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2000 - Hive Fleet Jormnugandr vs Emporer's Warhawks
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Default 2000 - Hive Fleet Jormnugandr vs Emporer's Warhawks

The Space Hulk appeared from nowhere with strange suddenness and, albeit inaudible due to the lack of atmosphere, a loud bang. At the helm of what was once some form of large Eldar vessel, Warboss Toofripper looked out upon the starscape with glee. several large, Imperial ships were locked in mortal combat with the pulsating, deadly bio-ships of a Tyranid splinter fleet. As he watched, one of the Bio-ships ploughed its way through one of the imperial vessels and they both detonated spectacularly. A lone drop pod fell away from the wreckage as it tumbled, faster and faster, towards the planet surface below.
"looks like we can get a good bit o' loot from that, eh?" the Ork commented to the smaller Nob at his shoulder.
"Of course. Shall I Organise some Boyz to go down an' get it?"
"be ma guest. Check out what the fightin's like, an' if it's good, you tell me.

Space Marines

Captain - 115
Power Sword

Command Squad x5 - 280
Powerfist/Bolt Pistol x1
Powersword/Bolt Pistol x1
Bolter/Bolt pistol x1
Bolter/Bolt Pistol/Company Standard x1
Plasma Gun/Bolt Pistol x1
Razorback w/T-L Lascannons/Storm Bolter/Hunter-Killer missile

Venerable Dreadnought - 165

Venerable Dreadnought - 165

Terminators x6 - 490
Powerfist/Storm Bolter x5
Power Sword/Storm Bolter x1
Land Raider Redeemer w/Multi-Melta

Tactical squad x10 - 170
Flamer x1
Missile Launcher x1

Tactical squad x10 - 170
Flamer x1
Missile Launcher x1

Tactical squad x10 - 170
Flamer x1
Missile Launcher x1

Fast Attack
Attack Bike x1 - 50

Assault Squad x5 - 120
Seargant w/Plamsa Pistol/Chainsword/Melta Bombs

Heavy Support
Whirlwind - 105
Storm Bolter
Hunter-Killer Missile

Hive Tyrant - 240
Heavy Venom Cannon
Hive Commander

Termagants x20 - 100

Termagants x20 - 100

Tervigon - 220
Scything Talons x1
Acid Blood
Toxin Sacs

Fast attack
Raveners x7 - 245
Spinefists x7

Raveners x7 - 245
Spinefists x7

Raveners x8 - 240

Heavy Support
Trygon - 250
Trygon Prime
Adrenal Glands

Mawloc - 180
Adrenal Glands

Mawloc - 180
Adrenal Glands
Looking from atop the hill upon which the stolen thunderhawk had dropped them, Pincha rubbed his hands with Glee. Much of the ship was still intact and scattered across the battlefield, and as a true death skull and Toofripper's right hand Ork, he was sure to get a large share of his findings. There would even be some fighting, as a small band of Gaunts had turned up to reclaim what appeared to be a huge brain, while the Marines opposite where forming a line between the bugs and a damaged Drop Pod. The beakies seemed to far outmatch their opponents, but even as he looked one of the larger creatures appeared to be preparing to churn out another swarm...
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Space Marines: The LR, Termies, and 1 Dreanought were placed as far forward as possible. The Razorback (command squad inside) and two marine squads placed along the back side, with the Bike and Captain along the Right side (PoV from Tyranid side; hereafter same orientation of compass. So the 'right' is in fact the 'East&#39. The Whirlwind was between the two marine squads along the back, behind the slumped body of a dead Carnifex. The assault marines were in the Far Northeasten corner with the objective: a Drop pod.
Tyranids: All that was deployed were two units of Termagants, the Tervigon and the Tyrant. One Termagant unit stayed back along the middle of the southern edge directly behind a large chunk of spaceship (the somewhat sparse terrain of the board consisted of: The Battle for Macragge terrain, a Dark Eldar Raider, a collapsed Carnifex and an upturned Landspeeder), with the rest of the unit taking cover behind the Tyrant. Just in front of them were the Tervigon and the other Termagant unit. The Tyranid objective was a peice of brain roughly (well, exactly) the size and shape of a Zoanthrope laid on its side quite close to the edge of the 12" deployment limit.

