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1000pt Tourny Results. Chaos Space Marines. [March 20 2010]
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Default 1000pt Tourny Results. Chaos Space Marines. [March 20 2010]

I was in a Tournament today. There was twelve players. Two Space marines, Two Witch Hunters, Two Necrons (with entirely pewter models), Three Tyranid, Two Orks, one Chaos Space Marines(Me).

Here are some pictures of the armies.


Classic Necron Army. (Best Sportsman I believe).

Killa-Kan Heavy Ork Army (Got best overall)

Tyranid army I played in my second game.

Ork army with classic vehicles and Forgeworld Battlewagons (best appearance)

Witch Hunters army

All the Missions were from the battle missions books. We did Trench Warfare, Some sort of Eldar one second, Vanguard and then Infestation.

My list was...

Painfursy Hotgristle
Daemon prince, wings, lash, mark of slaanesh

Grindgobble Witherfume
Daemon Prince, Wings, Mark of tzeentch, Bolt of Change, Gift of Chaos

Squad Kooning
x5 marines, meltagun, rhino

Squad Kline
x5 marines, meltagun, rhino

x10 (3,3,2,2) Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green.


First game was agaisnt Witch Hunters.

Canness with Jetpack, 2+ save and Inferno Pistol
Celestians with multi-melta and Immolator
Two squads of sisters in Rhinos with two flamers
Two Exorists.

Mission was Objectives (three for us). Only troops without transports and heavy support units could start the game on the table, everything else had to be in reserve. Therefore, both of us had all, or most of our forces in reserve. He deployed only his exorists and then we waiting for everything else to walk on.

I ended up focusing most of my attention (beisdes one marine squad, and one spawn unit) on the right side of the table. He blew up one of my Rhinos right off the Bat, but my spawn and princes quicky made ground up the right side of the table, forcing my opponent to retreat his forces into the middle of the table. I lost very little from the exorists due to cover, and bad rolls on my opponents part. The left flank has my marine squad's rhino camping on the objective, while I lashed his unit off of it last turn, and his Canoness was chasing my fleeing squad off the table.

End of the game saw my last two marines holding onto an objective, and no one near any of the other two objectives. I ended up loosing both Rhinos, most of my marines and only a couple of spawn. The fact my only long ranged missle was my Bolt of Change made long ranged artillery like the exorcists hard to budge until I got to them. Thankfully I was blessed with good saves, and my opponents rolls for their shots were terrible.

The secondary mission was to get a unit besides an empty dedicated transport into the opponents deployment zone, as we both tied on this (Grindgobble for me, and canoess for my opponent) I got a solid win.

here are some pictures from the game.


My second game was against Tyranids.

He had a Tyrant with barbed strangler and talons. Also the psychic power which pants your WS/BS.
Trygon prime
Unit of 14 Hormogaunts, without Poison?!
Unit of 15 Termigaunts.
Unit of 8 or so Genestealers.
Unit of 3 warriors.
Unit of two hive Guard.

Mission was some strange Tau mission where skimmer tanks could outflank from behind your opponents table edge. I rolled off to be the Tau player, but all that managed to do was deny my opponent reserves. Objetive was kill points, secondary was to kill HQ units.

The game started off cripplingly horribly for me. I managed to (With lash) get a massive charge on the Trygon (Both Princes, and two units of spawn), but I managed to get only two wounds on it, while I managed to still loose by a whole bunch and lost all the spawn and crippled the two princes. The combat lasted two more rounds, with only Painfury left with one wound, finally slaying the Trygon. Painfury then got a face full of Hive Guard shots and falling immediately after.

With all this, I thought I was a goner, but I had two spawn and one marine squad chew through a genestealer squad, both Hormigaunt and Termigaunt squads with suffering only minor losses. My second five man unit charged the Warriors, caused four wounds on them, suffered no wounds in return and nearly killed the entire unit with No retreat. Game ended with me having two chaos marines and three spawn alive, while he had just the tyrant and Hive Guard. However, I had substantially more Kill Points lost, and I also lost the secondary objective, thus I suffered a massacre defeat.

I am confident, that I should have won the combat agaisnt the Trygon, and that would have changed things for me a lot.


Game Three.

Vanguard Mission, against space marines. My opponent was the space marine player (and played space marines). Objectives, I deployed up to half way up the table, my opponent had the first turn and walked on from his table edge.

My opponents force was,

Libraian in terminator armour. Power was Vortex of Doom
Five terminators

One ten man squad with flamer and plasmagun, powerfist champ.
One five man squad with lascannon
One five man squad with special weapon (??)
One Ten man squad with multi-melta

One squad had a razorback with twin-las.

I deployed as far as humanly possible, up to the top/right of my zone.

My opponent chose to deepstrike his Libraian and terminators. Plasma squad walked on on the far left, Razorback and other marines all walked on on my side of the table. The lascannon on the Razorback popped my Rhino and wounded a couple spawn around the Rhino.

I jumped my princes both to the woods in the middle of the table. Spawn surged after. Footslogging squad followed the Rhino towards the objective on my opponents half of the table. With lash I was able to get a massive charge on one of his squads of marines, which ended in a bunch of marines dead. In his turn, the Librarian failed to show up, and his fire power left much to be wanting.

My second turn saw Grindgobble charge, and destroy the razorback, while Painfury lashed and charged another squad of marines and started chomping on them.

My opponent had his plasmacannon scatter, and his only marines not in combat took some shots in Vain at Grindgobble Witherfume. In my turn, Grindy turned two of the marines into spawn, and then him and Painfury both jumped down near my marines to deal with any potential terminators, which showed up on the third turn, scattering the vortex of Doom and then got double charged by my Daemon princes and killed in shot order, Libraian and all.

At this point, the game quickly went into a tabling in my favour. However, the highlight was one unit of four marines, which ended up killing eight spawn in combat by themselves! (Before getting turned into spawn themselves and killing eachother).

I think the tally was like six spawn, spawned that game, and a massacre win.


My fourth, and last game, was against the only other Space Marine player. Mission was infestion. We rolled off to see who'd be the 'tyranids', and my opponent got the honour. All his models got the stealth special rule, but all mine got prefered enemy. Also, he had three quarters of the table to deploy in, as long as he was 12" away from mine. Kill Points.

My opponents force was..

Shrike and 5 man Vanguard(elite jet-pack troops) chock full of powerwepons, fist and storm sheilds.
Two Dreads (one with assault cannon, one with multi-melta).
One squad of marines with lascannon.
One squad of scouts with snipers and missile launcher.

This game I decided that spawn with preferred enemy are a dirty, dirty thing.

The game began with my Princes taking a lot of wounds fast, but they managed to kill both dreads before my spawn could get killed by them. My two marine squads chased the scouts with their Bolters, while Grindgobble crashed into a rock and died, while Shrike and pals killed the Wounded Painfury. My Spawn then proceeded to kill the tactical squad, vanguard and shrike all within three turns. I managed twenty five wounds on the vanguard in my assault phase, and then nine wounds on shrike in his. I tabled my opponent before the fourth turn. His army relied on the super-unit of Shrike and Vanguard. Makes no difference against me, as I had no saves on my spawn anyway and I clobbered him.

Game ended with a massacre win, VIA tabling. I lost two spawn, and both princes only.


At the end of the tourny, I came out with second place for best overall, and the award for best background. I was apparently only three points less then the number one player.

overall, a fun series of games, and loads of fun. The store manager said that he liked how bizarre my army was, and they kept my background book I made as an example of what is awesome background. I ended up with a Chaos Lord on steed of slaanesh from the fantasy range to convert into a blissgiver lord, as my prize.
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