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1000 pts Nids vs Demons
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Default 1000 pts Nids vs Demons

NOTE: Fluff and dialogue were just made-up and added for fun- they do not necessairly comply with the canon of 40K... Just to let you guys know if it annoys anyone... :P

It seemed to be just another normal peaceful day on the swampy planet of Frill... In one of the two old originally-imperial-built watchtowers in one section of the planet's gigantic swamp, the old cultist who had been posted there for who knows how long kept sleepy watch... When he was aware- he admired the seeming beauty of the swamp, and that mysterious tower that seemed to be composed of both demon and tyranid machinations... (I kid you not) He was always looking downwards however- and never seemed to notice the fact that the sky had turned red... He also failed to notice how the mysterious tyranid/demon tower had begun to glow...

As he dozed off once again- a tyranid invasion of the planet began! A large mycetic spore- seemingly drawn to the tyranid/demon tower's glow, landed very close by and delivered a Tyranid strike force led by a Tervigon. The woods and craters also began to mysteriously shuffle with hidden entities… The sleepy cultist was completely unaware of the situation- but the Undivided Demon Prince who laid his claim on the planet was not amused. Rallying the few demons who were not tied up teleporting to other parts of Frill- the Demon Prince was determined to stop this surprisingly self-aware Tervigon who had an obsession with turtles.

The armies:

Tervigon- Crushing Claws, Regeneration, Catalyst

Warrior Prime- Pair of Boneswords, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs

1 Lictor

10 Ymgarl Genestealers

12 Devilgaunts- Devourers

9 Genestealers- Broodlord with Scything Talons

3 Warriors- 1 Venom Cannon, 2 Devourers, 3 Scything Talons

Demons (Undivided):

Demon Prince- Mark of Slannesh


10 Bloodletters

10 Horrors- Changeling

Heavy Support:

Turn 1 (Tyranids): “Turtles!”

Upon landing, the Tervigon assessed the situation. He had deployed in front of the tyranid/demon tower and admired its glow. The Hive Mind informed him that Demonic defenders were on their way to push his strike force back. The Tervigon immediately knew what to do…

“Come forth my little turtles!”

The Tervigon immediately began to bolster his forces with a surprisingly effective round of breeding. 16 brand new Termagaunts were created. But then the Tervigon felt a spasm- and stopped producing eggs due to the pain
(Rolled two 6s and a 4 for breeding…). The rest of the force cautiously moved forward into cover- expecting the worst.

Turn 1 (Demons): Demons taking a defensive position? What?

The Demon Prince promptly arrived with most of the demons he had called to himself… He knew hastily trying to reclaim the tyranid/demon tower would be suicide, so instead, he decided to try and setup a defensive position until the rest of his personal force had arrived. Good thing he had directly warped in alongside the soulgrinder and horrors…

“The Bloodthirster and his Bloodletters shouldn’t be long in coming… Let us just hope they do not get distracted within the warp…”

“Master,” stuttered the changeling “Are you sure that the Bloodletters you recruited have genuine interest in aiding the likes of you?”

“They have little choice- they would only try to mess with me if the Bloodthirster thought the same way- and I am certain that is not the case…”

The soulgrinder began the festivities of the battle by belching at the Tervigon’s forward force of Devilgaunts. However- the soulgrinder’s shot scattered quite badly and completely missed. The Demon Prince also took potshots at the Genestealers- but the two he targeted took cover and were unscathed.

Turn 2 (Tyranids): “Not so fast!”

“Why are no more little turtles coming out?” sighed the Tervigon…

Disregarding this disappointment, the Tervigon continued to push his main force forward. If the hive mind was to be pleased- the Demon’s defensive position had to be disrupted as soon as possible.

The Tervigon gave both the lictor and Ymgarl Genestealers the signal to strike- and they both responded in kind
(Both the Ymgarl Genestealers and Lictor arrived this turn)…

The Lictor came out of hiding right next to the Demon’s Soulgrinder and prepared to lash out with its flesh hooks… But…

“Not so fast wannabe cunning brute!”

The Changeling meddled with the Lictor’s mind- and managed to do enough tinkering to dissuade it from shooting its flesh hooks
(I was forced to do a leadership check to shoot- and failed it on an 11)… The lictor thus just stood there- staring at the Soulgrinder.

The Broodlord’s Genestealer squad also tried to assault the soulgrinder due to some decent fleet roles, but they then completely stumbled trying to jump over the sandbag walls of an imperial-built bunker, and failed to assault the soulgrinder.

The Ymgarl Genstealers on the other hand fared much better- the Demon Prince was caught completely off guard as they leaped out of the crater they were hiding in and assaulted! The Demon Prince was not expecting such an early assault- but was still ready for any such maneuvers. He struck first- but only killed a single Ymgarl Genestealer. The Ymgarl Genestealers struck back ferociously in turn- leaving the Prince at the humiliation of death’s door
(He only had 1 wound left after that round of combat).

Turn 2 (Demons): The Bloodthirster cometh

With a thunderous roar- the Bloodthirster arrived at the battle and landed in the same crater the Ymgarl Genestealers had struck from- believing he would have incredible fun fighting the Tervigon’s main force head on…

Meanwhile, the Soulgrinder took offence to the Ymgarl Genstealers treatment of the Demon Prince- and moved to join the melee.