Turn 1
The Razorback trundled off due East at a fair pace, but Pincha was more interested in the Land Raider and Dreadnought now heading, along with the heavily armoured Terminators, straight towards the Tyranids. Recognising the dangerous tactical control the thing could exert were it to live, the Whirlwind at the back fired a salvo of missiles that nevertheless left the beast unscated, although it killed a handful of the smaller beasts around its feet. The Dreadnought was more effectual, melting a scar down the left of the monster's chest. However, Pincha was sure he saw the Beakies' delight turn to horror as new flesh knitted itself over the black scar, leaving no trace as the other large creature and a swarm around its feet charged straight at them, new gun-beasts dropping from its sides even as it ran. This was gearing up to be one heck of a fight.
  • Terminators, Redeemer and Venrable Dreadnought Bravery charge forward.
  • Whirlwind shooting aims for the Tyrant; hits but omly wounds 1 termagant from the 1st squad and 4 from the other
  • The Bravery's Multi-Melta takes a wound off of the Tyrant
  • The Hive Tyrant Regenerates its wound
  • The Tervigon and 2nd termagants move and run forward
  • Tyrant hits the Terminators with its heavy venom cannon, but fails to wound any

Turn 2
The forward push of the marines continued, with the Terminator's strom bolters downing half a dozen of the gun-beasts. As one, the bike and assault marines also swept forward, revealing the source of the marines' commotion - at the drop pod, an apothecary was tending to the wounds of an evidently high-ranking marine and two of his injured honour guard squad in the Drop Pod. To the accompaniment of a second barrage from the whirlwind that felled two more of the lurking termagants, Pincha turned and saw one of his nobs arguing with an ammo runt. The offending gretchin was then grabbed and drop-kicked off of the hill and into the South-West corner of the battlefield. A brutal reprimand to the Nob from whom the kick originated was suspended as, evidently confused by the thump of the greenskin's landing, the massive form of a Trygon appeared from the sandy ground. A moment later, two similarly large beasts burst from the ground in the middle of the Warhawks's marines, one lifting and impaling the Whirlwind in the process. With nowhere to toss the immobilised hulk, the Mawloc smashed it into the ground, where it was swallowed by the shifting ground. Elsewhere, a brood of smaller worm-things appeared not far from a distinctly worried-looking squad of marines along the far right. At the center of the field, the Tervigon hatched the last dozen or so of its gaunts before ploughing into the Bravery. So severe was the impact that the legs of the machine buckled and snapped. Meanwhile, the sound of the Tyrant's cannon once again sounded ineffectually at the Terminators, accompanied by a small swarm of what appeared to be beetles emanating from the gun-beasts.
  • Razorback continues West
  • Raider and Termies, followed far behind by assault marines and bike, move towards the centre
  • Marine Squad 1 moves South along the flank
  • Terminator shooting kills 7 Termagants from squad 2
  • Whirlwind shot scatters off of the Tyrant, killing two termagants from squad 1
  • Trygon Prime Deep Strikes but mishaps and is misplaced to the far South-West corner
  • Two Mawlocs Deep Strike along enemy back row; One hits and immobilizes whirlwind (which is destroyed, as it has no place it can be put within 6") while the other scatters off of its target to land just behind first Mawloc
  • Ravener brood 2 comes up around 12" from Marine Squad 1
  • Tervigon rolls 3,5,5 for spawning and cannot spawn further
  • Tervigon and all gaunts move North-East
  • Tyrant shoots Termies - no effect
  • Tervigon assaults the Bravery and immobilises & stuns it. Takes no wounds in return

