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Small RTT Report (1500 Points, Starring Orks 2-6-09)
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Default Small RTT Report (1500 Points, Starring Orks 2-6-09)

The Waaagh had grown to epic proportions now. Springing out of the Antragynos system, which was now fully overrun, the orks of Waagggh Grubbynutz laid waste to three colony systems of the Imperium. Then they seized the agri-world of Halbthar, turning the human farmers there into slaves working to feed the burgeoning horde.

Only on the Hands of Vengeance homeworld of Monody did they remain stalemated, mainly due to outside factors preventing them from finishing the marines off. Frantic pleas for help were sent to the subsector capital world of New Perth by the governors of the nearby worlds of Corbryn and Lagrange, who were presumed to be the next targets of Waaagh Grubbynutz. Fifty new regiments were raised in the threat zone (inlcuding 12 from Corbryn and 5 from Lagrange) and the subsector fleet was sent to lay a trap for the orks when they entered either of the two target systems.

Which would have worked great, except for the fact that the orks were far more interested in the renegade system of Terthax, which lay beyond imperial space. Terthax had become separated from the light of the Astronomicon by the invasion of Hive Fleet Leviathan, and were all but forgotten on the sector rosters. It was these worlds, not the imperial worlds of Corbryn and Lagrange, would become the next target of Waaaggh Grubbynutz.

Hi all, last saturday there was a 1500 point tournament at Triple Play, our local hobby shop and gaming store. My list was as follows.

Grubbynutz (Warboss with powerklaw, attack squig, cybork body, bosspole)
Klicky (Big Mek with kustom force field)
8 Nobz (all have stikkbomms and cybork bodies, 3 big choppaz, 2 choppaz and sluggaz, 1 waaagh banner, painboy, powerklaw)
3 mobz of 29 sluggaz (nob with powerklaw and bosspole)
2 Kanz (rokkitz)
3 Kanz (rokkitz)
Battlewagon (armor plates, reinforced ram, red paint, big shoota)

A very straightforward goffy list. Not a whole lot of shooting (basically relying on my kan rokkitz) but a lot of numbers and killy stuff. 7 other players were attendance (marines, uvver orks, space wolves, chaos marines, daemons dark eldar and tyranids – what a mix!). While this is smaller than the tournaments we attend at Game Castle, we have more than our fair share of clever players to make winning even this small tournament challenging.


I've tried a few things to make my battle reports better. The first is that I brought a camera with me. I remember to take pictures for most of the first game. After that I forgot and only snapped a few here and there.

The second is that I've stolen a page out of Akaiyou and Colonel Marksman's books and put some explanatory text directly on the maps.

Do let me know what you think of these changes.

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Default Re: Small RTT Report

Round 1

The wind blew a cloud of ash over the the advancing orks. Grubbynutz only grinned. He had no real interest in capturing any of the temples or poor cities that seemed to be Terthax prime's only claim to notoriety, so he had ordered the cities to be “rokked”. The devastation unleashed had killed most of the human inhabitants, as well as some of the more reckless (or simply uninformed) warbosses in Grubbynutz's Waaaaggghh who had landed ahead of the bombardment.

The tide of sluggaz from his personal warband jogged through the ruins of the city, advancing on the last life signatures that the mek's had been able to locate in this city. He sighed, probably just some scared humans to be taken as slaves. Rokking a city, while fun, had the downside of destroying most of the serious opposition and depriving an ork of the fight.

Without warning, Klicky's mob stopped as one and swayed for a moment before turning around and marching in the opposite direction. A mere five seconds later they stopped again, looking around at each other in a daze. The nobz of the other slugga mobz were pointing and laughing at the apparent stupidty of the mek and his entourage. Grubbynutz knew better.

“Oh zog it.. chaos boyz! Deyz got dat lashy ting!”

Sure enough, a barrage of battle cannon fire mixed with the sound of rhino engines announced that the the true masters of this world were ready to make their presence known.

My opponent for the first round was a clever chaos opponent who I always seem to play in the tourneys.

Daemon Prince (Slaanesh Mark, Lash of Submission)
10 Berzerkers
10 Berzerkers
10 Plague Marines (2 meltaguns)
9 Plague Marines (2 meltaguns)
Defiler (2 extra ccws)
Defiler (2 extra ccws)

The mission was kill points, with bonus points given for killing an opponent's HQ of your choice (I didn't have a choice, he chose my mek) and killing all your opponents troops.