The Horrors then punished the lictor for its failed attempt at a surprise attack on the soulgrinder- killing it in one volley of demonic fire.

With the soulgrinder joining the Demon Prince’s combat, things started looking down for the Ymgarl Genestealers… They all focused their attacks on the soulgrinder- but only managed to shake it, which the Soulgrinder didn’t care about at all… The Demon Prince once again only managed to kill a single genestealer, while the soulgrinder killed an additional three.

Turn 3 (Tyranids): A thud of epic failure- followed by squeals of glee.

The Tervigon was quite distressed with the arrival of the Bloodthirster… He knew direct action would need to be taken- but wasn’t it true that his main force would stand no chance against it?

Regardless- he had a job to do. The main force continued to charge forward- despite the swampy terrain… He ordered his entire main force to coordinate a huge volley of fire onto the Bloodthirster.

The “A-grade” Devilgaunts gleefully obliged and began the volley- since the warriors had little confidence in their ranged abilities- despite the Warrior Prime’s presence…

The Devilgaunts unleashed their volley… And…

The Bloodthirster roared in pain not once- but TWICE…
(The bloodthirster failed two of the three saves my Devilgaunts inflicted!!!)

Filled with confidence seeing the Devilgaunt’s performance- the Warrior Prime mushed his warrior squad into following suit.

“They are called the ‘A-grade’ Devilgaunts for a reason! Follow their example you maggots!”

The venom cannon warrior went first- firing his shot right into the Bloodthirster’s head… AGAIN, it roared in pain- and seemed to be almost finished.

Finally, only one of the warriors with a devourer was in range to shoot- so it unloaded its volley into the Bloodthirster…

A tremendous thud of epic failure followed- the Bloodthirster was dead- to a single concentrated volley of shooting that wasn’t even designed to fell foes the likes of him
(I only inflicted 5 wounds total- and yet he failed 4 of his saves).

Meanwhile, the Broodlord and his Genestealers finally caught up with the soulgrinder and joined the combat with it, the Demon Prince, and the remaining Ymgarl Genestealers.

Once again- only a single Ymgarl Genestealer falls to the Demon Prince. They launch a reprisal in kind- and finally send him falling to the ground in a cloud of demonic blood and smoke.

The Broodlord then directly attacked the soulgrinder- but to no effect. The Soulgrinder took out its rage over the death of the demon prince on the Ymgarl Genestealers- and killed another three.

Turn 3 (Demons): Questionable loyalties

With the prince dead, the demon force was losing all of its confidence. The tyranid/demon tower now seemed farther away than ever…

In a seemingly fortunate turn of events however, the Bloodletters finally arrived. But what were they here to do?

“Well- you ARE a bit late… Both of your masters are dead…” stated the Changeling, “So why have you scattered to EXACTLY where your Bloodthirster friend died?”

“What? We just came here to gleam our axes! Aren’t they marvelous? We’ll get better lighting over here away from that bunker”

“Ah- the prince was very much mistaken about you guys then…”
(So yeah… The Bloodletters scattered no less than 11 INCHES- and thus landed right where the Bloodthirster had…)

While the Bloodletters gleamed their axes- the Horrors continued to move back towards their table corner in fear… While the soulgrinder continued to brawl with the Genestealers. The soulgrinder once again suffered no damage- and it managed to finish off the Ymgarl Genestealers.

Turn 4 (Tyranids): “Pew! Pew!”

Seeing the Bloodletters suddenly beam in right after the death of the Bloodthirster- the Tervigon grew even more confident of the outcome of its mission.

With his entire main force in range to shoot the Bloodletters- a massive volley of organic material was let loose upon the Bloodletters… The cover of the crater allowed three of them to survive.

Meanwhile- the squabble between Genestealers and soulgrinder continued- neither side making much progress.

RESULT: Complete Tyranid victory.

It wouldn’t have been much longer until my main force closed in and left the remaining demon units nowhere to go. The bloodletters were almost dead- the soulgrinder would have undoubtedly died eventually, and the horrors would have followed, since they were depending on the soulgrinder’s survival.

Would’ve been nice to play this to its conclusion- but the store had to close… So- unfortunately, it couldn’t be done.


The tyranid/demon tower was actually a terrain piece in our game… But despite the way I talked about it in the report- it was NOT the objective. The objective was kept to merely killing each other.
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Default Re: 1000 pts Nids vs Demons

Great writing on the battle report! It made for a very intriguing read.

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Default Re: 1000 pts Nids vs Demons

I never seen a daemon daemon prince actually do well in combat unless it was of nurgle.

Genestealers vs Soulgrinder pretty much went the way I would expect. Regular genestealers at best can only glance a Soulgrinder while it can hit back with 4 str 10 hits. I doubted the remaining stealers would had killed it.

Good thing you got lucky with the bloodthrister.

I think the daemon player should had deployed his melée forces first. Unless he rolled a 1-2 for deployment than he really wouldn't have a choice.

You pretty much played it like you should have. I think he would had done more damage if he shot his battle cannon one more time, plus his assault 6 weapon.

I think for your tervigon you should add poison and furious charge and drop the claws. The 6" effect from your tervigon on your gaunts would help keep your tervigon alive in combat.

I like reports like this cause I wanted to do a daemon army and liked seeing how well the grinder performed.
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