Turn 3
Taken by surprise at the appearance of a large snake-like creature in their midst, two squds of the marines fire at it, but only succeed in missing and actually blasting one of their own with a missile. Meanwhile, the Assault squad fired up their jump packs and flew at the other Mawloc, but one was impaled upon the spiked tail, while two others were knocked together by huge claws and detonated. The scene reminded Pincha of his days with the Stormboyz. Back at the centre of the battlefield, the Bravery sank its huge fist into the armour of the Tervigon, while the combined might of the Redeemer and the Terminators blasted anoter wound into the armoured carapce of the Tyrant, While its returning shot still failed do do anything. Without warning, a large chunk of wreckage exploded with several ravener bodies - the stupid creatures had burrowed their way into its engine! Meanwhile, one of their larger counterparts disappeared back underground, while the other pinned an assault marine to the ground through its chest. Over in the East, the raveners there charged the marines amid a torrent of flying spines, dismembering 2 and leaving another couple pinned together with long needles through their skulls. The Tervigon finally managed to crush the Bravery, and P}incha saw to his delight that the wreckage was left quite undamaged save the large splinter of metal stuck in the monster's side. Nearby, its spawned gun-beasts charged the Terminators and dragged four of the tin-clad warriors down to be crushed under the swarm's weight. The battle was going well; The bugs would leave once the beakies were eaten and all the loot would be Pincha's!
  • Bike moves around Redeemer
  • Terminators and LR shoot the Tyrant, dealing 1 wound
  • Marine squads 2 & 3 shoot at the Mawloc that destroyed the Whirlwind - they do no wounds, but Squad 2's Frag missile scatters onto Squad three and kills the flamer-armed marine
  • Assault Marines move & assault second Mawloc - take 3 wounds, deal none. Mawloc Fails Hit & Run test
  • In assault, Bravery deals 1 wound to Tervigon & gets stunned
  • Ravener Brood 1 Deep Strike, mishaps and is destroyed
  • Ravener Brood 3 Deep Strikes between Razorback & Marine Squad 2
  • 1 Mawloc burrows
  • Trygon moves NorthEast
  • Termagant broods move arround Tervigon/Bravery assault, 3 goes North, 2 & 4 go south
  • Tyrant moves around LR front, shooting again does nothing
  • Ravener brood 2 Moves up to, shoots (kills 2) and assaults (kills 2 for one wound) Marine Squad 1
  • Termagant Broods 2 & 4 shoot (killing 1) and assault (killing 3 for 3 wounds) Terminators
  • In assault, Mawloc kills 1 marine for no wounds
  • In assault, Tervigon takes 1 wound and wrecks the Bravery

Turn 4
Pincha saw that the slow Eastern flank of the marines was finally getting into action, as the bike roared South, followed slowly by the captain. Conversly, to the North the Razorback drew to a halt and disgorged its command squad. The Ravener brood there stood its ground despite being pepperpotted with shots, before closing in thereselves on the Tactical squad to the East. Further drama occurred in the center, however, as Pincha saw the combined might of the Land Raider brought to bear and it, in conjunction with the bike, sliced open and roasted the remains of the Tyrant. However, all was clearly not bright and beautiful; as the gaunts traded blows with the Terminators by the raider, the Tervigon closed in and charged. While it was clearly hurt yet again, it succeeded in sendinging the last remaining Terminator with a powerfist flying through the air, to land just down the hill from the Orks. Pincha missed what happened next as he immediately staked his claim to the armour, but when he looked up the remains of the beakies in the East were being feasted on by their ravener opponents, and their compatriots to the North were beset by a the group they had just aimed at. He noted that one of the raveners had a marine and, surpringly, a gun-beast skewered on its talons. Alerted by a shout, he turned to see the Grot still clinging on to the ack of the Trygon, but a moment later its charred corpse fell to the ground as an electrical pulse flew across the field and felled one of the Marines now without the safety of the Razorback. Pincha cursed under his breath - worthless grots may be, but it was the Orks' job to show that, not some stinking, hyped up worm!
  • Dreadnought and Capt. move south
  • Command Squad dismount from Razorback, and it rumbles on to the West
  • Attack bike & Redeemer shoot at Tyrant, it dies
  • Command squad and Marine Squad 2 fire at Raveners, dealing 9 wounds in total
  • In assault, Mawloc kills final assault marine
  • In assault, Ravener Squad 2 kill 3 marines for no wounds
  • In assault, Termagants lose 3 for to deal 0 wounds
  • Mawloc burrows up behind Drop Pod
  • Other Mawloc passes instinctive behaviour test & burrows
  • Ravener Brood 3 and Termagant Brood 3 close in on Marine Squad 2
  • Tervigon moves South towards Terminators
  • Trygon Prime moves North and kills 1 Command Squad memeber with containment spines
  • Termagants shoot (killing 1) and assault Marine Squad 2 with Raveners (killing 4 for 1 termagant)
  • Tervigon assaults Terminators, killing 1 for 1 wound
  • In assault, Ravener Brood 2 wipes out Marine squad 1

