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Mardi Gras Alliance vs Eldar 2k 25 Jan 10
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Default Mardi Gras Alliance vs Eldar 2k 25 Jan 10

Witchhunters w/ IG Allies
Inquisitor: inferno pistol, power sword, psychic hood
Retinue: 3 veterans w/ plasma rifles, 2 sages
10 sisters: melta, heavy flamer, veteran w/ ccw, bolt pistol
Rhino w/ smoke
10 sisters: melta, heavy flamer, veteran w/ ccw, bolt pistol
Rhino w/ smoke
PC Squad 1: 4 melta
Chimera: heavy flamer, multi-laser
Squad 1: lascannon
Squad 2: lascannon
PC Squad 2: 4 melta
Chimera: heavy flamer, multi-laser
Squad 1: rocket launcher
Squad 2: rocket launcher
PC Squad 3: 4 melta
Chimera: heavy flamer, multi-laser
Squad 1:
Squad 2:
Chimera: heavy flamer, multi-laser
Armor Sentinel: plasma
Armor Sentinel: plasma
Scout Sentinel: Heavy Flamer
LRBT: heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponson

Eldar list:
Prince Yriel
Farseer: fortune, doom, warding, witnessing, spirit stones
8 fire dragons
Wave Serpent
10 Banshee's
Wave Serpent: bright lance
10 dire avengers: defend
Wave Serpent
14 guardians: brightlance
14 guardians: brightlance
8 rangers
8 jet bikes
3 vypers
5 dark reaper: fast shot, crack shot, tempest launcher
Support Weapon Battery: Vibro Cannon
Support Weapon Battery: Vibro Cannon

OK. I haven't done this for awhile. Well I think this is either my first or second report. Anyway practice makes perfect right. I was in the gw store painting my army until a player showed up and I wanted to drop my guard. When I fielded my guard he double checked my list to see if I could run all that I fielded. He was Little upset when I said whichhunnters with guard allies.

Seize Ground was rolled. I'm sure glad that this wasn't a kill point game. I'm figuring it's good we have to get out of each others deployment zone to hit the objectives. Each side had 3 pieces of terrain and two in the middle of the board. In the middle was a 3 story building placed in between my left and the center with a flat terrain piece to the right. Each player terrain pieces was 2 story buildings and evenly placed on both sides.

Deploy Forces:
Got to love dawn of war. This guy seems like he's an experienced player buy just not use fighting against allies. I was hoping for a non argument game or a game with few arguments.

I won the objective placement. I placed the first objective 1 foot away from the side of the board and 1 foot away from that point at a 45degree angle away. While the Eldar player of course put his on the third floor. I see the rangers on the side and wonder what they gonna do.

On the infiltrate move he placed his scouts on the objective on the left which was no surprise. I decided to outflank with my flame sentinel, while he kept his bikes and vypers in reserve.

The eldar player decided to let me deploy first. I decide to deploy platoon squad 1 with lascannons and platoon squad 2 with missile pods. Boy did deployment took forever with him whining about me laying down 7 squads. When the whining stoped I deployed my lascannon teams in the left and middle building. While rocket squad 1 went by the objective to the right and rocket squad 2 stayed in the center. Than I place my inquisitor squad in the middle of the board. Not to mention the 2 command squads on the far right and left of the board.
My mistake I forgot about the half of the board deployment where I could had two squads on the objectives before the game began. That mistake is what I'll call mistake #1 but the whining really didn't help. He didn't deploy anything.

Game Start:
This was the first time I seen anyone seize the int. Bub he still decided to let me go first.

Time to get my army on the board. Trying to figure out placement with constant whining about how much stuff I got and when his turn will start. All transports came in full 12". PC squads 1 and 2 jump in chimeras, PC 3 stays in it's chimera, Inquisitor jumps in extra Chimera, Exorcist and Russ move in 6". While guard squad standard 1 and 2 run on the board.

Very limited shooting. I either ran everything or move everything 1ft. My 2 lascannons and 2 rocket launchers didn't do much. Also my Russ and 2 exorcist manage killing 3 rangers. Nightfight kinda hurt but I forgot to use my spotlights on my Russ so the rest of my army can see them.


