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WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar
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Default WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar 1500 points/3-9-10

Hey everyone! I really enjoyed this game, and it’s high time I made a battle report. Since I have nothing better, I decided to use paint. It’s pretty easy to understand, though.

At my LGS we’ve been doing a planetary empires campaign. As it stands, I have 1 of each building and my opponent has none. Effectively he got 1700 points and I got 1650. I also got a universal special rule and +2 to my reserve rolls. Snazzy!

Game: Planetary Empires, sabotage
Orks defend (oh boy…), and Space Marines attack
Objective: Space Marines must assault my objective for a turn to win. I must defend said objective the ENTIRE game. If ever a SM squad assaults the objective and I can’t get them off in one turn for whatever reason, my opponent wins.

Dubledox’s Ironfist WAAAGH!!

-Power klaw, ‘eavy armor, cybork enhancement
10 Kommandos + Gorsnik
-2 burnas, Snikky
-Power klaw, ‘eavy armor
-Bosspole, ‘eavy armor
-Painboy, cybork
-Cybork, big choppa
-‘Eavy armor, big choppa
-Battlewagon dedicated transport w/ deffrolla, 1 big shoota, grot riggers
29 boys + 1 nob
-Nob upgrade w/ ‘eavy armor, power klaw, bosspole
-2 big shootas
25 ‘ard boys + 1 nob
-Nob upgrade w/ ‘eavy armor, power klaw, bosspole
-2 big shootas
11 boys + 1 nob
-Nob upgrade w/, power klaw, bosspole
-1 big shoota
-Trukk dedicated transport w/ reinforced ram
11 boys + 1 nob
-Nob upgrade w/ bosspole
-1 big shoota
-Trukk dedicated transport w/ reinforced ram
3 Deffkoptas
-3 Twin-linked rokkit launchas

Last Sons of Ultramar, The Ashen Hearts

Chapter Master Mearn
-relic blade, artificer armor
10 Vanguard
-3 powerfists, 3 power weapons, 4 plasma pistols
10 Space Marines
10 Space Marines
10 Space Marines
10 Scouts
-Sarge has ccw and bolt pistol, rest bolters
10 Scouts
-All have ccw’s and bolt pistols
Ironclad Dreadnought
-Hurricane bolter, chainfist, meltagun, heavy flamer
Ironclad Dreadnought
-Dread CCW, chainfist, heavy flamer, x2 hunter killer
-Dread CCW, assault cannon, heavy flamer
Land Raider Crusader
-Hurricane bolters, multi-melta, assault cannon

Warboss Dubledox grinned a menacing, toothy grin as he watched the squigs jump into the breeding pool. Within a few short days, he would have a breeding ground large enough to double his attack force into da beakie’s territory. Already the ground in the abandoned city was beginning to turn green as fungal spores spread throughout the ruins, radiating from the central pool in the bombed out space port. His orks had taken up camp around it, and were busy eating, fighting, and trading teef for the humie’s puny weapons.

“Oi, Gorsnik!” Shouted Dubledox. “Get down from der!”

“Yeah, boss.” Said Gorsnik, letting himself drop from a concrete rafter suspended far from the ground. He deactivated his heat-vision goggles and lifting them off his face. A pair of tiny, beady red eyes gazed back at the Warboss. “Whatcha need?”

“I’ze hungry, and me nobz is too! Why don’t ya find us some grub round dis wreckage?”

Gornsnik glared at Dubledox. If the boss wasn’t twice his size, he’d have my knives in his back by now. “Sure thing, boss. K’mon ladz,” he said to a group of orks behind him. They leapt to the feet and darted off into the distance.

Dubledox relaxed now that Gorsnik was out of his presence. Always made him nervous, that one. He turned to Skullthraka, a heavily armored nob to his left, who appeared to be vibrating and causing quite a loud sound with his metal armor clinking about.

“Ey, Skullthraka! Stop dat bleedin’ ruckus before I come over der and bash your ‘ead in!” Dubledox shouted.

“Sorry boss,” Skullthraka said, “I can’tz help it! Da whole bloomin’ ground is shakin’!”

