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Orks in 1000 point tournament: 18 April 2010
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Default Orks in 1000 point tournament: 18 April 2010

EDIT: Wahaay- 1,000th post.

Hi, a few days ago, I took this http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,95109.0.html army list to a 2k (or 1k doubles) tournament and topped second overall with 2 wins and a draw.

Along with St.Albans (my store), we took on Uxbridge, Watford and Hemel Hempstead.

The missions were ones from the Battle Mission expansion.

1st game:

The first game looked to be an easy opponent(s) (doubles could play singles, which bummed up the FoC chart a bit as there were no restriction..) with a tied Blood angles and necrons list based around a 'cron battleforce and black reach. We were told that the game was "wave assault" with me as the attacker- a slight disadvantage. Although loosing a battlewagon and a few deffkoptas, I ended to game capturing all 4 objectives.

2nd game:

The next game was very dull. It was the black crusade mission, where units are just "recycled". Their army consisted of a shrike and 10 assault terminators force with an allied 9 chaos spawn list, including Fabius Bile. He deployed in a long line along the back, expecting me to charge foward, an get counter atttacked to a harsh effect. Instead, much to their surprise, I also set up along the back. At the start of the game, he killed 5 out of 6 marines in a chaos squad due to Fabius' "blessing"
The rest of the game consisted of their 3 missile launchers trading fire with my lootas and grot kannons. In the end, I prevailed to a 1-0 victory (KP) as on the last turn, I sniped the last marines of the CSM squad with my lootas.

3rd game:

This was much more fun, using the "all round defence" mission. I chose to be the defender. They (a double again) had an army of 3 leman russes and some chimeras, and 10 dark eldar dark lances. I seized the first turned and proceeded to kill 5 of his 7 squads set up on the table in the first turn! Thankfully, his dark lances couldn't really shoot my tanks as I targetted them first. The rest of their army came on later, punishing my force, but the grots kept the objective safe. After wiping out the sest of his force, he sent his last raider towards my objective, immobilising itself right on top of the objective. Unfortunately, we had to finish on turn 3 as the coach that took us wasn't prepared to wait any longer ;p

I finished the tourney in second place behind an Ork doubles with 18! killa kanz and above an IG and ork spam footslogging combo.

The main armies of note were a very! heavy mech IG list, an army consisting purely of ork boyz (360 in total) and a vulkan he'stan list with melta and flamers galore.

All on all, it was a great day with a very good first experience of the warhammer world!

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