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Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 Pitched Battle Seize Ground (pics)
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Default Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 Pitched Battle Seize Ground (pics)

-=+ Hive Fleet Hekatonkheires +=-
HQ 1: Hive Tyrant
HQ 2: Tyranid Prime (painted Warrior)
Troops 1: Tyranid Warriors
Troops 2: Broodlord + Genestealers
Troops 3: Broodlord + Genestealers
Troops 4: Termagants
Troops 5: Tervigon (painted Godfex)
Elite 1: Hive Guard
Elite 2: Zoanthropes in Mycetic Spore
Dedicated Transport 1: Mycetic Spore Pod (Devilfex)
Elite 3: Doom of Malan'tai (Fully painted zoanthrope) in Mycetic Spore
Dedicated Transport 2: Mycetic Spore Pod (Devilfex)
Heavy 1: Trygon
Heavy 2: Carnifex
Heavy 3: Carnifex


-=+ Ultramarines +=-
HQ 1: Epistolary
HQ 2: Chaplain
Troop 1: Tactical Squad
Troop 2: Tactical Squad
Elite 1: Terminator Squad
Elite 2: Dreadnought
Elite 3: Sternguard Veteran Squad
Heavy 1: Predator
Heavy 2: Thunderfire Cannon
Heavy 3: Devastator Squad
Fast Attack 1: Land Speeder
Fast Attack 2: Land Speeder
Fast Attack 3: Land Speeder

Match: Pitched Battle Seize Ground

Epistolary Helion surveyed the grounds ahead with his auspex, checking for signs of Xenos activity in the dark of the night. The Ultramarines had arrived on the outskirts of the Hive city Aven, looking to secure the best line of defense this planet might hold, a relic of ages past, a Fortress of Redemption. The planet had served as a stronghold for the Dark Angels Chapter during the long years after the Horus Heresy, but eventually was abandoned when it no longer met their needs. The result had been a network of Imperial defenses, Bastions and Aegis lines, along with a larger Indomitable Fortress on the other side of the continent, and this most holy of sites dedicated to the Emperor's wisdom. The city of Aven had grown around the edge of this fortress, becoming a tangled web of city networks built on top of each other until it rose into the sky. The planetary Governors had been given stewardship of the system in the Angel's absence, but had been barred from intruding on their sacred shrine... and so here the fortress sat throughout the long millienia. It was not customary for one Chapter to intrude on another's holy site, but desperate times were calling for desperate measures in the name of the Emperor, while the Dark Angels were no where to be found.

And they desperately needed a win here. From the beginning, the entire operation had gone afoul. They were successful in luring the Tyranids to the planet to consume it, but that had been the end of their good fortune. Over the long course of the campaign, they continually received reports of the various Bastion networks being overrun. They did not receive adequate support from their brethren in the Blood Angels, and it had been over two weeks since they last had a transmission from their ships in orbit, never a good sign. The only communication chatter left was on their short range Chapter dedicated links, back and forth between his own squads looking to scout out the Fortress, and the larger effort currently trying to secure the Hive city and purge the Tyranids from it's bowels. Broken long range transmissions came through periodically but were barely decipherable, and one by one the long range comm-links fell silent. The last had been an agitated staccato of Blood Angel orders during an assault to retake the Indomitable fortress halfway across the planet, but that was nearly a week ago now. From all appearances, they were now alone, and stranded.

In the mean time, the Tyranids had changed, drastically. It was almost as if they were breeding biological experiments and releasing them into the planet. Never before seen and completely uncatalogued species, and variants were beginning to emerge, all since the main Hive Fleet had arrived and smothered everything in the Shadow of the Warp. He could feel the Hive Mind crawling in the back of his mind even now, a dangerous distraction he could ill afford. Long range scanners indicated Xenos activity had increased over one thousand percent in just the last week, and despite their best efforts, this planet was dying. The native flora was growing at corrupted rates, and in the distance he could see the spires of tyranid growth beginning to reach into the sky, ground tremors indicated tectonic activity, which meant the Tyranids were already siphoning off the planets mass. The air was acrid with smoke and choking alien spore from which most of the Imperial citizens would already be dead, and even now Lictors and Genestealers stalked through the underhive neutralizing the remaining humans. Chaplain Ventris had been trying to purge the Hive of xenos to safeguard the citizens, but it was a losing battle, fewer and fewer citizens survived each day.

