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Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 1,850 pts 04/09/10 Pitched Battle Annihilation (pics)
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Default Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 1,850 pts 04/09/10 Pitched Battle Annihilation (pics)

-=+ Hive Fleet Hekatonkheires +=-
HQ 1: Hive Tyrant
HQ 2: Tyranid Prime (played by painted Warrior)
Troops 1: Tyranid Warriors
Troops 2: Broodlord + Genestealers
Troops 3: Termagants
Troops 4: Tervigon (played by painted Godfex)
Elite 1: Hive Guard
Elite 2: Zoanthropes in Mycetic Spore
Dedicated Transport 1: Mycetic Spore Pod (played by Devilfex)
Elite 3: Doom of Malan'tai (Fully painted zoanthrope) in Mycetic Spore
Dedicated Transport 2: Mycetic Spore Pod (played by Devilfex)
Heavy 1: Trygon
Heavy 2: Carnifex
Heavy 3: Carnifex


-=+ Blood Angels +=-
HQ 1: Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host
HQ 1: Honour Guard
Dedicated Transport 1: Razorback
Troop 1: Assault Squad
Dedicated Transport 2: Razorback
Troop 2: Assault Squad
Dedicated Transport 3: Rhino
Troop 3: Assault Squad
Dedicated Transport 4: Rhino
Troop 4: Assault Squad
Dedicated Transport 5: Rhino
Elite 1: Brother Corbulo
Fast Attack 1: Baal Predator
Fast Attack 2: Baal Predator
Fast Attack 3: Baal Predator

Match: Pitched Battle Annihilation

Chaplin Ventris continued walking down the tunnel and checked his comm-link, but there was nothing but silence on the command channel. He flipped over to the general channel and was about to begin speaking, but hesitated a moment as there was a persistent sickening wet gurgle broadcasting in the background, interrupted by crunching and occasional slurping sounds. One of his battle brothers must have died with his comm-link on broadcast, and they were now hearing the sounds of the xenos filth feeding on his sacred flesh - the flesh imbued with the might of the Roboute Guilliman and potent gifts of the Emperor himself. He knew his Marines could hear the foul violation of their brothers, but he gazed upon them with pride bearing witness to the steeled set of their jaws, and the grim determination of their purpose. The white hot seething heat of hatred boiled just below the surface of his thoughts, and he *would* avenge this desecration.

"Sir, we're picking up something on the long range communications."

Chaplain Ventris calmly turned to his honour guard, "Report"

"It's the Blood Angels sir. They're requesting our coordinates."

Chaplain Ventris clasped the guard on his shoulder and smiled, "Emperor be praised, in His name the hope of humanity rests. Let this be a lesson to all of you men, we are the instrument of His will, and through us we manifest his grand design. With faith in Him, we are never alone, and our might will carry the day."

Out of the corner of his eye, the movement was impossibly fast... In an instant the guard's head was ripped from his shoulders, being pulled up with preternatural speed towards the rats nest of cables and pipes at the tunnels ceiling. Blood sprayed from the severed neck, but Ventris was nearly as quick. Grabbing the guards flamer before the body even had a chance to fall he sprayed the shadows above with the Emperor's cleansing promethium. Bolter rounds ricocheted and exploded above, moments later delivering the crumpled and burnt husk of a Lictor to the ground, still holding the cloven head.

He turned to another of his guard, "Send them the coordinates, tell them we're making our way to the Fortress of Redemption to retrieve the fallen, and await reinforcements. Have them meet us there."

He gently picked up the head from the aliens grasp, "Apothecaries, attend to our brother please." Turning to the other Squads, "Let's move before this accursed beast's pheromones draw the rest of them down on our heads. Keep a steady pace, weapons at the ready." His auspex already began chirping the location of more lifeforms ahead. "The Emperor's countenance will guide your aim true. Advance."


"Sir, there's a Chaplain Ventris of the Ultramarines requesting our assistance. He's currently leading his men out from the underhive, and making way towards the Fortress of Redemption ahead. They're in the midst of fighting their way out, they've asked us to secure the area for their arrival."

Brother Corbulo glanced at his men, "Anything else?"

"Sir, yes there may be Ultramarines survivors at the Fortress if we arrive in time, there was a force there which sustained a heavy attack just this evening, if we hurry..."

"Did you get a full report of the resistance?"

"No sir, though they reported there was a significant amount of monstrous category xenos activity."

"Fine. I'll take the advance force. Captain Kharon, have your men get the Rhinos prepped for me, and any support we have available, fast vehicles only, I intend to strike swift. You'll make a fighting withdrawl from the area and cover us on the way in. That'll give you enough time to bring the heavier guns and equipment around up behind us. We'll safeguard the perimeter and contact Chaplain Ventris when we've been successful to inform him the area is secure. Then we'll dig in and await your arrival.