Eldar Turn1:
Moves everything on the board. 3 wave serpents turbo boost. Cast Fortune on Serpent. Both ic's joined dire avengers in 1 serpent. Serpent 2 had fire dragons. Serpent 3 had banshees.

Side note: I had a psychic hood and totally forgot. It's mainly due to all the whining and complaining going on. The game didn't get to turn 5 but I realised it at the end of turn 4 which was kinda late and would had made a difference in the game.

Shooting: 5 rangers fire at rocket squad in the middle of the board and all my guys save. Love the fact they need 3s to hit now.

Twidle thumbs

Turn 2:
Witchhunter 2:
Turn 1 was pretty uneventful. Dang turbo boosting. I got to take out those serpents.


All my transports move up and blow smoke. I keep my Inquisitor transport in the middle moving up 6". My 2 standard squads move up and run. Standard 1 head towards objective 1 near the rangers and Standard 2 heads towards the objective near me which I'll call 2. Tanks move up 6"


Long story short I blow up the serpent with dragons. Did nothing to the other two. My Exorcist took out the fire dragon serpent. My LRBT kills all but two dragons in cover with battle cannon and 9 heavy bolter shots. Inquisitor with plasma gunners kill the remaining two. I rolled 3 ones which my sages brought it down to two and failed one save and lost one gunner.


Eldar turn2:

His vyper squad comes on the board. He decided to run the squad of three as one big squad instead of 3 separate ones. I guess do to kps. His bikes don't come in

He turbo boost his vypers and two serpents. Everything either stays hidden or don't move.

Shooting: He has two vibrocannons hiding behind terrain on both corners of terrain buildings. I didn't realise he had to roll to hit with those things. Was quite aggravating cause I took his word that they auto hit.

Vibrocannon team 1 fires near objective 1 and kills 2 of my standard guard near the objective pinning them, hits a chimera and shake it while the exorcist gets stunned.
Vibrocannon team 2 destroys the launcher on the exorcist near objective 2.
Bright lance guardians stun inquisitor chimera.
Bright lance 2 squad immobilise sister rhino on the far right side.
Darkreapers fire at standard squad killing 7 and they didn't care.

None. But I bet it will happen next turn.

Turn 3:
He did a lot of effects on my forces. Haven't fought vibrocannons in a long time. I have to make sure he can't line me up like that again.


I move my chimeras up 6" so they can fire next turn. My other rhino heads toward objective 3 and gets immobilised. So the sisters get out and run on objective 3. Since I took heavy losses to 1 troop squad I move my far right chimera at objective 2. I keep my other squad of sisters in the rhino for back up near objective 2.


PC squad 3 chimera near objective 2 fires at vypers scoring 4 hits killing 2 vypers.
Missile Squad two fires at last vyper killing it. Love it when people fail cover saves.
Lascannon team two fires at banshee serpent and wreaks it.
Plasma Sentinel 2 fires getting weapon destroyed on other serpent.
LRBT fires at lascannon team 1 killing 5
Both chimeras on the left fire and take out the objective 1 vibrocannon.
Plasma Sentinel fires killing 2 rangers by Billy goat luck
Flame Sentinel comes in and roast 5 from 10 man guardian squad on the right. I want to shoot the vibrocannon team. But it becam an issue cause the other squad was slightly in the way and most models would actually prevent the vibrocannon squad from being shot.


I assaulted the guardians with my sentinel and died to warlock sword of doom. But he blew up taking 3 more guardians with him.

Eldar turn 3:

Man this game is turning to be a chore. I find out latter things like the cannon can't auto hit and some questionable things that actually benefited him. But I have to give him props on the heavy flamer on the first level can't hit the third floor. I probably would had fielded my walker knowing that to kill the rangers. I'm going to put flamers on my regular guardsmen now.


Bikes come in on the table as normal. Avengers and both ICs hop out only functional serpent - a weapon. Banshees advance towards my heavy missile team near objective 2.