Deployment. He won the roll for first turn and decided to go first. He deployed a squad of bezerkers in a rhino and the slaanesh daemon prince in the central building.

Rather than get lashed all over the place and eaten by his counter attack, I opted to leave everything off the board and walk on first turn.

Chaos Turn 1:
His forces swarm onto the board. The plague marines are flung out to my right while the bezerkers and a defiler move into the center. The second defiler takes the left flank alone. He keeps his on-board forces stationary.

Ork Turn 1:

I roll. Snakes mob runs up the left flank towards the lone defiler and the battlewagon rolls on the right. Everything else moves up in the center, centered around the mek and his kustom force field. Everything runs up as well.

Chaos Turn 2:
He continues to move his plague-marine rhinos up on the right, while the bezerkers that started off the board redirect to go deal with snakes mob. The defilers reposition for shots.

In the shooting phase, he lashes the mek's squad back and shoots the kanz with one of the defilers. It scatters badly however and only blows up a few boyz. He shoots the battlewagon, vainly trying to kill it with the battle cannon (that defilers couldn't shoot the kanz anyway). His plague rhinos pop smoke.

Ork Turn 2:
The mek moves and runs up to try and get in KFF range of the kanz once more. The kanz move but do not run in order to shoot. This results in my slugga squad and the battlewagon being farther forward on the right while snake's squad is flung forward on the right. The kan rokkitz does absolutely nothing to the plague rhinos.

Chaos Turn 3:
He strikes this turn. The daemon prince jumps out and lashes the mek's squad in between the kanz and a plague rhino that moves up. One squad of plague marines gets out, while the other stays in their rhino. They shoot the smaller kan squad, wrecking one and disarming the other. The bezerkers run out and smash into the mek's squad, killing most of them with attacks and fearless wounds. Because of lash, only 3 orks are able to strike back, even though around 14 survive the bezerker attacks. Ugh...

[picture of the madness after pile-in occurs]

On the left he moves his bezerker-filled rhino closer to snake and friends.

Ork Turn 3:

Time for a WAAAGGGHH! The battlewagon races up around the rhino wall, disembarking, waaaghing and charging both rhinos and the plague marines. The boyz on that side surround the other side of the occupied plague marine rhino. The plague marines are killed down to 4 or 5. The unoccupied rhino is exploded while critically the occupied rhino is wrecked, meaning the plague marines inside instant-die.

The kanz go into the berzerkers and kill a few. The bezerkers ignore the kanz and polish off the rest of the orks, save one slugga who flees.

Snakes squad moves and waaaghs to surround the approaching beserker rhino, eager to replicate what has just happened on the right flank. They only manage to stun and tear off all its weapons, however. This is good enough for me though, since I'll be able to auto-hit it in CC next turn with my nob.

Kill Points:
Orks: 3 (Plague Marines, 2 rhinos)
Chaos: 2 (Slugga squad, big mek)

Chaos Turn 4:

He sends in his unengaged forces across the board. The defiler on the left roars in to bail the bezerkers out. The defiler slaughters a couple orks, but gets immobilized in return.

On the right, the other defiler charges into the nobz. The plague marines get lucky with their ten attacks and put wounds on several nobz. The defiler finishes off a coupl as well. The plague marines are wiped out, but it is not enough to prevent me from losing by 3. Critically, I pass my leadership test.

In the center, the last active rhino rolls down and shoots up some orks and blocks the path of the unengaged sluggaz to the bezerkers.. The daemon prince rolls into the kanz but whiffs horribly. The kanz reciprocate and only kill a few more berzekers, bringing them down to 4.

Kill Points:
Orks: 4 (2 plague marine squads, 2 rhinos)
Chaos 2 (Slugga Squad, Mek)

Ork Turn 4:

Everything is pretty much in combat. Only the righthand sluggaz and the wagon are free, so they climb aboard. I could have tried to get the bezekers this turn, but I would have been moving through difficult terrain.

In combat the defiler tries to kill the warboss but fails. Grubbynutz annhilates the defiler in return. Go Grubby!

The middle kanz are completely shredded by the daemon prince, making up for his horrible performance the turn before.

The lone remaining kan waddles into the blocking rhino and beats on it, but only immobilizes it.

The other defiler also bites it this turn, at the hand of snake's klaw. The sluggaz, unfortunately, are not able to consolidate far enough to block the bezekers from disembarking next turn. Rhinos really are great transports, if only for their 3-sides worth of exit hatches.