He could see valuable fuel and armaments ahead, likely abandoned by a Guard regiment when the first waves of tyranids swept through the city. It would help to have those on hand. He was about to give the order to secure the supplies, when his auspex chirped, showing dots of activity up ahead.

"Xenos, 4 clicks, 39 degrees", he spoke calmly into his comm-link, "small squad of mid sized creatures."

"Copy that, moving to intercept." came the reply.

Something was wrong, he could feel it. His psychic sense was tingling with barely contained dread. Something was coming, far more than this small band of creatures. Where were they? "Chaplain Argus, bring the Terminators forward, move the Tactical squads into position on my mark. Get the Devastators up on something for better line of sight. Something is off, we're about to be hit with a major attack."

"My scanners don't register xenos movement, are you certain?", Argus responded.

"Definitely, the scanners aren't picking it up, but I am." The crawling feeling in the back of his mind was positively convulsing. "Something is on it's way, it's aware of us. Bring the Predator into..."

The auspex began chirping in rapid succession.

"Xenos, 5 clicks, 49 degrees, large squad of little bugs"

Just then a massive blast of bio-plasma ripped through one of the nearby bastions. "Copy" These creatures were clever, it was almost as if they knew they had come for the supplies and were already moving to cut off the stash.

"Xenos, 6 clicks, 80 degrees"... "Xenos 6 clicks, 90"... "8 clicks, 120 & 110", "They're everywhere, full assault incoming, major lifeforms detected, prepare yourselves!"

On his private command link, Helion said "Argus, we need to hold here, this position is our last best hope. Ventris, abandon the Hive, move your troops into position here, we're going to need back up. We can hole up here and wait for reinforcements, but we're going to be cut off from each other if you don't move fast. Move."


The Hive mind watched the small band of prey moving through the city towards one of it's defensive structures. A silent and motionless Hive Tyrant perched like a gothic gargoyle in the ruins above acted as it's eyes. It silently commanded it's warriors to move forward and engage the preys position, while running a few extra squads out to the periphery to outflank them and cut off avenues of escape. The hunger driving it was constantly overwhelming, but it knew that this planet was yielding it's sustenance already. The end stage had begun.


Warriors stalk through old imperial ruins, while nearby gaunts look to deny the prey of the resources they sought.

An Ultramarine tactical squad and Razorback move into position.

The tyranids surge forward

Chaplain Argus charges forward leading the Marines and looking to secure a favorable position.

The bastion creaks and groans after being ruined by a bio-plasma blast. It's communications array (objective) is still salvageable however.

The battlefield is ready in the light of the predawn.

Turn 1:

Tyranid Warriors lead by a Tyranid Prime crawl through the rubble of an abandoned shrine looking to get closer to the prey under cover.

Gaunts duck for cover from incoming enemy fire, though a few are blasted apart by solid slugs.

Hive guard move into position running forward to get close enough to shoot.

Carnifex lumber forward barreling toward the enemy.

The Ultramarines fortify their position, rushing forward to shore up their flank.

Marines scramble forward looking for firing positions.

Terminators move into position to intercept the onrushing Carnifex.

Landspeeders fly forward to bring their weapons to bear on the tyranids.

Turn 2:

Chaos erupts on the battlefield. The Devastators finally scramble to the roof of the ruined bastion, while the Marines nearly clear the gaunts off their fortified position. The Hive Tyrant unlimbers it's wings and soars down to the field to challenge the prey, while a Mycetic spore smashes into the battlefield unleashing the Doom of Malan'tai into the marines midst.

The Doom of Malan'tai fails to leech any nearby Marine's spirit and lurching from the force of it's recent impact and the Librarians psychic hood it fails to gather the power needed to fire it's Cataclysm. Hive Guard reduce a rhino carrying Sternguard Marines and Librarian Helion to a smoking crater.

The ground collapses leaving a large hole as a Trygon burrows up from underground, while Genestealers come bounding over the hill tearing a combat squad to pieces.

The last remaining Gaunt makes as heroic dash for cover after a horrendous Thunderfire cannon barrage and hides rather than run away.

Turn 3:

Chaplain Argus leads the Terminators to go deal with the Doom of Malan'tai and the Hive Tyrant.

Devastators line up lascannon shots on the rampaging Carnifex across the field, while the Doom of Malan'tai extends it's psychic tendrils through the spirits of nearby Marines ready to suck their essence out.

The Marines line up a devastating hail of shots on the Hive Tyrant who quickly succumbs to it's wounds collapsing in a heap of chitin and gore.