Banshees shooting in units in cover negating the cover save since they are 2" away. I never heard of that BS. I let it slide cause it's banshees assaulting regular guard in combat so why bother with it.
Dark reapers, and bikes fire upon sister squad on objective 3. They fall under the effect of doom which I had two differant anti psychic effects I could had done but forgot. I went to ground hoping the unit will survive. He drooped 8 wounds via darkreapers and I failed 6 by rolling a bunch of 1 and 2s. than the bikes killed 3 more with my heavy bolter girl living but fleeing towards his avengers.
Brightlance team 1 runs toward objective 1 and brightlance team 2 stunes LRBT
Vibrocannon gets weapon destroyed on other Exorcist
Avengers kill my 3 man squad near banshees.


Banshees assault missile launcher team and kills them
Prince and Warlock stuns LRBT

Turn 4:

Things is looking bad at the right flank. While I have 2 functional chimeras and a standard squad vs a guardian squad and 3 rangers. I need things going to make things happen. Than the red shirt state this is the last turn. I felt I could had won this game but I guess I'll have to go for the draw instead.


I move my 2 chimeras in flame postion, while my standard guard squad head for objective 1. Inquisitor steps out due to his chimera being stunned. Sisters pop out of chimera to combat the harlequins and the PC squad in chimera hop out near objective 2. They wouldn't had pop out if we had gone full game.

Sisters waste the banshee squad. Took a long time debating the wounds on the heavy flamer. He was trying to get out of 4 banshees dying with trying to get only 2.
Inquisitor squad, lascannon squad, rocket squad, 2 plasma cannons, and 4 melta gunners killed 8 avengers out of 10. Man I really hate cover saves.

At this point we had to call it. He wanted to argue the fact he would had won. Objective 1 at best he can contest. But as soon as the rangers come down a level they would had been heavy flames plus 17 guardsmen fighting them in hth. Objective 2 had the waveserpent near it but I had melta's in my sister squad who would had jumped in the chimera. Not to mention the 4 melta gunners he had to kill on the objective. Objective 3 all he had to do was move the bikes up.

I had left
3 chimera
3 pc squads with 12 melta guns
7 man squad
Full squad of sisters
2 immobilised rhinos which I forget about rolling on another mistake. They could contest objective 3.
2 lascannon teams
1 rocket team
While he had
5 guardians
Guardian squad that was about to get hit with 2 heavy flamers and 8 melta guns in the open.
3 rangers

He should had been happy that I didn't argue the fact he actually lost the game. At the stop of the game I had 1 objective and he had none. At the end of turn 5 if things went his way he could had won but it was unlikely. I had 2 lascannons and a rocket launcher, 2 plasma sentinels, and 5 melta guns to pop the serpent and kill two avengers. He could take two points with his bikes taking one and contesting one. My standard squad on the run may had got to the objective. If not than I had two chimeras that could. I barley shot his rangers and killed 5 of them. I don't think focusing on them wouldn't be hard at all.

After Thought:

I let him irritate me which caused me to forget a lot of things.

1. Forgot dawn of war deployment.
2. Should had realised vibro cannons can't auto hit and cause glancing effects
3. Remember that I have a psychic hood that effects the whole table.
4. On a roll of 6 my rhino can fix themselves
5. Warlocks and Farseers can take out vehicles
6. Remember I can use orders

Anyway I think all my units did OK in this battle. My sister squad killing those banshees helped out a lot. I really didn't have any MVP. I'll go with my lascannon and rocket teams. Even though they only hit half the time it kept the serpents on the run. I'll keep these squads cause they actually helped out and without them things could had gone the other way. Battle tank did well till the prince finally killed the tank when we rolled to see what would had happen. The reapers couldn't kil my other sister squad cause I rolled a 10 and they got invul saves. The 4 melta gunners would had died though. I think I should drop one of my pc squads. I'll keep the chimera for a team with a flamer to take objectives. Which will free me up 70 Pt's. I'm thinking of adding another sister squad dropping a chimera and the scout sentinel for 95Pt's leaving me 165 and dropping a guard squad of 10 would give me enough to do it.

Any way I really hate calling this a draw.
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