Kill Points:
Orks: 6 (2 defilers, 2 plague marines, 2 rhinos)
Chaos: 3 (large kan squadron, slugga squad, big mek)

Chaos Turn 5

His lefthand berzerkers get out and slaughter snake's squad for only a few losses.

The daemon prince flies over the rhino and kills the last kan. This nets him a kill point while saving the rhino. Smart move.

The middle bezekers move up and shoot at the nobz, but trip on the rubble and can't charge.

Kill Points:
Orks: 6 (2 defilers, 2 plague marine squads, 2 rhinos)
Chaos: 5 (large kan squadron, small kan squadron, 2 slugga squads, big mek)

Ork turn 5:

The nobz race into the bezeker squad that shot at them and murder them. The battlewagon rams the rhino, doing nothing. The sluggaz disembark and charge the daemon prince, killing it as well.

Kill Points:
Orks: 8 (daemon prince, bezerker squad, 2 defilers, 2 plague marine squads, 2 rhinos)
Chaos: 5 (large kan squadron, small kan squadron, 2 slugga squads, big mek)

The game ends.

Going against lash is always tough. Playing against this particular chaos player is even more difficult. This game was no different. Playing chicken is always the first part. We each have our trump card – mine being waaagh and his being lash. In the end lash got him two kill points while my waagh netted me 3 or 4 and crushed an entire flank of his army.

I got a bit lucky passing my morale test at negative three the turn he charged with his defiler into my nobz. However, that was just consistency of dice, since I failed something like 5 out of 5 saves with my invul and feel no pain. My dice were just rolling low at that point – for leadership and all!

I think this game showcases how horde armies can defeat mech forces. Or at least Mech forces that over-reach themselves. He was kicking himself for leaving his plague marines in the rhino and moving at combat speed in the third turn. It cost him the entire squad and a large portion of his army.

Overall it was a game of chicken that turned into a bloodbath once we hit combat. We both kept feeding units into the grinder and he ran out first.

The last chaos forces began their withdrawal, mounting up in the last rhino and racing into the gloom. Grubbynutz roared a laugh as he began sawing off the head of the daemon prince. Yes, it would make a splendid front to his wagon. Pausing in his task, he turned to face the milling remnants of his force.


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Default Re: Small RTT Report

Round 2

”and dat's why we need dis scrap pile.” Klickinklak finished. Grubbynutz looked up from a particularly interesting boil that he had just finished dismantling with his power klaw.

“Wot was dat?” he asked, flicking the bloody mass onto a passing slugga boy, who promptly ate it. The mek sighed.

“Yoo wazn't lissenin' boss! We need dis scrap pile!” the mek whined. Grubbnutz grunted and kicked the chimera hull he had been leaning on.

“And why da zog is dat?”

“Yoo gonna lissen dis time?”


The mek took a deep breath before beginning.

“Somewhere in dis scrap pile is a 'umie wagon wif da codes to da spaceships-”

“Dat's enough Klicky. Yer being boring again. We'll take da zoggin pile of loot if dats what you say, just stop talkin'.”

The roar of rhino engines drowned out the Klickinklak's reply. Three gray rhinos roared into view, led by the jogging form of an incredibly old and battered looking dreadnought. Grubbynutz regarded the interlopers for moment.


My second opponent of the day was my buddy Ross and his wolves of doom.

Bjorn the Fell-Handed (supernasty, even-harder-to-kill, venerable dreadnought)
Venerable dreadnought (multilmelta, heavy flamer)
in a Drop Pod
7 Wolf Guard (all with combi-meltas)
Drop Pod
7 Wolf Guard (all with combi-meltas)
Drop Pod
10 Grey Hunters (2 meltas)
Rhino (dozer blades)
10 Grey Hunters (2 meltas)
Rhino (dozer blades)
10 Grey Hunters (2 meltas)
Rhino (dozer blades)

The game was Capture and Control on spearhead. I hate spearhead.

He won the roll for first turn and made me go first I deployed with my wagon front and center with kanz to either side. Two slugga mobz would move up in support while the third would remain behind to hold my home objective.

He deployed two of his rhinos on his objective, while another deployed out to my right with Bjorn. Everything else was in pods.

Turn 1 Orks:
The battlewagon roars forward, with kan mobz moving up on either side. The sluggaz move up in support, save the last squad, who hangs on the objective.

Shooting sees the larger kan mob wreck one of the rhinos near the space wolf objective. The marines are pinned as they disembark.

Turn 1 Wolves:

The venerable dreadnought comes drops in front of the space wolf objective while the first wolfguard unit lands in front of the battlewgon.