The Doom of Malan'tai crushes the spirits of nearby Marines. The Devastator squad is wiped out to the last man along with a tactical squad, while the last remaining Marines from the 3rd tact squad run from the onslaught. Turning it's prodigious power harvested from the Marines back upon them, it unleashes a cataclysm directly on top of the Terminator squad rushing directly at it. Chaplain Argus falls unconscious beneath the blast, while two of the Terminators are killed from the massive shockwave tearing apart their internal organs.

Epistolary Helion and the Sternguard scramble out of their crater, and try to strike down the Trygon. Helion strikes the beast attempting to channel his psychic might through his force weapon and cleave it in two, but glances off it's thick hide and carapace before he can wound it. The Sternguard Sergeant punches his powerfist into it badly wounding the monster, but the Trygon slices clean through all the rest of his squad. Marines kill Genestealers in droves in the background, thunder cannon rounds, bolter fire and flamers ripping them to shreds, but he Broodlords rush on.

Terminators rush forward and smash a Mycetic spore pod to a fleshy pulp and back away from the Doom of Malan'tai to avoid it's spirit leech. Zoanthropes crash into the wooded hill by the ruined bastion and aim their psychic might at the Predator but miss it entirely.

Carnifex rush forward and try to smash a Razorback only managing to immobilize it while the Broodlords engage a the tactical squad that finished off their genestealers.

Hive guard take up a safe position out of sight while guiding their impaler cannons shots towards their prey and reducing a landspeeder to a smoking wreck.

The Marines are beset on all sides as the Tyranid Prime rushes forward out of the imperial ruins with it's warriors to try and tear down a hovering landspeeder, but get entangled at the woods edge and fail to make contact.

Turn 4:

Landspeeders rush forward and blast apart the Primes warrior escort with heavy flamers.

The Terminators rush forward to engage the Doom of Malan'tai, though one of them has their spirit crushed by the creatures psychic leech on the way in. They bring their thunder hammers down on it in rapid succession, though it's warp field deflects almost all the attacks one blow manages to break through and crushes the life out of it entirely.

The Predator takes aim at the unit of Zoanthropes on the hill and easily dispatches the pair with a hail of shots.

The Dreadnought rushes the Trygon to try and save Epistolary Helion who is desperately battling with the creature. The Sternguard were now entirely dead. The creature turns to face Dreadnought, and tears off it's close combat arm and immobilizes the vehicle, but the combined counter attack of the Dreadnought and Librarian finally slay the beast.

The Carnifex finally reduces the Razorback to a smouldering wreck, while the Broodlords have nearly finished off the last of the tactical squad.

The Tyranid Prime swings wildly at the offending landspeeders and fails to connect, staggering from the flames that killed his escort.

The Carnifex charge forward, one climbing over the fortress wall to get at the remaining prey while the broodlords finish off the last of the tactical squad they were engaged with.

Hive Guard move up and take aim at the Predator...

...and blow it up leaving a burnt out crater in it's place. Epistolary Helion runs forward and blasts apart the last remaining vital organs of the Carnifex on the fortress, searing through it's carapace with his combi-melta, while the Thunderfire cannon destroys one of the remaining Broodlords. The remaining Carnifex succumbs to instinct and charges Helion, scything his leg's clean off before turning back toward the Terminators.

Both sides have taken heavy casualties, but the Marines seem to have shored up their defenses, having taken out much of the Tyranid attack, and seem to have the tools left to deal with the rest. Only two marines from a Tactical squad remain to capture any objectives, but they move towards the communications array near the ruined Bastion.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

Turn 5:

A Tervigon comes lumbering around from the far side of the field and births a squad of Termagants while moving into position to capture the oil barrels. A landspeeder takes off to contest the position.

The Marines try to shoot down the Tyranid Prime as it rushes the last remaining tactical squad, bolter fire sprays into its back and chews through it's carapace, but other shots ricochet off the nearby trees and the Prime keeps moving.

With a Broodlord and Carnifex rushing the tactical squad from the other side, the Tech Marine decides to chance fate to take out the Broodlord while the Terminators move to intercept the Carnifex. The Thunderfire cannon fires off it's explosive payload at close range and blows both itself and the Broodlord to pieces, while the Tech Marine staggers forward from the concussive blast. The Terminators charge the carnifex and crush through the beasts chitin and exoskeleton, but the massive behemoth keeps moving and uses it's momentum to bypass their storm shields and impale both Terminators on it's monstrous scything talons, finally crushing both beneath is enormous weight.