I'll signal above and let them know the Fortress will be our rendezvous point for extraction."

Corbulo saluted Kharon, "It's up to us Brother. By the Blood Of Sanguinius!"

Captain Kharon responded, "For The Emperor and Sanguinius!"

A auspicious herald of the upcoming onslaught flashed briefly through Corbulo's mind, a vision of angelic vengeance, perched valiantly upon the ramparts of the Fortress, slaying multitudes of Tyranids with every swipe of his holy sword and standing against the terror of a monstrous winged beast... the Sanguinor would come to rally his men in this their hour of need, revealing the solemn and sublime purpose of their struggle.

Confident that the Emperor would smile upon them, he briskly turned to lead the attack.


Baal Predators scout ahead of the advance force.

Razorbacks and Rhinos follow in behind carrying the Blood Angels Assault Squads and Corbulo.

The Tyranids cluster behind the Fortress of Redemption luring their prey towards them.

Baal Predators prepare to unleash flaming promethium upon the foul xenos.

Roped muscle, hardened chitin, and bony talons tense for the brutal counter-attack.

Turn 1:

Monstrous tyranids lunge forward to contend with the tanks, while the smaller creatures bound backwards away from the searing flames. The tervigon rips it's birth canal apart while squeezing out another cluster of gaunts.

Blood Angels continue to stream forward lead by the Sanguinor and Brother Corbulos command Razorback.

The Baal Predators are crippled by smashing talons, one turned into a wreckage while the other is immobilized and has it's top turret ripped off.

Turn 2:

Gaunts stream forward to provide cover while the Hive Guard blast apart a Rhino.

The Tyranid Prime lunges into a more forward position.

The Carnifex rampages into another tank while the Trygon tears into the marines exposed by the Hive Guards penetrating fire.

The Tervigon makes short work of the crippled and immobilized Predator.

The Hive Tyrant and Sanguinor charge forward to meet each other on the ramparts of the Fortress while a unit of bounding Genestealers and Broodlord scramble over the horizon and rush into combat with the Angel. The Hive Tyrant lashes out with the fury of the Hive Mind and cripples the Angels fighting skills, while the Broodlord catches his eyes and entrances him for a moment, preventing him from returning the attack. The beleaguered apparition ducks and turns, deftly dodging most of the incoming attacks, but quickly sustains debilitating injuries.

Turn 3:

The Marines mount a brave offensive, and though bolter fire patters harmlessly off carapace, melta blasts tear through chitin, and power fists rip chunks of alien flesh from the beasts.

The Tervigon is quickly destroyed ripped apart by a hail of shot and chainsword blows, while the Trygon savagely whips about dismembering Marines upon it's talons.

The Sanguinor succumbs to the fury of the Tyranids, and the Hive Tyrant swoops over to support the front lines, while the Prime guts marines on his boneswords in the back. A spore pod crashes into ground behind the Marines line now, disgorging the psychic Zoanthropes which unleash a torrent of energy upon a surviving marine tank. Brother Corbulo and his squad valiantly engage the Trygon, but Corbulo is laid low and falls unconcious. His squad finally tears the beast limb from limb, while in the forground Marines desperately battle an enraged Carnifex which continues to deflect the blows of a powerweapon with it's enormous scything talons.

The Hive Tyrant perches on the wreck of a Baal Predator and almost casually swipes at marines below, killing them with contemptuous ease.

The Broodlord and Genestealers duck behind the cover of the Fortress and prepare to charge below assiting the Prime and his last remaining Warrior.

Turn 4:

Another spore pod crashes into the field and discharges the Doom of Malan'tai. The Blood Angels are losing critical numbers and begin to think about a tactical withdrawal.

The Doom of Malan'tai sends out it's psychic tendrils and sucks the lifeforce out of nearly all the remaining nearby Marines.

The last remaining Hive Guard cripples the Razorback, immobilizing it and stunning the crew.

The Broodlord and Genestealers sweep down from the Fortress and between diamond hard rending claws and the boneswords of the Prime and Warriors, they cut down the last of the standing marines.

After finishing off the last of the Marines it was engaged with, the Carnifex turns and smashes apart the final remaining Baal Predator.

The Hive Tyrant flies forward while Zoanthropes lance through the last retreating Rhino's rear armor immobilizing it, and leaving it easy pickings for the monstrous Tyrant.

-=+ VICTORY +=-
Wipeout! Tyranids win.

Chaplain Ventris surveyed the field from the top of the Fortress of Redemption. The fighting had been brutal, the losses devastating. Too few marines had been rescued, too many had died, but worse, of the dead over half had been so badly eaten their progenoid glands were not recoverable, a grievous loss for both Chapters. It had taken hours of sustained assault to clear the area once they had breached the surface. Corbulo was recovering, his condition had stabilized, and Chaplain Argus of wonders had been found alive. He was crippled near to death, but suspended in sus-an hibernation, and only likely due to the safety of his Terminator armor. If they made it out alive, he would see to it that his sacrifice would not be in vain, Argus was both valiant and devout, and though maimed beyond what even a Marines flesh could recover from, he would be an ideal candidate for the honor of being enshrined within the hallowed armour of one of the Chapters Dreadnoughts.