The lefthand rhino roars forward, with Bjorn waddling up in support.

Shooting sees the dropping wolfguard wreck the battlewagon. The nobz get out, unpinned.

["You shouldn't done dat, beakies!"]

Meanwhile, the venerable dread claims one of the kanz with its multi-melta.

Turn 2 Orks;

Time for a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhh!!!

Grubbnutz and his ladz bumrush the grey hunters who had been pinned last turn, slaughtering them all. The sluggaz on the left charge the venerable dreadnought. They lose a few orks, but the dread loses its close combat weapon. The kanz on the left charge the wolf guard that just killed the battlwagon. They kill three and the wolves fall back.

On the right, the kanz try and shoot the rhino but only stun it. The slugga squad, now led by klicky runs and waaaghs in and finishes the job, wrecking the rhion and making the grey hunters pile out.

Space Wolf Turn 2:
His second pod decides to stay off the board.

The wolf guard who fell back from the kanz are within 6” of some very angry nobz, so they continue to run.

On the right, Bjorn and the grey hunters who just got their rhino wrecked attack the offending slugga squad, letting Bjorn flame the hell out of them first. The orks, through grey hunter ineptitude manage to hang on with around 15 or so left.

The last active rhino races away from certain death at the hands of the nobz, peeling out and zooming around the drop pod. The dread that got out of that drop pod survives and kills a couple more sluggaz.

Ork Turn 3:

Decided the best way to destroy the rhino is to free the sluggaz so that the smaller orks can do it, the nobz charge into the now HEAVILY outmatched venerable dreadnought. They rip off another weapon and immobilize the beast, leaving it a hulk. Still it ties them in combat, and since I stupidly didn't assault the drop pod as well, the warboss will be stuck out of this fight he could easily win for me.

The two remaining kanz on the left move to block the rhino from racing across the board and getting to my objective.

On the right, I send the two kanz into the grey hunters this turn killing a few of them and making sure that the leadership is manageable for the klicky and the sluggaz after they take beating from the hunters and Bjorn.

Space Wolf 3:
His pod comes in this turn. It lands behind the kanz, who taste the fury of 7 combi-meltas and die.

His original wolfguard flees off the board. The last rhino races up the board, taking road plowed for them by the wolfguard.

Both combats continue this round. The nobz and the sluggaz can't finish off the dreadnought on the left, while on the right Bjorn sees off the sluggaz and sends klicky and the nob fleeing. However, the greyhunters are also destroyed, so the kanz and bjorn move to enact a VERY uneven clash of the titans.

Ork Turn 4:

The mek and his pal flee off the board.

I send my “guard sluggaz”, who had up until now been sitting on my objective to kill the newly-arrived wolfguard. They kill them easily and consolidate back towards my objective.

The venerable dreadnought STILL hangs on against my nobz and sluggaz. Annoying.

But not as annoying as bjorn finds the kanz, one of which hangs on to keep the crochety old space wolf in combat.

Space Wolf 4:
The rhino races into the woods separating them from my objective. They do not immobilize themselves.

The venerable dreadnought STILL stays upright against 6 power klaw attacks and 6 big choppa attacks.

But I don't feel too bad, as Bjorn rolls a slew of 1s and 2s for his damage results against the remaining kan. Predictably, the kan does nothing in return.

Ork Turn 5:

Fearing a charge from the grey hunters lurking in the woods, I spread my guard sluggas to the right of my objective. I'm not sure why I was so confident in my kan to hold up.

Both the survival of the venerable dreadnought and the survival of the last kan are remarkable stories of walkers overcoming the odds stacked against them. However, as this is the dark future of the 41st millenium and not hollywood, the odds usually catch up with aberrations. The venerable dreadnought is ripped apart this round by the nobz, who consolidate and claim the space wolf objective. Bjorn rips apart the kan and consolidates towards mine. Horrified, I realize my mistake - the guard sluggas are now within range of him.

Space Wolf 5:

Bjorn runs in and assaults, killing a few, but more critically pulling my guard sluggaz ALMOST off the objective. A few orks are able to engage him and remain within 3” of the objective. The grey hunters roll in, contesting the objective from within their rhino.

If the game ends, I'll win 1-0.

The game... continues

Turn 6 Orks:

With no way to get my nobz or other slugga mob back to help out, I must hope my nob can kill Bjorn. If I do, he becomes an objective (cool rule BTW), and I might win. It doesn't happen and the combat continues.

