward like that. I think he is better off putting them behind those vehicles and instead when those orks come close enough, pop the vehicles and then shoot the orks that are already out of the vehicle. May not be much, but it will at least make them more manageable.

But I guess he did not expect trukks to be fast vehicles, which is often the bane of almost anyone who does not face orks that often.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Tau 1500 points; 13 April 2010

Not sure what my opponents experience was with Orks, but there are quite a few of us at the LGS, so he should have had an idea the trukks could get in his grill early. I told him I would have spread the army out, and utilized the range on the weapons, infiltrated the XV25s to come from the sides and probably deepstruck the XV8s. I would have focused fire on the KFF wagon and then pulsed the Orks when they jumped out. His list should have done better, but he got so frustrated when he couldn't destroy Meksnikk's trukk; the KFF really can piss people off. Now I know what people playing against disruption pods feel.
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