The Tyranids had been beaten back, and a perimeter secured, but the cost had been horrendous and it was no where near done yet. The Tyranids seemed to be aware this was their last stand. The Blood Angels reserves were locked down in a desperate fight to make it to the security of the Fortress, and they did not possess sufficient numbers nor ammunition to take the fight out to them, the end had to be here, suffering the long siege if they were to make it out. Corbulo had already informed him that he signaled the Blood Angels forces to extract here anyway, and that he trusted Captain Kharon to see the rest of the company through no matter the odds.

The security of the Fortress was impressive, stashes of mobile Aegis lines had been found, and both the missile silo and lascannon battery were operational. He had forces combing through the fortified tunnels and tombs below for any additional munitions or relics that could help. Long range scanners indicated the Tyranids were diverting nearly everything they had to this location now. One way or another this would be the end, either they would survive until the Blood Angels swooped in from on high and brought them the Emperor's deliverance, or they would die a hero's death, side by side, back to back, until the last.

He looked out again over the hellish landscape. The sky was black with Tyranid spore, and winged monstrosities. Constant bolter fire rang out on the air, while explosions sounded the Marines defiant resistance, only occasionally interrupted by the piercing screech of bioplasma raining down from above. The tremors were getting worse, and the city ruins around were awash in flame, and in the distance he could see lava breaking through the crust and forming rivers of molten magma. The planet must have already lost a considerable amount of biomass.

He gave a silent prayer to the Emperor and called down below his voice magnified and echoing throughout the compound on voxcasters, "Ultramarines! Blood Angels! Champions of the Emperor and Wardens of the Imperium of Man! Together we stand triumphant upon the field of battle...

and as he rallied the men with fiery rhetoric he could feel the spirit of the Emperor inspire them and set their souls alight with righteous fury.

They were going to need it.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 1,850 pts 04/09/10 Pitched Battle Annihilation (pics)

Great job! You really punished him for trying to stand and go blow-for-blow with the forces of the hive mind.

Maybe next time he'll play like most SM players and shoot at you until the last possible moment.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 1,850 pts 04/09/10 Pitched Battle Annihilation (pics)

Your opponent did seem to have a bit of blood lust himself, never would I willingly give preds to 3 MCs!
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 1,850 pts 04/09/10 Pitched Battle Annihilation (pics)

I think he was anticipating running up with the Baal Preds fast, nuking most of my small stuff out of the way with the flamestorm cannons & heavy flamers, and then using his meltas & powerweapons to take down the MCs, a major problem for him wound up being a general lack of powerfists though. He had problems as soon as I destroyed and immobilized the Predators up front though as it choked his advance and made it hard for him to follow through with the quick assaults, and provided another wall of cover for me to duck behind.

He also mentioned that he didn't expect me to jump backwards with so much of my stuff at first either, I think that when I brought the MCs forward and ran the gaunts & warriors back, he got caught because he was expecting to get the charge off on them, and instead he got entangled with Carnifexes (which statistically was pretty lucky for me, he should have been able to kill it) & the Trygon. He made a mistake on his Sanguinor as well, he flew over to the rampart on the Fortress, but his assault move he intended charging into my Tyrant alone missed, because he forgot to account for 3" of vertical movement down and he did not roll high enough on his difficult terrain check to get there because of it - consequently the Tyrant was able to bring his BS & WS down to 1, and then the Broodlord entranced him to prevent him attacking that turn, and that was pretty brutal.

I've played my opponent and friend a good number of times now and I'm nearly always the one advancing, but I wasn't sure how the new BA codex was going to play out, so I won the roll off and made him go first, and when I saw that he deployed all over, I figured, why not bunch up in the corner, draw him in, and hope he gets strung out so I could pick him off piecemeal. It seems to have worked.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 1,850 pts 04/09/10 Pitched Battle Annihilation (pics)

Very very small 1850 BA army. I am a proponent of higher model count armies since I believe 5th ED works well with that kind of concept.

Good battle report.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Blood Angels - 1,850 pts 04/09/10 Pitched Battle Annihilation (pics)

Yeah, your enemy was too eager to get into the thick of things. Its funny when people expect you to do certain things and you don't. Like when my Orks sit back and shoot the crap out of people instead of charge, without thought, down the middle of the board. Next game should be better though.
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Man, the 'Nids wiped em out! Nothing stands before the fury of the Great Devourer! I wouldve run a mawloc instead of trygon and sent it deep striking on top of people for large blast S6 AP2.

Hive Fleet Briares
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