“By gork, you’z is right!” Dubledox flicked on his power klaw with an oafish thumb. “Somefing’s making that sound, and I bet it’s somefing for us to fight!”

“Hopefully it’s somefing tougher than the gitz who in dis here town,” interjected am ‘ard boy from behind Dubledox.

Dubledox swung his klaw round and splattered the unfortunate ork into the pavement. “Shuttup, ladz! Dis here aint no guard. Here dat rumblin’? Sounds like he beakies want their town back.” Dubledox let out a low, dark cackle. “Everybody up, it’s time for WAAAGHH!! Let’s show who was meant for fightin’ and winnin’!”

“Oh boy… I sure hope it’s us…” Skullthraka thought softly to himself, as he looked over the horizon at cloud of exhaust fumes coming from a brigade of vehicles and a line of dreadnoughts”

Pre-game: Map is a fairly dense city fight, not much cover in the middle. I’m allowed to set up all of my units in an 8” bubble, with vehicles allowed to be partially inside. I set up my entire army, save Gorsnik and the Koptas, in said bubble. I then prepare for the first turn Marine storm of death!

Space Marines: Turn 1

He sets up his entire army in the 12” off the right side of the board. Up top are his rhinos, in the middle are his ironclads, below are is Crusader and dreadnought. His scouts are hanging out in reserves (which will come on the length of the table, not width)

He shoots his landraider crusader straight at my battlewagon and his vanguard marines and chapter master pile out. Easily within assault range… not good. Rhinos move six and and pepper my ‘ard boyz, who lose a couple. The other goes south by the dread. The ironclads advance 6”. Then precedes to shoot his entire army at the Battlewagon, which miraculously does absolutely nothing, the melta shot and HK missile both getting a 13 to pen on the front. Whew! But there’s no way it can survive all those powerfists.

He assaults the BW with his vanguard and destroys it with a krad, saving my nobz from being exploded by a powerfist. Most importantly, it wasn’t destroyed in the shooting so he couldn’t assault my nobz and Warboss.
__________________________________________________ ______________________

“What’s all dis, then?” questioned Dubledox as he jerked open the hatch to the driver’s cockpit of his battlewagon. “Why aren’t we goin’?”

“Sorry boss, da engines fried.” Replied the mek.

“Wot?!? We’ze just got in and you is tellin’ me we ain’t going anywhere! You better have a good zarking excuse!”

At that instant a stream of bullets flew through the cockpit and hit the mek square in between the eyes. There was a rumble of explosions beneath the vehicle as a dozen krak grenades blew off the treads and split the wagon in two.

“Ok, that’ll do,” mumbled Dubledox. “C’mon nobz, we better get out of here before da beakies start tearin’ us up!” The battlewagon collapsed in around the grot repair crew as the nobz tumbled out of the back when Chapter Master Mearn dug his relic blade into the heart of the beast.

“Filthy orks. We will have our vengeance. I will mount the monstrosity’s head on my Land Raider,” Mearn stated coldy, as his squad tore the vehicle apart. “Now where are you…”

The dust settled slowly, and smoke and sparks choked the thick air. He could make out a massive shadow, getting closer. Closer.

Orks: Turn 1

Ok, strongest vehicle destroyed? Check. No ranged anti-armor? Check. Wall of vehicles approaching, all with flamers? Check. Doesn’t look good, but I won’t concede on turn 1! I move my nobz around the battlewagon to get ready to assault his vanguard and chapter master. I also move my trucks 6” and take some pot shots at rhinos. The boyz in the center move towards the wall of iron, but roll poorly on their difficult terrain test. I declare my WAAAGH!!! And the ‘ard boyz move forward 5”, huzzah! My Warboss and nobz fleet off the difficult puddle of mud to get a clean assault.

Nothing happens in the dakka phase, but orks make up for it. My nobz charge his vanguard, killing them all except his Chapter Master. He strikes back and wounds 2 nobz, pounds 2 into the dirt (the injured ones ) and does a wound to my Warboss. His Chapter Master fails the morale check and runs! My fleeted ‘ard boyz charge the ironclad, hoping to stay stuck in. My nob pens with his klaw, but only shakes it. The ironclad strikes back and kills 3 orks, and 2 more from stupidty. Er… fearless… So much for that ‘eavy armor!