Turn 6 Space Wolves:
He assaults with his grey hunters, annihilating them and consolidates back onto the objective. Bjorn sits down for a well-deserve nap and the game ends in a draw 1-1.


Bjorn Bjorn Bjorn. What a beast. According to Ross, the old walker is universally panned as a competitive choice, mostly due to his cost. However, I have to say that he was worth every point of it against me. Thanks to the ineptitude of the grey hunters he accompanied, he had to single-handedly annihilate my right flank. He did so with gusto and set the last squad of grey hunters up for the charge that forced the draw.

Ross basically just outplayed me for the last part of the game, using his units as a team to avoid my nastiest concentration and force the draw. I made a few boneheaded mistakes (not dual-assaulting the drop pod and and dreadnought in turn 3 with the nobz, not moving my sluggaz away from bjorn in turn 5), but he turned an early bloodbath into a hard fought and well played draw. Kudos to him.

A last gout of flame saw off the last of the slugga boyz holding the scrap pile. Bjorn maneuvered his bulky form to face the rest of the horde. On the other side of the battlefield, where the wolves had started, his opposite number, Warlord Grubbynutz glared at him.

High above, a pair of grey thunderhawks dueled with marauding wings of fighta-bommaz. Even now, one of the fighta-bommas crashed between the combatants. Creating a line of burning wreckage that even the orks were hesistant to cross. Grubbynutz could only look in impotent rage as a thunderhawk landed and the space wolves boarded and withdrew.

“Ey boss!” a voice said from behind him. He looked around to see the battered and burnt form of Klicky limping towards him.

“Iz got what we needed before da beakies krumped me.” the mek chattered, holding up a small metal box.

“And wot da zog does it do?” queried Grubbynutz, flexing his klaw ominously.

“Lotz of fings, boss! But fer starters it tells us dat dere's a umie outpost on dis 'ere “I” “X” planet. Should be lots of loot dere!”

“Well den, what are ya waitin' for? Build me a new wagon and let's get da zog out of here.” the warboss replied. A hundred yards to their right, a piece of a thunderhawk wing crashed into the ground, obliterating a few orks that were picking through the rubble.

“And use dat bit for da front!”

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Default Re: Small RTT Report

Round 3:

Grubbynutz's one organic eye glittered dangerous in the wan light of the ice world. The orks had landed on Tertrax IX, site of a remote mining colony and, according to Klicky, a whole lot of loot. They had arrived to find all the loot intact but no humans. Remembering the trap laid by the dark eldar on Monody, he had cautiously left the town and headed into the surrounding wilderness.

It was Klicky who had noticed that though Terthax IX had native plant life, they could find none of this either. Grubbynutz had smacked the mek on the head for “payin' attenshun to weedy little plants” . But it triggered memories...

“Ey Klicky,” he growled, “you remember dem bugboyz dat we ran into on Yulanos?”

“Err... yeah boss”, the mek stammered, “da ones dat.... krumped us, right?”

The warboss's face darkened for a moment, before nodding with a sigh.

“Yar, da ones dat krumped us. You... 'member how dey ate all da plants. Doesn't dis look like dat?”

Klickinklak grinned and nodded. Then he scowled and looked over his shoulder at the narrow valley the warband was overlooking. A horde of chitinous monsters was filling the other side. A large snake-like creature that was unfamiliar to the orks slithered into position alongside the rest of the tyranid force. Klicky looked over at Grubbynutz, who was nodding, with a grim expression on his massive face.

“Today, Klicky, we krump DEM.”

My third opponent of the day was Brian, who I have played in the last round of several tournaments. You might remember my game against his “Trouser Snakes” space marines. Today he was playing Tyranids and his list looked like this:

Hive Tyrant (two sets of scything talons, wings, various other stuff)
2 Hive Guard
2 Hive Guard
16 Termagants
16 Termagants
16 Hormaguants (Outflanking, given by the hive tyrant)
10 Genestealers (1 broodlord)
2 Zoanthropes in spore pods

Mission was seize ground (5 objectives) on pitched battle. I love pitched battle.

He won first turn and took it. He deployed everything except the hormagaunts and the zoanthropes, who were outflanking and deepstriking respectively. He basically refused a flank, putting down the hive guards, the hive tyrant and the trygon in the center with the tervigon and the gants on the far left flank.

I mirrored his deployment putting one mob of sluggaz across from his gant horde and everything else in the center,.

His genestealers infiltrate on the far right, across from one of my slugga mobz.

