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600 point Tau v Eldar 9.4.2010
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Default 600 point Tau v Eldar 9.4.2010

Quick report, sorry no pictures :/


(MY) Tau

XV8 Shas'el w/multi tracker plasma rifle/missile pod

2 XV8 battlesuits W/multi tracker plasma rifle/missile pod

14 Kroot Carnivores
13 Kroot Carnivores
6 Firewarriors in devilfish w/SMS and disruption pod

(his) Eldar


10 Dire Avengers
10 Guardians

1 Wraithlord

Mission : Annihilation w/ standard deployment

My first thoughts this list took me completely by surprise and the two MCs looked mean

I outflanked 14 kroot, deployed the rest behind a building and infiltrated 13 kroot into a wood in the middle
He placed his guardians in a building and left the avatar and wraithlord in the open with the dire avengers screening them ( ??? strange move )

Turn 1
My XV8s take cover in a building and shoot the Dire avengers, inflicting 6 wounds and the kroot in the middle take potshots at them, causing another 3 wounds

His Turn 1
Everything marches forwards. Scatter laser fires at kroot but does nothing.

My turn 2
Kroot kill the last dire avenger while the XV8s shoot at the avatar causing 1 wound. Kroot don't come in

His turn 2
His avatar moves towards my XV8s and his wraithlord moves next to my kroot in cover. His avatar misses my XV8s with his melta attack while the wraithlord shoots 2 flamers (forgot he had them :-[ ) into my kroot, killing all but 3 and causing the rest to flee.

My turn 3
Kroot come in and form a bully circle around the avatar. Everything rapidfires the avatar, (just) killing it. Kroot keep running with no hope of rallying

His turn 3
The Wraithlord moves and flames my kroot, causing another 8 wounds and making them flee off the board Guardians are out of range.

My turn 4
This had to be the last turn as the shop was closing.
Not liking my chances with the wraithlord on the other side of the building I moved away and shot at the guardians (hoping to make them flee), but only killing 1 (darn cover saves)

His turn
The wraithlord moves around the building and takes a potshot at the devilfish (thankfully) nothing happens and the game ends there.

2-2 on kill points and much tighter than I wanted

After game thoughts:

Whoa, my plan to outflank and kill the avatar succeeded but the wraithlord just destroyed my kroot :-\ I think i played ok, but forgetting the avatar had flamers nearly lost me the game. Hopefully a mistake i won't make again :

Any thoughts how i could have played better?
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Default Re: 600 point Tau v Eldar 9.4.2010

Quick questions:
1) Were they Storm Guardian (assaulty type) or regular Guardians? If they were regular guardians he must have a weapon plateform.
2) washe checking to see his his Wraithlordcould act or did he just play him?

Well Personally I would have goon with more FW instead of Kroot, since thier weapon are a bit better and have better save. I would have seperated the 2
XV-8 to run both of them as monat, allowing you to target 2 seperate foe at no cost and forcing him to split his attack. And maybe send in a broadside.

Those are but a few ideas I have just by reading your game.
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Default Re: 600 point Tau v Eldar 9.4.2010

they were regular guardians with a scatterlaser (i think, 4 shots, S5 or 6) and he kept checking for it i think. He got quite lucky though :-\ still, i only suffered 1 wound from 12 dangerous terrain tests so it wasn't just him being lucky
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Default Re: 600 point Tau v Eldar 9.4.2010

This looks like the army of a newly risen, and fairly young, Autarch... Personally I would not see so many resources devoted to bringing a Wraithlord into a conflict of this size, let alone awakening the Avatar itself. A more balanced force could have (in my opinion) dispatched the enemy instead of merely holding them.

That being said, I must (grudgingly) admit the mighty Wraithlord did play a large role in the battle. A more conventional force would have been less intimidating...

Congratulations on a battle well fought in any case.
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Default Re: 600 point Tau v Eldar 9.4.2010

i have to say, the wraithlord did throw me for a lot of the game, if I had perhaps, concentrated fire on it after i had killed the avatar and not tried to pop the guardians in cover, i might have done some damage to it. I am glad however, he didn't try to do anything like infiltrate or outflank some scorpions. They could probably have done some nasty damage. Especially seeing as for most of the game, my suits were next to the board edge
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