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750 points Tau vs Tyranids! March xx, 2010
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 750 points Tau vs Tyranids! March xx, 2010

This was a battle between my 750 point Tyranids and my friends 750 point Tau. The true irony of the entire thing was that both our armies were proxy'ed, his with Orks, mine with a combination of IG, Chaos and Orks. The reason for this was he hasn't bought his models yet, and i only just started my Tyranids, before this playing IG and Chaos.

We played Annihilation and full deployment, no reserves.

My list was:
2x Zoanthrope
8x Genestealers
40x Termagants
3x Warriors

Im a bit hazy about his list as I dont really understand Tau, however I believe it was:
1x Crisis battle suit (HQ)?
3x Xv8 battlesuit thingies? They had jump packs
20x Tau warriors, 10 had carbines, 10 pulse rifles. Both squads had 2 gun drones.
1x hammerhead tank

He won the first turn roll, but i seized the initiative succesfully . He set up all his units in one block in the middle of his table side, while i spread mine out. The main body of Termagants was divided into blocks of 20. One had a zoanthrope and Tervigon as synapse and one had the warriors. The remaining Zoanthrope was skulking behind terrain on the extreme left of the table.
My genestealers infiltrated to within 12".... of his hammerhead

Turn 1 (Nids)
My genestealers leapt out, and in a frenzy of attacks, immobilized and destroyed 2 weapons off the Hammerhead. They ended their turn hidden behind the tank, protecting them from the Tau warriors vengeful wrath. I moved all my units forward towards the enemy. My warriors fired their barbed strangler at the warrior squad with carbines, I inflicted 2 casualties but failed to pin.

Turn 1 (Tau)
He moved his Xv8 jumpsuit thingies forward, and opened up into my second termagant squad. That combined with the Tau warrior carbines inflicted 11 casualties. A 4+ cover save saved me from heavier casualties. His commander moved up to shoot the termagaunts as well, but moved parallel to my Zoanthrope skulking behind terrain. His Tau warrior (pulse rifles) moved 6 inches away from the hammerhead and genestealers, attempting to get out of assault range. This however meant they were unable to shoot at anything that turn.

Turn 2 (Nids)
The genestealers rushed forward again and, aided by a wonderful run roll, engaged the Tau warriors (pulse rifles) in CC. Simultaneously, the termagaunt squad that had taken such grievous casualties, fired (inflicting one wound) and rushed forward to assault the jump pack suit things (Crisis suit or battlesuit i cant decide). My Tervigon managed to klkn out 11 Gaunts, making up all the losses I had made, and moved forward along with my second batch of gaunts closer to the tau battleline. The Genestealers won their combat, and in a sweeping advance eliminated the squad of warriors. The Termagaunts however failed me miserably and were eliminated in a sweeping advance as well . However at this point, my Zoanthrope (the one parallel to the commander) fired across the terrain with Warp Lance and eliminated the 4 Wound commander in a single hit.

At this point I had lost (net) about 10 Termagaunts. He had lost his commander, 1/2 his warriors, and his hammerhead (reduced to uselessness). His entire army was within assault range next turn. We called it a GG, and left it at that. A rather short, but exhilarating game.

I may have left out some details, but that is the main gist of the battle. Hope its as enjoyable to you, as it was to us. I apologize for my inability to correctly name the Tau units, it is by no means a negative reflection on the Tau race, more so on my terrible memory lol.
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Default Re: 750 points Tau vs Tyranids! March xx, 2010

Too bad he didn't fight to the bitter end, but it was clear you were going to consume him. If I were him though, I still would have tried to kill as many nids as I could before getting slaughtered. Nice job with the genestealers. I did the same thing with mine, except I blew up a predator, and then lost my cover. Hope to see some more reports from you, and this time find someone who can give you a better challenge.
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