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Imperium Vs Necrons Vs Tyranids Vs Tau---Megabattle---2500 points--- 2/10/10
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Default Imperium Vs Necrons Vs Tyranids Vs Tau---Megabattle---2500 points--- 2/10/10

This was a game nearly a month in the making, as each team consisted of two people. I am also posting this to try and show that this kind of game is possible to pull off in one afternoon with the right preparation and was quite fun. Each team had 2500 points, and a single Force Org Chart. There were 5 objectives, 1 for each team, and 1 in the center of the 8x8 board. We deployed in corners.

Imperium: Myself and my friend's Imperial Guard. 3 tactical marine squads each with melta gun, then rocket launcher, plasma cannon, and las cannon. Plasma squad was in Rhino. 1 melta attack bike. 1 land raider with 5 terminators and terminator captain with Lightning claws. The Guard had 2 basilisks, and 3 leman russ (one executioner), as well as one guardsmen squad (grenade launcher) one stormtrooper, and a command squad with lascannon platform, and two autocannon sentinels. Overall quite mechanized with a solid firebase.

Going clockwise, to the race that started first, Tyranids: 15 warriors, mostly ST and deathspitters, 4 rending claws and ST. 3 shrikes with Rending Claws and Boneswords (no I don't know). 20 termagaunts, the Swarmlord with Guard, Doom of Malanti with spore, 2 zoanthropes with spores, lictor, trygon, 3 carnifexes with SC+ST, 1 'normal' Hive Tyrant with VC and ST (but armoured shell). Quite a big bugs kinda list sporting two special characters, ohh my!

Necrons: Always easy to write, 50 warriors, 6 destroyers, 2 heavy destroyers, 1 lord destroyer with war scythe, 1 lord orb+veil, monolith, 6 wraiths, 2 tomb Spyders. 20 warriors and wraiths in reserve. A risky move, it didn't pay off, overall a stoic and adaptable list.

Lastly (well I went LAST technically) was the Tau. A terrifying construction of mechanization: 4 warfish each with 12 kitted fire warriors inside (ShasUi, Bonding knife), 8 pathfinders, 3 braodsides with shield drones, 5 deathrain suits (with commander PR-CIB), and two railheads.

The field was mostly symmetrical, with everyone but the nids getting a large ruin to garrison in, each deployment has clear shots at the others, with cover as 'sidewalks on the firing lane' And as I said The nids started us off. in interest of time, I will summarize the major happenings of each 4 turns at a time. The game started at 12-30, we were out by 4:45 with 5 turns, kind of a miracle in retrospect.

Turn 1: Tyranids moved swarmord towards imperium with shrikes, everything else moved on the necrons. The Necrons veiled in behind the Nids advance with 3 destroyers trying to get the jump on em but turbo flubbed rolling doing nothing, 10 warriors nabbed his home objective, they stayed there all game unopposed. The other destoyers, advanced, towards the nids (Trygon Hive Tyrant, melee warriors)... The Tau began pounding the imperium with railgun fire, but lucky our cover saves from going last deploying last held true, they also popped a tomb spyder with missile pod fire. Imperium fired on the shrikes first, as they were threatening a tac sqaud, having only 3 made this easy. Heavy weapons were then flung towards the Tau, but were just as effective. The Executioner was out of range on the broadsides. My marines held our home objective, the rhino and bike headed out for the center ASAP. At the same time I fired everything possible at the Swarmlord, wounding it twice, killing the guard.

Turn 2 Tyranids crushed a squad of necron warriors, tomb spyder and the destroyers in combat, the veiled destroyers were shot to death by termagaunts and the carnifexes SC, the lord survived. The swarlord edged ever closer, now getting some deathspitter warrior backupNecrons Not getting the hint that Tyranids are better in combat sent in his destroyer lord, tried his Shroud of darkness, failing to make anyone run. The surviving lord, veiled away to some far off warriors, getting ready to veil again. Tau Moved the devilfish around, fired the broadsides at the executioner, shaking it (several times yay extra armor), and hammerheads fired at the basilisks, and failed to penetrate on the hit. to make up for this, the crisis suits opened fire on my bike, rolled badly to hit and wound, only had to make 2 saves, but I couldn'tImperium My landraider edges around trying to get a sot at the swarmlord (he was using some tower for total LoS Block. The swarmlord takes another 2 wounds, and 1 wound from the objective holding Tac squad. The other tac squad fired with the basilisk, but the hammerheads D-Pods ere working especially fine, the leman russ seemed to figure it out, stunning of of them. The executioner now began to fire at the broadsides, killing the shield drones, and wounding one of them.