Meta-game note: This was the critical make or break turn, the entire game pretty much hinged on what happened right here. My opponent had about the most rotten luck you could have seen, rolling 1's all over the place to hit, damage, and save his own units.

The two tactical squad marines are in position to capture the communications array, with both a Carnifex and Tyranid prime within close range, and with one of the landspeeders contesting the Tyranid's oil barrels.

Meta-game note: The Marines are up 1-0 in objectives if the game had ended there.

The hive guard take aim at the Tactical squad, but fail to break through their power armored forms.

Turn 6:
but the game continues on...

The techmarine struggles forward and takes aim at the Carnifex, but his plasma shot which could have killed it misses the Carnifex entirely, and the creature rumbles forward.

The Carnifex is now within charge range and angrily rushes the last of the tact squads.

The landspeeder takes aim at the tyranid prime, but all of it's shots bounce off it's carapace and tree cover, while the tyranid continues to dash towards the tactical squad, boneswords held at the ready.

The Tervigon finally destroys the nearby Landspeeder...

... and spews forth another small squad of Termagants before it's rips apart its internal birth canal. They rush forward towards another objective.

The Carnfex & Tyranid prime close on the Tactical squad at the same time, gutting them upon scything talons and boneswords, leaving the tyranids in possession of the oil barrels and the marines no longer able to control a resource.

Meta-game note: Tyranids are up 1-0 in objectives if the game ends here.

Turn 7:
The game continues to the final round...

The Carnifex turns and rushes the Techmarine, crushing him beneath it's bulk before consolidating towards the immobilized Dreadnought.

The landspeeder rushed the Tervigon and gaunts careening into place to contest their objective, hoping that the Gaunts rushing off towards the next objective get a miserable run roll and remain out of range to capture.

The Tyranid Prime runs back across the wooded hill to exert it's synapse control over the Termagants who run forward and just barely get in range to capture one of the objectives.

The Hive guard fail to blow the Landspeeder out of the air

-=+ VICTORY +=-
Tyranids: 1 objective Captured, 1 objective contested
Space Marines: 1 objective contested

Epistolary Helion was losing blood too fast out of the severed stumps which used to be his legs. He sucked one of his last remaining breaths and coughed forcing a message out over the his comm-link. "Ventris... we've... lost Fortress.." coughing again... "must retake it.. last hope" with a final wheeze... "Emperor... guide.. you"



Chaplain Ventris momentarily stood shocked. Helion had been one of the Emperor's finest. He gave a quick mental prayer that Helion's spirit find the Emperor's peace, and turned his righteous anger towards the nearest xenos filth, unloading several explosive bolter rounds into it's carapace before calling out a command to regroup.

"We move on the Fortress of Redemption men. Our battle brothers and the Emperor need your assistance. Gather weapons, and make haste."

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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

Nice, some of the pictures are pretty good shots, although they did take a while to load completely on my internet connection. What do you mean by the work in progress at the top of the first post though?
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

@ AEN,
He means that the batrep isn't finished yet, he is going to add the list the smurfs took aswell as a turn by turn commentary.

Nice batrep btw, lovely, in focus, pics, can't wait to see it fnished.

Oh yea and..... NIDS FTW!!!!!111 :P

Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so get wasted all of the time and have the time of your life.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

Wow amazing amount of pictures and seemed like a great game.

Congratz on a great report.

- Will
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

Nice batrep!

one thing though. i hope you use that two scythed fexes in a brood because if not, those two, a trygon Plus a devilfex? four heavy slots?
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

Originally Posted by Chrono San
one thing though. i hope you use that two scythed fexes in a brood because if not, those two, a trygon Plus a devilfex? four heavy slots?
Thanks guys.

The devilfexes are actually stand ins for the Mycetic Spore pods until I can get my hands on some models to better represent them. I figure they're about a decent size for general MC, with a right sized base and enough height for los. I noted what they were in the army list up top if you'll notice. Only have the scythed fexes and trygon in separate groups as my heavies.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

my bad, i did read as if there was mycetic spores containing a devilfex each!. but that wasnt the case. I agree, the pods are probably same(or a tad bigger) than a fex in size.
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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

Ok, I've finally finished the report and hopefully edited out all the typos, misspelling, and other assorted errors.

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Default Re: Tyranids vs Ultramarines - 2,000 pts 02/12/10 - Pitched Battle Seize Ground

I was wondering when you'd get this awesome report done.

Excellent, +1!
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