I roll a six and seize the initiative.

Ork turn 1:
My horde rolls forward. Some ineffective shots are taken at the hive guard.

Tyranid Turn 1:
His tervigon spawns 10 gants and then clogs.

The hive guard shoot the kanz, killing one from the larger squad.

The genestealers assault the rightmost sluggaz and win combat, but only by a few. The orks lose a few more to fearless and stay in combat.

The hive tyrant casts paroxysm on my central sluggaz and charges. He kills four or so sluggaz but loses three wounds, despite the paroxysm.

The tervigon tries to kill my battle wagon, but only gets one hit that fails to even glance.

Ork Turn 2:

Nobz roll up and assault a hive guard unit and a termagant unit, destroying both and consolidating towards the tervigon.

The hive tyrant dies to mass slugga attacks.

Kanz and the righthand sluggaz tag team the trygon. The trygon wrecks a kan, but the sluggaz put 5 wounds on it and sending it fleeing.

The genestealers kills some more sluggaz but die in return.

Tyranid Turn 2:
The trygon continues to flee.

[The best part is that it actually looks hysterically frightened]

His reserves do not show, pretty much sealing the game for me. He takes some half-hearted shots with his hive guard against my nobz and with his termagants against my sluggaz, but other than that his turn is really nothing.

Ork Turn 3:
The nobz and left hand sluggaz assault the tervigon and the two remaining termagant squads in one giant combat, killing all of them.

The hive guard on the right receive some attention from the sluggaz and die.

The other sluggaz spread out to claim two objectives.

The kanz shoot their rokkitz at the trygon and kill it. This leaves him with nothing on the board.

Tyranid Turn 3:
He gets the zoeys this round, but decides to concede.


Well that was possibly the most one-sided game I've been a part of for a LONG time. It felt like he barely scratched my forces.

He admitted later that he made a mistake committing his forces in such a spread out manner on turn 2. This set me up to kill his most dangerous elements piecemeal and send the nobz into his troop choices. These mistakes were compounded by some bad rolls for him, the most crippling of which was probably his trygon not killing the nob wagon with its seven, rerollable attacks

Not much to say other than that.

Grubbynutz roared as he wrenched his powerklaw and pulled the tervigon's head off. A gout of ichor flew into the air as the horde of termagants began to howl. The other orks took advantage of this and began slaughtering the smaller tyranids.

With the bloodbath over, Grubbynutz waddled over to the wagon where Klickinklak was hiding.

“Get da kroozer ready, klicky. Now dat we've conquered dese planet, we'ze going back to fight dose black and red beakies!”

Two wins and a draw+2 was enough to net me first place! I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing me say it, but "ANOTHER TOURNEY WIN FOR WAAAAAGH GRUBBYNUTZ!"

That said, I may be putting the orks on the shelf for a while in order to focus on my IG and Flesh Tearers for a while.

Hope you enjoyed reading!
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Default Re: Small RTT Report

I love what you've done with the mix of ?vassal? images and the real photos it looks great.
Well done by the way against the nids and CSM and unlucky against the SW.
W o K
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Default Re: Small RTT Report (1500 Points, Starring Orks 2-6-09)

Great Battle reports
Same thing Will of Kaos said about your pictures plus vassal.
Also lol that trygon does look like its frightened.
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Default Re: Small RTT Report (1500 Points, Starring Orks 2-6-09)

I always love seeing Lash get it's comeuppance!

Congrats on another tournament win, Droofus. The only change I'd make is you playing me in the 3rd game... and losing! ;D

You had a pretty tough schedule that day, my friend. A well earned victory!
I'm not feeling terribly clever right now.
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Default Re: Small RTT Report (1500 Points, Starring Orks 2-6-09)

Congrats on the first place finish. What did you win? That Bjorn is nasty. I've faced Space Wolves a couple times, but never had to fight him, glad the people at my LGS steer clear of that badass.

I agree the combo of Vassal pics with lines, and real pics was nice, though I wish all the photos were sized the same as the Trygon one. I hate clicking on the photo and getting redirected to photobucket.

Good fluff too, and I'm glad you got back at the bugz. You really kicked the crap out of them. Like you I might be playing less with my Orks as I start up a bug army myself.
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Default Re: Small RTT Report (1500 Points, Starring Orks 2-6-09)

That Tyranid list was pretty "eh" his idea was too spread out. If he would have just taken termagants instead of hormagaunts and genestealers he probably would have done a lot better(saved him points to spend on other things)
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