Space Marines: Turn 2

My opponent successfully brings in his CC scouts, and sends them in straight towards my nob squad, pistols blazing. They’re still pretty far away, though. His other ironclad runs up to join in the fray against my now 22 ork strong mob. Yaaay distraction! His rhinos drive up 18” and unload their space marines. (ROOOADS!!) One squad kareens my trukk straight into his squad, the other kills climbs up top of the ruins and kills half a dozen boyz. The last advances cautiously. Crusader drives forward and blasts away another half dozen boyz. His dreadnought below moves forward and shoots my nobz, failing to do anything.

His scouts are exactly within 6” of the nobz and Dubledox, so they charge in, and of course the ironclads go to town on my ‘ard boyz. Once again, the nob fails to do anything and 5 more boyz die. His scouts attack, doing nothing, and I strike back by killing them all. Ok, nobz are doing pretty well!

Maybe I’ll be able to turn this mess around…

Oh yeah, he’s got two tac squads within 12 inches of my objective. And all his vehicles are scratch free. I could sure use some reinforcements right about now! *cough, cough*

“All units, hear me,” said Chapter Master Mearn as he retreated, “My squad has sustained massive casualties, I must fall back. But we go forward today to drive out the xenos from our sacred city of Semia! We must push onward regardless. Rhinos, report.”

“Advancing into the square with suppressive fire m’lord, the ork scum are remaing stationary on the primary objective.”

“Excellent,” said Mearn. “Dreadnoughts, let your bravery and skill guide us through the ensuing battle ahead.”

“In the Emperor’s name, I will purge the unclean from this place,” rumbled the vanguard Austigo from deep within his sarcophagus.

“So say we all, brother. Scouts, report. Scouts?” Mearn didn’t get a response, but had faith in his scout company to outflank and find a way around the ork position.

Gornisk’s blade slid aross the scout’s throat cleanly and the man fell to the ground, not making a sound. At the same instant, a dozen kommandos jumped down and landed their axes in the rest of the man’s squad. The burnas were getting restless, however.

“Hey Boss, when’s we gonna get into da fight? I gotz me an itchy trigga finger!”

“Shut yer trap. We’re movin’ in now,” said Gorsnik, as he pulled his meter long knife out of the last scout’s chest. “Right through dat ruined building. Go.”

Orks: Turn 2

Deffkoptas fail to show up, but Gorsnik and the Ko’ork’dos show up, I choose to deploy them on the upper edge, to counter that tac squad. My orks in the trukk get closer, as do the boyz in the ruins guarding the objective, to get some revenge. My non-exploded trukk moves over the DT and the squad piles out, just in assault range of his fleeing chapter master! The Warboss breaks off and goes after the land raider, and the nobz go after the dreadnought. Hey, I might kill something! Shooting phase yields the death of a marine in the middle squad, two wounds on the Chapter Master, and half a torched squad of marines by Gornisk’s burnas. Huzzah!

Assault phase goes well to say the least. Warboss misses badly, OK. Shootas attack the chapter master and cause 15 wounds, he fails 4 of them. My nobz blow up the dreadnought right away, and my incompetent nob fighting the two ironclads destroys one and earns back his good rep (he was the first ork I bought, old metal blister)

In the shooting phase my opponent willingly failed all of his morale checks to put some distance in between us. Not far enough thuough, I charged forward with Gorsnik and my big mob of boyz and wiped the roads with their power armor. There’s still one dreadnought, a tac squad in a rhino, and scouts, that can pull this out for him. But this assault phase has seriously shifted the balance towards da purple WAAAGH!!

Space Marines: Turn 3

Bolter scouts come in and double tap my nobz, who take 1 wound on the PK. Thanks painboy! His land raider goes 12”, tank shocks my big mob out of the way, hits them with hurricane bolters, and lands on top of the ruins, passing his DT test. Gork, that was bold! His rhino zooms forward and disgorges a tac squad, which kill 7 orks. I pass my morale w/o the bosspole. He now makes a wall with his rhinos, blocking the road to get to his men who will undoubtedly go for the objective.