Turn 3 Tyranids They got all their reserve rolls dropped the doom, 2 zoanthropes, and a lictor on the imperium. The doom managed to fail and only kill one Guardsmen, and decided NOT to shoot his beamy death gun, as he could not reliably hurt anything near him. The Zoanthropes lanced the leman russ, annihilating one of them, the other unscathed. The Swarmlord had enough of trying to hide and blitzed toward my tac squad on the objective, which was in cover, which snared the swarmlord from closing into CC . The necrons were now trying to just survive the coming storm, focused down the warriors, butt he Trygon still had a single wound left! They also got their monolith in, deestriking it RIGHT into the Tau and fired a flux arc off, destroying one devilfish, immobilizing another, and stunning what was left (hammerheads unscathed). The lord then veiled with 10 warriors RIGHT on the center objective where my marines were heading. The Tau did not like the monolith, and fired all railguns at it, destroying it with the final shot. This gave us a much needed break from AT fire. The crisis team then fired at my advancing marines, not the objective holding necrons killing 3. Imperium Then responded quickly by firing the plasma cannon at the Tau broadsides along with the executioner wiping all but the team lead from existence (that's 6 plasma cannon shots, im surprised they lived). The swarmlord now out of cover caught two lascannon from the land raider and the disembarked terminators in the face and died. The doom took a lascannon and died, and massed bolter fire, and lasgun fire killed the zoanthropes. The command squad then fired its lascannon at the lictor, who forgot that he needs cover to survive that kinda thing. The Rhino surged towards the objective, forcing the necrons to move aside. The stormtroopers then got a lucky shot on the broadside teamlead, and took them down.

turn 4 TyranidsWondering why they went towards the imperium in the first place, make one last push with the termagaunts while everything else retreats toward the center objective. The necrons are now totally routed from their zone, and replaced by bugs.Necrons start counting for phase, and realize that they aren't in too bad of shape, the lord veild back to the last un engauged warrior squad in anticipation for turn 5. All other warriors hold. Tau Reeling from the loss of the broadside fire back with hammerheads, knocking out a basilisk and shaking a leman russ. The crisis team tears down some necron warriors, while 3 rail rifle pathfinders shot to kill, wiping out my backup combat squad that almost made it to the objective. The devilfishes approach the middle now as well, stunning the senses out of my rhino, an destroying its stormbolter :-[. Imperium Smells blood in the water, firing the executioner into the crisis team, knocking away THEIR shield drones and wounding the commander, leman russ misses, and the basilisks do basilisk size damage to the gaunt sized squad, leaving 6. my terminators an marines focus fire down the nearby warriors with deathspitters.

Turn 5 (must be last due to store closure and ended up being last anyways) Tyranids Assault my home objective with termagaunts, they get wiped by my tac squad before they can even attack back. The relatively slow carnifexes finally get range on the center firing at the necrons, not doing much, but only 5 remain to contest my Rhino. The Tyranids now hold one home objective. The necrons Having much spite at this point shake my rhino a bit more, and his lord veils into the tyranid home objective to contest! The necrons now contest 2 and hold one, tyranids have none!. Tau feel like making it easy for me or something and gun down the remaining necrons on the center objectives, and destroy my rhino, but have no shots remaining as other shots went to disable the leman russ and executioner. They hold one home objective. Imperium have last turn Hold two objectives, and what happens doesn't matter, there is no way we can lose, so we do some humiliation clearing of our deployment (captain with lightning claws tears some weakend warriors to shreads, the last of the necrons are routed, the ta vehicles get annoyed by our finally arriving sentinels.