Turn 5
The battle was drawing to a close, as the marines of the Emporer's Warhawks were slaughtered. Right next to the drop pod they were supposed to protect, the as yet untouched Marine squad lost 7 members as a Mawloc emerged in their midst. The creature then dodged aside as its compatriot, beyond the controlling reach of the Hive Mind, made a beeline for the two survivors and devoured tham whole. elsewhere, the shots of the Razorback upon the Trygon visibly wounded the creature, while the shots of the Attack bike failed to stem the unholy rage that consumed their Ravener targets and caused them to leap upon and devour the captain. Elsewhere the beasts were massacring the hapless marines, as the Squad in the North was wiped out. The final Terminator finally fell to a blow from the Termagants, as their progenator's own wounds stitched themselves together. The Trygon, moving impossibly fast, swept up to their land raider and savaged that as well, taering through armour, assault cannon and engine in one clean swipe. It was pointless for the last remnants to resist the tide of Tyranids, and Pincha watched them turn and flee. 'Cowards', he thought
  • Captain, Bike and Venerable Brother Ferrius shoot Ravener brood 2 and deal 1 wound
  • Razorback & Command Squad shoot Trygon Prime, dealing 2 wounds
  • In assault, Ravener Brood 3 and termagant Brood 3 kill 4 marines from Squad 2 for no wounds
  • Nothing happens in Tervigon/Termagants/Terminator assault
  • Tervigon Regenerates 2 wounds
  • Mawloc Burrows under Marine Squad 3, killing 7
  • Other Mawloc & Ravener Brood 2 fail instinctive behavior tests and move towards Squad 3 & The captain respectively
  • Trygon moves and runs towards the Land Raider
  • Termagants move up to claim 'Nid objective
  • Mawloc runs out of Instinctive Mawloc's path
  • Mawloc Assaults Squad 3, killing both survivors
  • Ravener Squad 2 Assaults Captain, killing him for 1 wound
  • In assault, Termagant Brood 2 kills last Terminator for 1 Tervigon wound
  • In assault, Ravener & termagant squads 3 & 3 kill surviving Marine from Squad 2 for no wounds

Objectives:1-0 to 'Nids
Marines: Immobilized Redeemer w/out assault cannon, Razorback, Venerable Dreadnought, Attack Bike, Command Squad Marines x4
Tyranids: Mawloc x2, Trygon Prime w/4 wounds, Tervigon w/4 wounds, Termagants x39, Raveners w/spinefists x7, Raveners x8

Well, my first battle with my hypothetical (i.e. proxy) list went much better than I thought. Considering my Brother (Merioneth)'s experiances with ~Trygons, I was expecting my similar Mawlocs to die screaming. Any C+C on my list or report is welcome, as usual!
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Originally Posted by demitriusnassy
Haha ;D I am Bob, the devourer of Souls. ;D
Originally Posted by The Man They Call Jayne
Turning the Power Matrix into some kind of Disco Ball of Death? :P
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Default Re: 2000 - Hive Fleet Jormnugandr vs Emporer's Warhawks

I really enjoyed reading that one, and loved the fact that it was written from the observing Ork's point of view. Can't believe no one has commented yet. The Marines seemed to fight like crap in that game, not being able to kill gants is pretty bad, and those raveners did a number on them.

I'm assuming your list is the Tyranid one. Only thing I might change is getting ride of one ravener squad, which you didn't use anyways because of the mishap, and get another tervigon or maybe some zoanthropes. Other than that it looked like a fun list and brings up memories of watching tremors.
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Dude. The Space Marines got annihilated! The Mawlocs were awesome! I would've brought some lictors to help guide them in though. Great job.

Hive Fleet Briares
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