Unfortunately for him, that’s all his shooting, and no assaults are declared.

Orks: Turn 3

Deffkoptas show up, which zoom onto the table and fail to shoot the backside of a speeding rhino. Snikky and my shootas run down to the objective, but are essentially useless at this point. My dwindling mob of boyz lines up to defend the objective, preparing to assault. The Warboss takes a dangerous test and leaps over the dead battlewagon to take out the final tactical squad threatening the objective. My nobz run over to the scouts, thoroughly disgruntled.

I unleash a bloody assault phase now. My nobz charge the scouts through difficult, but take no wounds and deal out enough to kill the entire squad perfectly. My Warboss and boyz mob assaults the last squad and kill them, with minimal boy losses. My nob, in a crazy double whammy, takes out the other Ironclads legs, making him unable to assault the objective! With that the game is over, as the Space Marines can’t destroy the objective.

Aftermath: That was by far the most fun match I’ve played in a while. There was a lot of back and forth, even though it was a short game. The turns were very long, though. When I saw that wall of iron headed for me I thought for sure it was over. If he had attacked all at once and at a single point it definitely would have been. I think his downfall was getting his dreadnoughts bogged down instead of moving on, and not sending in all of his rhinos at the same time. The beginning Crusader rush was gutsy, and managed to destroy my deffrolla BW, but cost him his commander and elite vanguard squad. His CC scouts were totally useless, though his bolters proved good distractions. Overall, very fun. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

If you're reading this then you've won the game. Congratulations, you're free!
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Default Re: WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

Sounds like a great game! Looks like a pretty cool urban board too. I never see people playing with roads, so that's pretty neat too.

That's kind of a brutal marine list you went up against. One ironclad gives me enough trouble, but he had 2? Ouch. That nob was on fire against them. You should totally post a pic of this orky hero! ;D

I'm actually surprised that you did as well as you did against the vanguard and chapter master. 6+nobz plus warboss doesn't seem like it would fare too well against 10 vanguard and the big man. Mork must have truly been smiling on you. Good job! ;D

You mark the turning point as later on, but I think tearing up that big expensive unit for only two losses was a pretty big swing in your favor.

Just out of curiosity, what do you think of the planetary empire rules overall?
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Default Re: WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

It was a pretty good game, ya! I can get pics of the nob up as soon as I find my camera battery charger. He failed a lot of armor saves against me in the main turn 1 assault, that was pretty much his downfall. That and I made a couple of cybork saves.

Planetary empires is cool, but it can get a little unfair. It starts out with even bonuses, but eventually you get one side who has nothing and the other with loads of buildings. It gives incentive to do battles, and when you get an 8 man campaign going like we have it is amazingly fun. The less territories you have, the more bonus points you get, also. Overall it's a pretty good rules set, and it never gets extremely unfair, and just slightly favors the winner.
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Default Re: WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

Sounds like a fun game to play. The terrain looks good as well.

I just have one question, you say you used the waaaagh! in the first turn, did you? Because if you did it is illegal, unless I am missing something, am I?

Great report though.

- Will
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Default Re: WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

Good golly, you're right! I guess I just got caught up in the turn and nobody called me on it. Damn. I don't think it wouldn't have made a huge difference, but still, not good. Thanks for pointing that out!
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Default Re: WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

Very nice game!
I can't add anything more than other people have said, but you are a very, very brave soul to fight a mission with roads... Letting marines move 6" more each turn is a nightmarish proposition...
Good job on the win, and I must say that preferred enemy on Nobz is just... I dream of such potential for destruction

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Default Re: WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

Great job on your first of hopefully many battreps. I really liked the fluff througout the story too, instead of just in the beginning. The use of paint is better than nothing, and it does add to the overall report.

From the mission objectives it looked like you were fighting an uphill battle, so well done on the win.

+1 :cookie: for a jobs a gud un.

Can you modify the first post so the title reads army X Vs army Y ---points/date
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Default Re: WAAAGH! Ironfist vs. The Ashen Hearts, Last Sons of Ultramar

Sure thing, thanks a lot!
If you're reading this then you've won the game. Congratulations, you're free!
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