Imperium 2
Tyranids 0 (contested with necrons)

Overall a pretty strange game, the Tau and Imperium shot each other back and forth not doing real damage until later. The necrons got crippled by losing all reserves from losing monolith. The Tyranids divided their forces and didn't attack as a unified force, so were easily dealt with in a stepwise fashion. Overall a crazy fast paced game, definitely hope we can get another going.
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 4 Way Mega Battle: Imperium Vs. Necrons Vs. Tyranids Vs. Tau

Awesome battle report I always enjoy battles like these hope to see some more.
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Default Re: 4 Way Mega Battle: Imperium Vs. Necrons Vs. Tyranids Vs. Tau

Sounds like a fun battle. Did you have any problems when it came to all-vs-all eg. multiple army combats or three armies ganging up on one?

Is there anything you would have done differently if you were to do this again?
And overall, how did you find it in the enjoyment factor?
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Default Re: 4 Way Mega Battle: Imperium Vs. Necrons Vs. Tyranids Vs. Tau

Yea there wer a few issue in the organization, especially remember that the Doom of Malanti states EVERY shooting phase his aura of death goes off. We therefore amended this rule to the Tyranid player's shooting phase and a randomly determined players shooting phase (just to be fair). Clearly getting double the wounds was not intended and it was no problem.

Multiple combats did not occur but similar to the doom's ruling combat would only be fought in your assault phase and who-ever you are fighting's assault phase. The idea was to not let any unit do more than it could really do if it was a 1v1.

Enjoyment, pretty awesome, but that's coming from the winner right. I think my Necron buddy felt kinda shafted getting attacked by the Tau and Tyranids so hard, basically to my gain (if they go the other way, they aren't going mine). but its not so much that they all went one way as I rolled better.

When the table is so big, remember that placing an objective in the middle requires a tall person (or replaying the D-Day invasion using sticks to move models around). The size of the table, plus square, not triangular deployment fields ensured that you COULD be as close to the enemy across the table, as to your neighbors, but I decided to fight just 2 fronts not 3.

Ganging up would logically (rational thought can be finicky) only happen if the group felt one team was overpowered in comparison. implementation one of FoC helps, else the 3 leman russ and basilisks could have had 2 devastator squads and a predator with them, which is just an intimidating amount of firepower, and would be countered accordingly. Of course later that game when one person is on the objective, I can fully understand that all enemies will do their best to deny that objective, and may work together.

As far as repeats go, I am hoping to use my own Tyranids next time, but PREFERABLY my Eldar, OK just NOT Space Marines. They are nice in moderation, but I have used them quite a bit recently, I feel like playing them makes me feel more stupid by the game, gotta get back into specialist armies. Plus Eldar's mobility and Tyranids habit of popping up everytwhere on the battlefield would be nice when your enemies might be 4 feet away, shooting you with railguns...
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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Default Re: Imperium Vs Necrons Vs Tyranids Vs Tau---Megabattle---2500 points--- 2/10/10

Great report, only thing missing was some pictures. I've never done a four way battle, but I did a three way a while ago and it was really fun. I would love to play in a free for all game like that. I modified your first post so the title mimicked the rest of the board's topics. Hope to see another report soon, but you'd better watch out as the winner of this game you might get ganged up on next time.
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Default Re: Imperium Vs Necrons Vs Tyranids Vs Tau---Megabattle---2500 points--- 2/10/10

Ah yes, saw the edit, thanks.

Pictures were taken by Mr. Tau turn by turn, it was gonna be sweet, but the camera was just purchased and I think there was user error, heh didn't put the memory card in so none of the pictures saved.

Getting 8 peoples (full time employed + grad school - cars = no time!) schedules, even on the weekend, to match up can be difficult. We were going to have it a week sooner but that's when the battle book, or special missions, battle missions (?) came out so GW was packed. Finals are coming up too, but I'll try and rally for one more, after all 6 of them are leaving after finals :-[.

No doubt they will keep an eye on me next game, but 3v1 just makes my guys look 3 times as awesome...or make a very disgusting carpet.
Alright Blood Angels, who wants to play pin the Tau on the carnifex!
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